Research & Development Cell - University of Hyderabad

Partnership with Industry and Community

Our commitment to research extends beyond the academic realm. We actively engage with industry partners and the broader community to ensure that our research has real-world applications and benefits. Through collaborative projects, outreach programs, and knowledge transfer initiatives, we strive to make a positive impact on society.

Partner with us

The University of Hyderabad's Industry Partnership Scheme is expanding its focus beyond conventional research and development benchmarks such as publications, patents, and funding. The institution is actively involved in fostering impactful research. To accomplish this objective, the University acknowledges the importance of strengthening collaborations with industries and public sector organizations. It aims to establish enduring and sustainable relationships with the industry for long-term engagement through a MoU.

What are the benefits of Industry interactions to University of Hyderabad?

  • Identification of new and emerging areas through collaborative efforts
  • Addressing real-life problems through research initiatives
  • Ensuring impactful and high-quality research outcomes
  • Development of facilities and infrastructure to support research endeavors
  • Attracting top-tier students to pursue research-focused careers
  • Securing the first right to commercialize new technologies

Why should the Industry collaborate with University of Hyderabad?

  • For knowledge creation, technology development, and manpower enhancement
  • Acquiring complementary skills and upgrading capabilities
  • Accessing new technologies, infrastructure, and resources
  • Embracing a multidisciplinary approach to research and development
  • Accessing a pool of qualified personnel for recruitment purposes

Opportunities for Industry-Academia Partnership

Consultancy Projects

  • Short term projects to solve specific problems of industry, lasting 1-2 years
  • Expected results at the end of the project are jointly defined at the beginning
  • Cost of a consultancy project usually depends on the nature of the problem to be solved
  • 'Routine testing' is not encouraged

Sponsored Research Project

  • Long term projects for new knowledge generation in current, emerging and futuristic areas, lasting 2-5 years
  • Deliverables are more open than those in consultancy projects
  • A detailed project plan with budget to be submitted to and approved by the R&D Cell

Sponsoring Students / Infrastructure / Laboratory Facility
Sponsoring Chair Professorships

  • Distinguished academic position in the University with Endowment Fund