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Faculty Research & Grants Awarded

To further support our researchers, University of Hyderabad offers a range of research initiatives and grants. These opportunities are designed to encourage exploration, innovation, and the pursuit of knowledge. We believe in investing in the potential of our researchers and providing the resources they need to make a lasting impact.

Further, the Research and Development cell actively engage with researchers to apply for research grants Nationally and Internationally.

Snapshot of ongoing and recently completed projects

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S.No. Project Title P.I. Name Academic Unit Start Date End Date
1Design & Development of gene therapy for methylmalonic acidemiaProf. P.Prakash BabuSchool of Life Sciences01-Apr-202431-Mar-2027
2Studies on the nucleophilic activation of ynones and its siblings Applications towards the synthesis of Selaginpulvin, pareitropone and voreloxinProf. G MehtaSchool of Chemistry01-Apr-202431-Mar-2026
3Regioselective Fluorinated Difunctionalization and Annulation of YnamideProf. A.K SahooSchool of Chemistry01-Apr-202431-Mar-2026
4Science Academics Summer School Dr.Suresh YenuguSchool of Life Sciences25-Mar-202431-Mar-2025
5Sanskrit Knowledge Accessor" under Mission Bhashini(National Language Translation Mission (NLTM).Prof. Amba KulkarniSchool of Humanities21-Mar-202420-Mar-2026
6Thermodynamic assessment towards the design of high temperature alloysDr.K.GuruvidyathriSchool of Engineering Sciences and Technology19-Mar-202418-Mar-2027
7Non-linear Optical Flexible Organic Crystals for Photonic Integrated CircuitsProf R.ChandrasekarSchool of Chemistry16-Mar-202415-Mar-2027
8Mitochondrial respiration in Setaria italica, a C4 millet , and its interplay with photosynthetic components under High light stressProf. K.P.M.S.V. PadmasreeSchool of Life Sciences02-Mar-202401-Mar-2027
9Development of Diastereoselective Cyclizations between Donor-Acceptor Cyclopropanes and -Imino KetonesDr Srinivasarao YaragorlaSchool of Chemistry02-Mar-202401-Mar-2027
10Dual action antibiotics in mesoporous silica coated upconversion mediated photogynamic therapy against Methicillin- resistant Staphylococcus aureusDr. M Shyam LalSchool of Life Sciences01-Mar-202428-Feb-2027
11Vapor-Phase Hazardous Molecular Sensing by Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy(SERS) DST Wise KiranProf S. Venugopal RaoSchool of Physics27-Feb-202426-Feb-2027
12Biological potential of new rhenium (l) tricarbonyl-/ rhenium(l) dicarbonyl-azolate motif-based acyclic and metallo-supramolecules:Synthesis, structural characterization, solution studies and biological active studiesDr.M SathiyendiranSchool of Chemistry02-Feb-202401-Feb-2027
13N-Heterocycle-Appended Porphyrins as Unique Multifunctional Linkers for Construction of Mesoporus Frameworks towards Enhanced CO2 Adsorption and its On-Demand Release to produce Cyslic Carbonates(TARE Fellowship to Dr. Bharat Kumar Tripuramallu)Prof. Pradeepta K PandaTARE-School of Chemistry29-Jan-202428-Jan-2027
14Multicationic Polymer as anion Exchange Membrane for Green hydrogen ProductionProf Tushar JanaSchool of Chemistry25-Jan-202424-Jan-2027
15Pro-ligand approach towards assembling functional homo-and heterometallic clustersDr Viswanathan BaskarSchool of Chemistry25-Jan-202424-Jan-2027
16Award of J.C.Bose FellowshipDr. Samar Kumar DasSchool of Chemistry25-Jan-202431-Jan-2028
17Engineered fish Collagen(3D) Scaffolds Coated with Poly-Herbal Extracts and its Assessment for Hemostatic Applications(TARE Fellowship to Dr. N.S. Sampath Kumar)Prof. G. Ravi Kumar TARE-Department of Biochemistry23-Jan-202422-Jan-2027
18Functional Cationic and Neutral Re(I)-based supramolecular coordination complexes including helicates, mesocates and cavitands for molecular recognition and anticancer activitiesDr.M SathiyendiranSchool of Chemistry23-Jan-202422-Jan-2027
19Quantum nonequilibrium statistical mechanics and quantum thermodynamics for ultracold gases of atoms at the mesoscopic scaleDr. Shyamal BiswasSchool of Physics22-Jan-202421-Jan-2027
20Ag-Au nano array microfluidic Lab on Chip fabrication for detection of bio samples using Spectroscopy(TARE Fellowship to Dr. Sunku Sreedhar) Dr. Prem KiranTARE-School of Physics21-Jan-202420-Jan-2027
21Natural alternatives to neonatal thrombocytopenia and other platelet development disordersProf.Ravi kumar GuttiSchool of Life Sciences18-Jan-202417-Jan-2027
22Community Media, Participation & The Decolonisation Of Knowledge SystemsProf. Vinod PavaralaS.N. School of Arts and Communication17-Jan-202416-Jan-2026
23Literary Interface through Translation: History of Literary Translations between Telugu and Kannada from 1800 to 1947Dr.Naresh AnnemCentre for Applied Linguistics and Translation Studies(CALTS)15-Jan-202414-Jan-2026
24Consumption-Income Variation And Convergence Of Sdp Across Indian StatesProf. L.C MallaiahSchool of Economics15-Jan-202414-Jan-2026
25Digital University And Nation Building: A Sociological Study Of IndiaDr G.NagarajuDepartment of Sociology15-Jan-202414-Jan-2026
26Transgenerational Epigenomic Toxcity Under Conditions Of Poor Air Quality In Closed Environments Caused By Mosquito Repellents : A Pilot Study Using Animal ModelsDr.Suresh YenuguDepartment of Animal Biology15-Jan-202414-Jan-2027
27Porous Plomer electrolyte membranes from the blends of polybenzimidazoles with poly(amic acid) and polyimide(TARE Fellowship to Dr. Jorphin Joseph)Prof. Tushar JanaTARE-School of Chemistry15-Jan-202414-Jan-2027
28DBT TWAS Fellowship awarded to Mr Awwal Mohammed Abdul KarimDr K.MuralidharanSchool of Chemistry11-Jan-202410-Jan-2025
29Strategic Identification and Targeted Editing of Susceptibility gene(S) for Blast Diseases Resistance in Foxtail Millet(Sataria Italies)Dr. M.MuthamilarasanSchool of Life Sciences09-Jan-202408-Jan-2027
30Development of hard carbons and ultrahigh specific surface area porous activated carbon from coal for energy storage applicationsDr.Pratap KolluSchool of Physics08-Jan-202407-Jan-2026
31Targeted Editng Of Inositol 1,3,4,5,6-Pentakis Phosphate 2-Kinase Gene To Generate Low Phytic Acid Foxtail Millet Lines With Enhanced Micronutrient BioavialbiltyDr. M.MuthamilarasanDepartment of Plant Sciences03-Jan-202402-Jan-2026
32Synthesis and Carrier dynamics of lead free perovskite for increased solar cell efficiency and stabilityDr Dibakar DasSchool of Engineering Sciences and Technology03-Jan-202402-Jan-2026
33Survival Adaptation,Evolution And Antimicrobial Resistance Dynamics Of Typhoidal And Non-Typhodial Salmonella From The Environmental NichesDr.Niyaz AhmedDepartment of Biotechnology & Bioinformatics01-Jan-202431-Dec-2026
34Molecular mechanisms of Lysosomal quality control in Neuronal Health and DiseaseDr.Prasad TammineniSchool of Life Sciences01-Jan-202431-Dec-2028
35Functional Investigation Of Aspartic Proteases Of Plasmodium (Plasmepsins Ix And X ) By Conditional Mutagenesis Approach:Implications For Anti-Malarial Drug Discovery And Vaccine DevelopmentDr Kota Arun KumarDepartment of Animal Biology22-Dec-202321-Dec-2026
36Exploring The Therapeutic Potential Of Amino Acid Restriction Sensing Pathway For Treating Type 1 DiabetesDr Nooruddin KhanDepartment of Animal Biology14-Dec-202313-Dec-2026
37Role Of Beta-Dystroglycan And Altered Synaptic Plasticity At Gabaergic Inhibitory Synapse And Efficasy Of Icariine As Adjunctive Therapy To Alleviate Long Term Cognitive Impairment During Cerebral MalariaDr P.Prakash BabuDepartment of Biotechnology & Bioinformatics01-Dec-202303-Nov-2026
38Live Imaging Of E2a Transcription During Lymphoid Lineage DevelopmentDr P.Jagan Mohan RaoDepartment of Animal Biology17-Nov-202316-Nov-2026
39Award of J.C.Bose FellowshipDr B.SenthilkumaranDepartment of Animal Biology17-Nov-202316-Nov-2028
40All India Conference Of China StudiesDr.Bhim Bahadur SubbaDepartment of Political Science15-Nov-202331-Mar-2024
41Award of J.C.Bose FellowshipDr. M JayanandaCentre for Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences (CEOAS)15-Nov-202330-Jun-2024
42Targeted Editing Of Light And Hormone Signallling For Generating Novel Alleles Regulating Agronomically Beneficial Traits In TomatoDr Yellamaraju SreelakshmiDepartment of Plant Sciences08-Nov-202307-Nov-2026
43The Impact Of Digitalization On Socio-Economic Conditions In Telangana: A Case Study Of Selected AreasDr Ravula KrishnaiahDepartment of Education and Education Technology06-Nov-202305-May-2024
44Characterization Of Novel Molecular Regulators Of Anoikis Resistance In Breast Cancer: Molecular Mechanisms And Clinical SignificanceDr Bramanandam ManavathiDepartment of Biochemistry01-Nov-202331-Oct-2026
45Computational Investigation Into The Role Of Alternative Splicing (As) Variants In Cell Differentiation And Tissue Regeneration, Dieases And EvolutionDr Sreenivasulu KurukutiDepartment of Animal Biology01-Nov-202331-Oct-2028
46DST-FIST: Gc-Ms, Respirometer, Ultracentrifuge, High Speed Centrifuge, Gradient Fractionation System, Hplc, Fplc, Hyoxic Chamber, 80degree Ultra Freezer, Cold Incubator, Shaker, SpectrophotometerDr Naresh Babu V SepuriDepartment of Biochemistry30-Oct-202329-Oct-2028
47DST-FIST: ICP-OES (Inductively Coupled Plasma-Optical Emission Spectrometer); Powder XRDDr Ashwini Kumar NangiaSchool of Chemistry30-Oct-202329-Oct-2028
48DST-FIST: Fabrication Of Novel Magnetic Multilayer Thin Films, Investigation Of Domain Structure And Interfaces For Spintronic DevicesProf.S.SrinathSchool of Physics30-Oct-202329-Oct-2028
49DST-FIST: High-End Mass Spectrometry, 3d Imaging Phenomics System, Gel-Documentation System, Spectrofluorometer, Gas AnalyzerProf. S. RajagopalDepartment of Plant Sciences30-Oct-202329-Oct-2028
50Biodegradable, Biocompatible Polyurethanes From Alternative, Non-Toxic Amino Acid Based MonomersDr Tushar JanaSchool of Chemistry23-Oct-202322-Apr-2024
51Catalysing Positive Social And Behaviour ChangeProf. Vasuki BelavadiS.N. School of Arts and Communication23-Oct-202331-Dec-2024
52Characterization And Induction Of Myelination In Schwann Cells: In Vitro And In Vivo StudiesDr Geeta K.VemugantiSchool of Medical Sciences 20-Oct-202319-Oct-2024
53Investigating The Role Of Different Milk Derived Exosomes On The Microbial Population Of The Gut, Oral Cavity And Yeses(Serb-Srs)Dr.Yenuganti Vengala RaoDepartment of Animal Biology11-Oct-202310-Oct-2024
54Mechanism And Regulation Of Transcription And Associated Functions By Histone Chaperone Spt6 In Toxoplasma GondiiDr. Pallabi MitraDepartment of Animal Biology11-Oct-202310-Oct-2025
55Nutritional Regulation Of Drosophila Male Germ LineDr Krishnaveni MishraDepartment of Biochemistry10-Oct-202309-Oct-2026
56Investigation Of Human Ace2 Polymorphism On Its Structure And Binding Affiinity With Sars-Cov-2 Circulating Variants Of Spike ProteinDr. Mohd. AkifDepartment of Biochemistry05-Oct-202304-Oct-2024
57Impact Of The Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Scheme In Telangana State: Socio-Political, Legal And Historical Environment Of Women's Empowerment.Dr.Sheela SuryanarayananCentre for Women’s Studies (CWS)03-Oct-202302-Apr-2024
58Mtdna Haplogroup Modulation Of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Infection Variation And SeverityDr Naresh Babu V SepuriDepartment of Biochemistry03-Oct-202302-Sep-2026
59An Optical Near Filed Micro/Nanomanipulator For Biorheology And As A Single Molecure ProbeDr Sharath AnanthamurthySchool of Physics03-Oct-202302-Oct-2026
60Enzymatic Cascade Process To Acess Chiral Drug (S)- Duloxetine Via Enantioselective Cross-Aldol ReactionDr.Saravanan ThangaveluSchool of Chemistry03-Oct-202302-Oct-2026
61Empowering Formars Through Direct Cas Transfers: A Comparative Analysis Of Pm Kisan Yojana And Rythu Bandhu Scheme In TelanganaDr. D. VeerababuDepartment of Political Science01-Oct-202329-Mar-2024
62Diversification Of Diet: Importance Of Inclusion Of Millets In The Diet Menu Of Icds, Mid-Day Meal And Urban Canteens-A Study Of Select Metro Citties Of Telangana And KarnatakaDr G.SrideviSchool of Economics27-Sep-202326-Mar-2024
63Water Harvesting From Humid Atmosphere In Polymeric Thin FilmsDr.Ramkumar SanthanagopalSchool of Chemistry25-Sep-202324-Sep-2025
64Development Of A Genetically And Metabolically Modified Synechocystis Strain For Enhanced Biohydrogen ProductionDr J Syama Sundar PrakashDepartment of Biotechnology & Bioinformatics24-Sep-202323-Mar-2026
65Identifcation Of Novel Transcription Factors Regulating Steroidogenic Enzyme Genes Involved In Teleostean Gamete Maturation And SpawningDr B.SenthilkumaranDepartment of Animal Biology14-Sep-202313-Sep-2026
66Development of multiferroic nematic liquid crystalsProf. Surajit DharaSchool of Physics11-Sep-202310-Sep-2026
67Molecular Chaperone Mediated Cellular Hemeostasis Of Ribonucleotide Reductase: Implications On Plasmodium Falciparum ReplicationDr. Sunanda BhattacharyyaDepartment of Biotechnology & Bioinformatics06-Sep-202305-Sep-2026
68Strenthening Capacities Of Community Radios To Promote And Revitalize Indigenous LanguagesDr Pavarala VinodS.N. School of Arts and Communication01-Sep-202331-Dec-2024
69Tracing The History, Culture And Geography Of Food Amongst The Scheduled Tribes Of ManipurDr Hoineilhing SitlhouDepartment of Sociology01-Sep-202301-Sep-2025
70Insa Honaray Scientist.Prof. Anil. K BhatnagarSchool of Physics01-Sep-202331-Aug-2028
71Analysis Of Non-Enzymatic Template Directed Rna Replication In The Presence Of Prebiotically Plausible Membrane-Less CompartmentsDr Krishnaveni MishraDepartment of Biochemistry28-Aug-202327-Aug-2026
72Insa Honaray ScientistDr. K D SenSchool of Chemistry21-Aug-202320-Aug-2026
73International Congress On Industrial And Applied Mathematics (Iciam) 2023Dr R.RadhaSchool of Mathematics and Statistics20-Aug-202325-Aug-2023
74Role Of Human Mia40(Chchcd4) And Its Glutathinylated Form In The Import, Stabilization And Regulation Of Pink1 Mediated MitophagyDr Naresh Babu V SepuriDepartment of Biochemistry17-Aug-202316-Aug-2026
75Development Of Optical Nanofibers For Quantum TechnologiesDr. Y Ramachandra RaoSchool of Physics10-Aug-202309-Aug-2026
76Ethnographic Study On Mali CommunityDr B V SharmaDepartment of Anthropology31-Jul-202310-Aug-2023
77Iot Based Sensor Analytics To Enhance The Quality Of Life For Elderly PopulationDr. S. Nagender KumarSchool of Computer and Information Sciences28-Jul-202327-Jul-2025
78Reprogramming Mitochondrial Metabolism And Tumor Vasculature For Lung Cancer ImmunotherapyDr Naresh Babu V SepuriDepartment of Biochemistry28-Jul-202327-Jul-2025
79Comprehensive Proteomics Approach To Characterise The Leishmanial Proteins As Targets For Novel TherapeuticsDr.Insaf Ahmed QureshiDepartment of Biotechnology & Bioinformatics18-Jul-202317-Jul-2026
80Development And Validation Of Allele-Specific Gene-Tagged Markers For High Resistant Starch Trait In Model Nutri-Cereal, Foxtail Millet (Setaria Italica L)M.MuthamilarasanDepartment of Plant Sciences17-Jul-202316-Jul-2026
81Role Of Mge1,A Co-Chaperone Of Mitochondrial Hsp70,In Abiotic Stress ResponseDr Naresh Babu V SepuriDepartment of Biochemistry07-Jul-202306-Jul-2026
82Understanding The Epigenetic Regulation Of Plamsmodium Sirtuins Under Condition Of Febrile TemparatureDr. M K BhattacharyaDepartment of Biochemistry06-Jul-202305-Jul-2026
83Development Of Application Specific Integrated Circuit (Asic ) Targeting Internet Of Things (Iot) In Healthcare ApplicationsDr Samrat L. SabatCentre for Advanced Studies in Electronics Science and Technology (CASEST)05-Jul-202304-Jul-2026
84Centre Of Excellence In Biomelecular Structure And Function On Host-Pathogens InteractionsDr. Krishnaveni MishraSchool of Life Sciences28-Jun-202327-Dec-2023
85Deciphering The Roles Of Two Novel Phosphorus Starvation Inducible Phloem Protein 2-B Genes In Sugar Remobilization And Phosphate Homeostasis In TomatoDr Rahul KumarDepartment of Plant Sciences28-Jun-202327-Jun-2026
86(Karyashala On The Uoh- Crispr Workshop-2023Dr.Shashi KiranDepartment of Biochemistry26-Jun-202326-Jun-2023
87Investigating Structure And Molecular Mechanisms Of Moonlighting Function Of Cell Adhesion Proteins From LeptospiraDr Mohd.AkifDepartment of Biochemistry26-Jun-202325-Jun-2026
88Interactions Of Photorespiration With Chlotoplastic Cyclic Electroon Flow And Mitochondrial Alternatiiive Oxiiiiiiidase: Identification Of The Master-Regulator During Photsynthesis Under High-LightProf. A S RaghavendraDepartment of Plant Sciences21-Jun-202320-Jun-2026
89Comparative Morpho-Physiological, Biochemical And Molecular Analysis Of Blast (Phricularia Setariae) Disease Resistance In Contrasting Cultivars Of Foxtail Millet (Setaria Italica L.)Dr M.MuthamilarasanDepartment of Plant Sciences20-Jun-202319-Jun-2026
90Indian Language To Indian Language Machine Translation Under The Project Titled" National Language Translation Mission (Nltm): Bashini"Dr K. RajyaramaCentre for Applied Linguistics and Translation Studies(CALTS)16-Jun-202315-Jun-2026
91Is Digital Learning The Future Of Management EducationDr. Sita VankaSchool of Management studies07-Jun-202331-Mar-2024
92Training Program In Research Methodology In Molecular Biology And BiotechnologyProf. Suresh YenuguDepartment of Animal Biology07-Jun-202306-Jun-2026
93A Village Level Study Of Development Programmes And Schemes In The State Of TelanganaDr Bhallamudi Venkateswara SharmaSchool of Social Sciences02-Jun-202330-May-2024
94Functional Characterization Of Differentially Regulated Carboxypeptidase (M32) Protein In Miltefosine Drug-Resistant Leishmania DonovaniDr Radheshyam Maurya School of Life Sciences01-Jun-202331-May-2024
95Development Of A Quantum Network Node Based On A Nanodiamond Quantum Bit With Nanophotonic Interface For Quantum ComputingDr.Ramachandrarao YallaSchool of Physics31-May-202330-May-2026
96Deciphering The Regulatory Function Of Hsp90 Cochaperone Ydji In Rad51 Depdendent Hr Mediated Dna Repair PathwayDr Sunanda BhattacharyyaDepartment of Biotechnology & Bioinformatics31-May-202330-May-2026
97Characterization Of Genes/Factors During Sex Steroid Induced Gonadal Transdifferentiation In Catfish: Gonadal Recrudescence And Gene Silencing ImpactsDr B.SenthilkumaranDepartment of Animal Biology29-May-202328-May-2026
98Quantum Noise And Distribution Of Quantum Information In Spin Chain DynamicsProf.V.SubrahmanyamSchool of Physics23-May-202322-May-2026
99Chanakya Fellowship-Development Of Optical Mirco/Nanofiers For Quantum TechnologiesDr. Y Ramachandra RaoSchool of Physics20-May-202320-Nov-2023
100Mtdna Haplogroup Modulation Of Covid-19 SeverityDr Naresh Babu V SepuriDepartment of Biochemistry19-May-202318-May-2025
101Feasibility Studies On Fabrication Of Single Axis Conventional Fluxage Magnetometer System And Simulation Of Silicon Magnetic SensorDr Kollu PratapSchool of Physics17-May-202316-Aug-2024
102Development And Evaluation Of Satellite-Based Estimates Of Ultrafine Particles In Four Indian LocationDr. Vijay P. KanawadeSchool of Physics17-May-202316-May-2026
103Organic-Flexible-Crystal Optical InterferometersDr R.ChandrasekarSchool of Chemistry17-May-202316-May-2026
104Quantum Transport Intopological Systems And SuperconductorsDr.Abhiram SooriSchool of Physics08-May-202307-May-2026
105Ramanujan Fellowship To Dr. Ramesh MandaRamesh MandaSchool of Physics04-May-202303-May-2028
106Innovation In Science Pursuit For Inspired Research(Inspire) To Dharani Kumar ChennamsettyDr. V.V.S.S. SrikanthSchool of Engineering Sciences and Technology29-Apr-202328-Apr-2028
107Establishment of DST- Center for Policy Research at University of HyderabadProf. G.S. PrasadSchool of Social Sciences13-Apr-202331-Mar-2025
108Deciphering Inter-Bacterial And Symbiotic Gut Microbiome-Intestinal Cell CommunicationDr.Gyan Prakash DubeyDepartment of Biotechnology & Bioinformatics12-Apr-202311-Apr-2026
109Developing A Wearable, Light-Concentrating, Photonic Micro-Spherepatch For On-The-Go Outdoor/Indoor Photodynamic TherapyDr R.ChandrasekarSchool of Chemistry01-Apr-202331-Mar-2026
110Molecular modelling and simulation studies to get insights into inhibitor binding site in IDH1 mutants: In-silico and experimental studies to develop novel anticancer therapeuticsDr. RajaRam Mohan RoySchool of Life Sciences01-Apr-202331-Mar-2024
111Estabilishment Of DST- Center For Policy Research At University Of HyderabadDr G.S. PrasadSchool of Social Sciences31-Mar-202330-Mar-2024
112Conditions And Constraints Of Billingual Language Adaptation In The Real WorldDr Ramesh Kumar MishraSchool of Medical Sciences31-Mar-202330-Mar-2026
113Human Resource Development CenterDr S. Sudhakar BabuHRDC27-Mar-202326-Mar-2024
114Dissecting The Significance Of Novel Signaling Mediators Foxc1 And Mir200 In Glaucoma Pathogenesis Using Genome Editing ToolsDr A.Bindu Madhava ReddyDepartment of Animal Biology23-Mar-202322-Mar-2026
115Analysis of fractional order dynamical systems for chemical engineering applications.(TARE Fellowship to Dr. Sandeep P. Bhairat)Dr. Sachin Kumar B BalekarTARE-School of Mathematics and Statistics21-Mar-202321-Mar-2026
116Characterization Of Molecular Regulators Of Endocrine Resistance In Breast Cancer............SignificanceDr Bramanandam ManavathiSchool of Life Sciences20-Mar-202319-Mar-2024
117Framework For Innovations In Secondary And Higher Secondary Education Of Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups (Pvtgs) Of TelangaDr.Apparao ThamminainaSchool of Social Sciences20-Mar-202319-Mar-2024
118Ultra-Long-Distance Control Of Gene Expression By Chromatin Supercoiling : Implications In Thyroxine Mediated Neural Development And DiseaseDr Sreenivasulu KurukutiDepartment of Animal Biology16-Mar-202315-Mar-2026
119Near Net Shape Manufacturing Of Grain-Oriented...............Electrical SteelDr Jai Prakash GautamSchool of Engineering Sciences and Technology16-Mar-202315-Mar-2026
120Molecular and biochemical investigation of heat shock protein(PfHsp90) and its co-chaperones in modulating DNA double strand break repair pathway of human malarial parasite Plasmodium falciparumDr Sunanda BhattacharyyaSchool of Life Sciences15-Mar-202314-Mar-2026
121Social Stock Exchange: Assessment Of SustainabilityDr.R.Prasantha KumarSchool of Management Studies09-Mar-202308-Mar-2025
122New Mineral Prospectivity For Harnessing Gold Resources In G R Halli Prospect, Chitradurga Schist Belt, Karnataka, Western Dharwar Craton Using Machine Learnming And Deep Convolutional Neural NetworksDr Avatharam GanivadaSchool of Computer and Information Sciences02-Mar-202301-Mar-2026
123"Hif A Induces Mitophagy Of Glomerular Podocytes And Implicates In Chronic Kidney Disease"Dr P. Anil KumarSchool of Life Sciences01-Mar-202328-Feb-2026
124Evaluation Of Efficacy Of Selected Spice Fixed Oils For Addressing Metabolic SyndromeDr.Ajay Wamanrao TumaneyDepartment of Biochemistry01-Mar-202328-Feb-2026
125Role Of Candidate Plasticity Gene(Cpg2) In Syhnaptic TransmissionDr.Prasad TammineniSchool of Life Sciences14-Feb-202313-Feb-2024
126Current Trends And Future Prospects Of Plant BiologyM.MuthamilarasanSchool of Life Sciences10-Feb-202331-Mar-2024
127Investigating structural and molecular bases of novel functions in cell adhesion proteins from pathogenic leptospira Dr Mohd.AkifSchool of Life Sciences09-Feb-202308-Feb-2026
128A New Perspective On Asymmetric And Late Stage Fluorination Of Biologically Relevant MotifsDr Akhila Kumar SahooSchool of Chemistry02-Feb-202301-Feb-2026
129Development Of Pilot Scale Production Of A Novel Nano Fertilizer (Ndap) And A Nano Biopesticide (Harpin Loaded Chitosan)Prof Appa Rao PodileDepartment of Plant Sciences31-Jan-202330-Jan-2026
130Inspire Facilty Fellowshop For Vikali H Jakhalu(JRF)Dr Tushar JanaSchool of Chemistry25-Jan-202324-Jan-2028
131"Development Of Composite Materials With Low Flammability Based On Epoxy Resins And Nanoscale Organic-Inorganic Hardeners"Dr K.MuralidharanSchool of Chemistry19-Jan-202318-Jan-2026
132Cannabinoid Rrceptor Singnaling In Megakaryocyte Devlelopment: Significance In Neuro-Immune RegulationDr Gutti Ravi KumarSchool of Life Sciences16-Jan-202316-Jan-2026
133Topological Transitions In Low-Dimensional Liquid Crystal Systems: Density Of Based Monte Carlo Studies"Banda Kamala LathaSchool of Physics12-Jan-202312-Jan-2026
134Unravelling The Potentials Of Dinaphthoporphycene (Dnp) As A Ligand Towards Photodynamic Therapy And Out-Of-Planemonometallic Chiral.... ComplexationDr Pradeepta Kumar PandaSchool of Chemistry03-Jan-202302-Jan-2026
135To Develop A Combinatorial Diagnostic Test Fro Accurate Identification Of Paucibacillary Tb Cases ...Dr Sharmistha BanerjeeSchool of Life Sciences01-Jan-202331-Dec-2025
136Development Of A Skill- Based Neurocognitive Testing Protocal To Assess Cognition And Diagnose Dementia In Acontext Of Complex Skills And Low-LiteracyDr Ramesh Kumar MishraSchool of Medical Sciences30-Dec-202229-Dec-2025
137Central Simple Algebras Over Formally Real FieldsDr.Soman Abhay AnantSchool of Mathematics and Statistics29-Dec-202228-Dec-2025
138Optimal Control Of Nonadiabatic Chemical Dynamic Through Conical IntersectionsDr Susanta MahapatraSchool of Chemistry29-Dec-202228-Dec-2025
139Newer Directions In The Chemistry Of Carbonyl Compounds And Related Systems Promoted By Triakyl OrthofomateDr R.BalamuruganSchool of Chemistry27-Dec-202226-Dec-2025
140Metal-Oxide Based Advanced Materials For Sustainable EnergyDr Samar Kumar DasSchool of Chemistry27-Dec-202226-Dec-2025
141Electronic Nonadiabatic Effects In Molecular Spectroscopy And Reaction DynamicsDr Susanta MahapatraSchool of Chemistry26-Dec-202225-Dec-2025
142Indian Participation In The Cms Experiment At Cern: Maintenanace, Operation And Upgradation (Uoh Group)Dr. Bhawna GomberCentre for Advanced Studies in Electronics Science and Technology (CASEST)20-Dec-202230-Mar-2027
143Donor Acceptor Block Copolymers Based On Norbornene As Quantum Dot Carriers Effect Of Backbone Rigidity On Electronic PropertiesMutyalanaidu GanivadaAdvanced Centre for Research in High Energy Material (ACRHEM)12-Dec-202211-Dec-2024
144Ligand Enabled Directing Group Assisted Remote Functionalization Of Inert C(Sp3) - H Bonds (NPDF- Debashish MishraProf. A.K. SahooSchool of Chemistry10-Dec-202209-Dec-2024
145Investigating PAH structures as carriers of UIR emission bands-Inspire Faculty FellowshipMridusmita BuragohainSchool of Physics08-Dec-202207-Dec-2027
146An Integrated Blockchain Enabled Robo-Advising Platform For Farmer Producer Organisation In IndiaDr Vijaya Bhaskar MarisettySchool of Management Studies05-Dec-202204-Dec-2024
147Deciphering The Role Of Endophytic Microbes To Design Synthetic Microbial Community In Rice Oryza SativalDr. Mohammad Imran MirDepartment of Plant sciences01-Dec-202230-Nov-2024
148Organocatalytic Reactions Using 2-Arylidence-1, 3-Indanedione: Quintuple, Quadruple And Triple Cascade Strategy Towards Synthesis Of Sprirocarbocyles And Fused Heterocycles TARE ProjectsDr R.BalamuruganSchool of Chemistry19-Nov-202218-Nov-2025
149Multidisciplinary Research Platform To Identify New Tb Drug TargetsDr Sharmistha BanerjeeSchool of Life Sciences11-Nov-202210-Nov-2025
150Prepation Of Tool Kit With (3) Modules On Gender For Teachers And StudentsProf. K. Suneetha RaniCentre for Women’s Studies (CWS)07-Nov-202206-Nov-2023
151Evaluation Of Hiv-1 Integrated (In) Enzymatic Assay In The Presence Of Novel Allosteric InhibitorsDr Kondapi Anand KumarSchool of Life Sciences21-Oct-202220-Oct-2023
152TARE: Technology And Research UniversityDr Srinivasarao YaragorlaSchool of Chemistry13-Oct-202212-Oct-2025
153Study Of Nb-Mo-Ti-Zr Complex Concentrated Alloy (Cca) And Effect Of Ti, Zr And W On Phase StabilityDr V. Koteswara Rao RajulapatiSchool of Engineering Sciences and Technology19-Sep-202218-Sep-2024
154Investigation Of 3d Printing Of Hexaferrites For Permanent Magnet ApplicationsDr Dibakar DasSchool of Engineering Sciences and Technology09-Sep-202208-Sep-2025
155Inspire Fellowship Componenet Of Inspire Program To Mr. Mainur RahamanProf.S.SrinathSchool of Physics04-Sep-202203-Sep-2023
156Conference Giz-Cim-PmdDr.Sheela SuryanarayananSchool of Social Sciences26-Aug-202231-Mar-2023
157Development And Application Of New Algorithms For The Detection Of Differential Chromatin Loops In Human CellsDr. Manjari KiranDepartment of Systems and Computational Biology11-Aug-202211-Feb-2023
158Transcriptional Regulation Of Pe/Ppe Genes By Trcr: Towards Development Of A Novel Vaccine Candidate Of Mycobacterium TuberculosisDr Sharmistha BanerjeeSchool of Life Sciences01-Aug-202231-Jul-2023
159Allele Mining For The Epigenetic Regulator Ngr5 And Other Yield-Associated Gene (Grf4) And Their Modulation Using Multiple Genomic And Molecular Approaches To Enhance Rice Yield Under Low Nitrogen ConditionsDr. Vivek ThakurSchool of Life Sciences01-Aug-202231-Jul-2025
160"Polyhalides - Synthesis, Charactereisation And Possible Applications"Prof. Samar Kumar DasSchool of Chemistry01-Aug-202231-Jul-2025
161Fund To conduct DST-FIST meeting @UOH Dr A.Bindu Madhava ReddyDepartment of Animal Biology29-Jul-202231-Mar-2023
162Differential Encapsidation Of Host Factors In Emerging Hiv-I Virions From Permissive And Reservoir Cells: Mechanistic Role Of Mitochondria, And Impact On Viral Population Dynamics And InfectiveDr Sharmistha BanerjeeSchool of Life Sciences28-Jul-202227-Jul-2025
163Reinvention Of Indigenous Medicine, Print And Knowledge Circulation In Colonial Academy (Insa)Dr B. Eswara RaoDepartment of History25-Jul-202224-Jul-2024
164Evolution Of Magnetic Fields In Cosmic String Wakes And Their Subsequent Observational Signatures In Recent ExperimentsDr Soma SanyalSchool of Physics20-Jul-202219-Jul-2025
165Organizing Of Imprint-Ii Healthcare Technology Second Ongoing Project Progress Review MeetingDr S.RajagopalSchool of Life Sciences08-Jul-202207-Jul-2023
166Development Novel Antimicrobial Hydrogel And Silicone Hydrogel Contact LensesDr K. Venkata NagarajuSchool of Medical Sciences29-Jun-202228-Jun-2023
167Australian Alumni Grants Scheme Development Novel Antimicrobial Hydrogel And Silicone Hydrogel Contact LensesDr. Konda Venkata NagarajuSchool of Medical Sciences29-Jun-202228-Jun-2023
168Sanskrit Word Order Following The Steps Of Target LanguageDr Amba P KulkarniSchool of Humanities24-Jun-202223-Jun-2024
169Sanskrit To Indian Machine Translation Cum Language AccessorDr K.ParameswariSchool of Humanities24-Jun-202223-Jun-2024
170Assembling 4f/3d And 4f Molecular Aggregates Using Phosphinates / Pro-Ligand Based Approach And Their MangeticDr Viswanathan BaskarSchool of Chemistry24-Jun-202223-Jun-2025
171Functional Characterization Of Iron Superoxide Dismutase A (Fesoda) In Milterfosine Resistant Leishmania Donovani And Identification Of Lead Inhibirors To Improve Milrefosine TreatmentDr Radheshyam Maurya School of Life Sciences21-Jun-202220-Jun-2023
172Functional characterization of Iron superoxide dismutase A (FeSODA) in Milterfosine resistant Leishmania donovani and Identification of lead inhibirors to improve Milrefosine treatmentDr. Radheshyam MauryaSchool of Life Sciences20-Jun-202219-Jun-2024
173National Mental Health Survey 2 - MegacityDr B. Ramaswamy ShamannaSchool of Medical Sciences15-Jun-202231-Dec-2023
174Import Of Non-Structural Proteins (Nsp4, 6 And 16) Of Covid-19 To Mitochondria Implication On Mitochondrial Proteome And FunctionDr M.VenkataramanaSchool of Life Sciences15-Jun-202214-Jun-2025
175Discourse Integrated Dravidian Language To Dravidian Language Machine Translation (Dl-Discomt)Dr K.ParameswariSchool of Humanities20-May-202219-May-2025
176Impact Of Covid-19 Pandemic On Women Street Vendors: A Study In HyderabadDr J.Rani Ratna PrabhaSchool of Social Sciences01-Apr-202231-Mar-2023
177Local Democracy In The Woods: Understanding Decentralised Forest Governance Through Forest Rights Act, 2006Dr Satyapriya RoutDepartment of Sociology01-Apr-202231-Oct-2023
178Shape Forming And Sintering Studies Of Alumina, Zirconia And Zirconium Diboride CompositesProf. V. SeshubaiSchool of Physics01-Apr-202231-Mar-2024
179University Distinguished Professor G. Mehta's Research SupportProf. Goverdhan MehtaSchool of Chemistry01-Apr-202231-Mar-2024
180Reliability assessment of copper tin films as interconnects in integrated circuits for electronic packaging,(TARE-Fellowship to Dr. V. Shankar Nath)Prof. S.V.S. Nageswara RaoTARE-School of Physics28-Mar-202227-Mar-2025
181Engagements With Conventional And Non-Conventional Energy Areas: Implications For India's Economic Diplomacy In AfricaDr S.ShajiSchool of Social Sciences26-Mar-202225-Mar-2024
182Mitochondria-Mediated Metabolic Crosstalk Between Host Immune Cells And Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Metabolic Mutants During M1/M2 Transition: A Case Study To Understand The Metabolic Interlinking In The Evolution Of PathogenesisDr Sharmistha BanerjeeSchool of Life Sciences22-Mar-202221-Mar-2025
183Molecular Basis Of Organelle Communication Geometry Maintenance And Inter-OrganelleDr Krishnaveni MishraSchool of Life Sciences21-Mar-202220-Mar-2025
184Microstructural Stability of non-equilibrium phases during friction stir processing of advanced high strength steel sheets(TARE Fellowship to Dr. RVSM. Ramakrishna)Dr. JaiPrakash GautamTARE-School of Engineering Sciences and Technology14-Mar-202213-Mar-2024
185Development of Metal Organic Frameworks(M1/M2 MOFs where M1=Zn, Ni, Cu, and M2-Co) for CO2 capture and valorisation(TARE-Fellowship to Dr. Varkolu Mohan)Prof. K. MuralidharanTARE-School of Chemistry11-Mar-202210-Mar-2025
186Search For Cp Violation In The Leptonic Sector With Long-Baseline Neutrino Oscillation Experiments96041: Neha DokaniaSchool of Physics08-Mar-202231-Mar-2023
187Femtosecond Laser Pulse Filamentation For Directed Energy Applications: Numerical Simulations And Experimental Validation Dr P.PremkiranSchool of Physics07-Mar-202206-Sep-2023
188Anganwadi Services During Covid-19 Pandemic: A Case Study Of Hyderabad And SecunderabadDr.C.T AnithaSchool of Medical Sciences04-Mar-202203-Mar-2023
189Technology Adaptation Projects - Complex Verb Form Generator For SanskritDr Amba P KulkarniSchool of Humanities28-Feb-202226-Jan-2024
190Applications Of Baylis-Hillman Adducts Derived Form 1,2 Diketones As Electrophiles In Organic SynthesisSaidulu TodetiSchool of Chemistry25-Feb-202224-Feb-2024
191DST-Serb National Post Doctoral Fellowship96041: Neha DokaniaSchool of Physics17-Feb-202216-Feb-2024
192Role Of Mitochondrial Protein Import And Homeostasis In Delopment Of Nano-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease And Nano-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis (Nafld/Nash) Dr Mahadev KalyankarSchool of Medical Sciences15-Feb-202214-Feb-2025
193Research Supplies For Use In The Applicants Home LaboratoryDr Akash GautamSchool of Medical Sciences08-Feb-202231-Dec-2024
194Elucidation Of Tramgap Mediated Germline Specification And Subsequent Gametophyte Development Mechanism In ArabidopsisDr.Yelam SreenivasuluSchool of Life Sciences08-Feb-202207-Feb-2025
195Genetic Dissection Of Resistance To Blast Disease (Pyricularia Setariae) In Foxtail Millet To Identity And Characterize Novel Genes Under Lying The Resistance TraitPooja SoniSchool of Life Sciences20-Jan-202219-Jan-2024
196Computational Mode-Based Chronotherapeutic Control Of Cortisol Circadian Rhythms For Management Of Metabolic Syndrome And InflammationDr.Somvanshi Pramod RajaramSchool of Life Sciences17-Jan-202216-Jan-2024
197Next Generation Internet Of Things Applications Orchestration And Service Provisioning At Fog NetworksDr.Satish Narayana SriramaSchool of Computer and Information Sciences12-Jan-202211-Jan-2025
198Evaluating The Physiological...…Via Food IntakeDr.Suresh YenuguSchool of Life Sciences12-Jan-202211-Jan-2025
199Evaluating the physiological...…..via food intakeDr.Suresh YenuguSchool of Life Sciences12-Jan-202211-Jan-2025
200Re-Judge Reducing Rates Of Non-Medically Indicated Cesarean Sections Through An Open Access Multi -Media Evidence And Behavior Change Program For Lawyers And JudgesDr B. Ramaswamy ShamannaSchool of Medical Sciences10-Jan-202231-Jan-2023
201Elucidating The Molecular Mechanisms And Biomarkers Associated With Progression And Prognosis Of RetinoblastomaDr Geeta K.VemugantiSchool of Medical Sciences10-Jan-202209-Jan-2024
202Investigating the Mitochondrial Tetrapyrole................ DevelopmentVenkateswara RaoSchool of Life Sciences09-Jan-202231-Aug-2027
203Identification Of Plausible Mechanisms For Future Changes In Extreme Rainfall Events During India Summer Monsoon Using The Cmip6 Models Ar6Stella Jes VargheseCentre for Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences (CEOAS)07-Jan-202206-Jan-2024
204Dbt-University Of Hyderabad,School Of Life Sciences For Advanced Research And Education(Dbt-Builder)Prof Appa Rao PodileDepartment of Plant Sciences31-Dec-202131-Dec-2026
205Identification And Evaluation Of Bioactive Components Of Young Roots And Leaf Extracts Of Bilva For Il-2 Immunotherapy: In Vitro And In Vivo StudiesDr M.K.ArunasreeSchool of Life Sciences29-Dec-202128-Dec-2024
206Polymer-Metal/Semiconductor Nanocomposite.......ApplicationsDr T.P.RadhakrishnanSchool of Chemistry28-Dec-202127-Dec-2024
207Investigation Of Land Alignment & Carrier Transport Mechanism In Gen/Mo(W)S2 And Gen/Carbon Pass Hetero P-N Heterojunction For Efficient Energy Harvesting DevicesDr. Sanjay SankaranarayananSchool of Physics23-Dec-202122-Dec-2024
208"Studying the Probiotic Effects of Breast Milk Lactobacilli on Intestinal Crypt Cell Development and Function"Dr.Vijay MorampudiDepartment of Biotechnology & Bioinformatics23-Dec-202122-Dec-2024
209DST Inspire Faculty FellowshipSurbhi KhetrapalSchool of Physics20-Dec-202119-Dec-2026
210Studying The Role Of Inflammmatory.......IntegrityDr.Vijay MorampudiDepartment of Biotechnology & Bioinformatics16-Dec-202115-Dec-2022
211Computational Thermodynamics Aided Design ............Dr.K.GuruvidyathriSchool of Engineering Sciences and Technology16-Dec-202115-Dec-2023
212Merging Visible-Light Photoredox Catalysis with Enzyme Catalysis: Aldolase Catalyzed Enantioselective alph- Alkylation of KetonesDr.T.SaravananSchool of Chemistry14-Dec-202113-Dec-2023
213Analyzing The Effect Of Surfactants On Cold Denaturation Of Portions To Understand The Role Of Hydrophobicity:; Spectroscopic And Computational StudiesDr N.Prakash PrabhuDepartment of Biotechnology & Bioinformatics13-Dec-202112-Dec-2024
214Understanding The Tau And Fyn Kinase Mediated Pathogenetic Mechanism In The Amyloid-Î’ Induced Alzheimer's Disease (Ad) TauopathiesDr G.B.Madhu BabuSchool of Life Sciences01-Nov-202131-Oct-2024
215Research And Service Facilities For Plant Metabolomics And ProteomicsDr Yellamaraju SreelakshmiDepartment of Plant Sciences13-Oct-202112-Oct-2025
216Effect Of Aliphatic Dihydric And Trihydric Alcohols On Cold-Induced Denaturation Of Globular Protins: Spectroscopic And Computational StudiesDr N.Prakash PrabhuSchool of Life Sciences01-Oct-202130-Sep-2024
217Abdul Kalam Technology Innovation National FellowshipDr K.C.James RajuSchool of Physics01-Oct-202130-Sep-2026
218Dbt - Centre For Microbial Informatics (Dbt - Cmi) - Bic At University Of HyderabadDr H.A.NagarajaramSchool of Life Sciences29-Sep-202128-Sep-2026
219Integrative Data Analysis To Explore Novel Intervention Strategies Towards Breast CancerDr Vaibhav VindalSchool of Life Sciences24-Sep-202123-Sep-2024
220From Small To Big: Micrornas As New Players In Developmental MegakaryocytopoeisisDr Gutti Ravi KumarSchool of Life Sciences23-Sep-202122-Sep-2022
221Post-Transcriptional Regulation In Acinetobacter Baumannili Ds002: Role Of Novel Small Rna, Abcr200 In Regulation Of Lut (Lactate Utilization) OperonProf. S DayanandaSchool of Life Sciences23-Sep-202122-Sep-2024
222Complementary Roles Of Y-Aminobutyric Acid (Gaba) And Proline As Redox-Stat Components During Photoxidative StressRaghavendra A SSchool of Life Sciences20-Sep-202119-Sep-2024
223Deciphering Metabolic Responses Of Compatible....Dr Irfan Ahmad GhaziSchool of Life Sciences01-Sep-202131-Aug-2024
224"Delineating Fungicidal Tolerance Of The Fungal Pathogen, Fusarium Graminearum By Analyzing Tebuconazole Induced Response"Dr Ragiba MakandarDepartment of Plant Sciences31-Aug-202130-Aug-2024
225Characterization Of Interaction Of Sars Cov-2 Spike Protein With Placental Endothelial Cells For Developing Cov-2 InhibitorsDr Kondapi Anand KumarSchool of Life Sciences26-Aug-202125-Aug-2024
226Photo - Bio Catalysis : Flavoenzymes Mediated Enantioselective Michael Addition Reactions In The Presence Of Blue LightDr.T.SaravananSchool of Chemistry24-Aug-202123-Aug-2023
227Thermo-Kinetic Modelling Of Formation Of Prior Particle Boundaries (Ppbs) In Powder Metallurgy Ni-Based SuperalloysDr.K.GuruvidyathriSchool of Engineering Sciences and Technology23-Aug-202122-Jun-2023
228UGC - BSR Mid Career AwardDr Akhila Kumar SahooSchool of Chemistry19-Aug-202118-Aug-2023
229Development Of Dendritic Cell-Derived Exosomes Based Novel Vaccine Formulation Against Latest Tuberculosis84067: Saima NazSchool of Life Sciences18-Aug-202117-Aug-2024
230Development Of Novel........TuberculosisDr Nooruddin KhanSchool of Life Sciences12-Aug-202111-Aug-2024
231A Comprehsive Study Of Fuzzy Implications On Discrete SettingsDr.Nageswara Rao VemuriSchool of Mathematics and Statistics09-Aug-202108-Aug-2022
232Award Of Ramanujan Fellowship.........University Of HyderabadMonojit GhoshSchool of Physics03-Aug-202102-Aug-2026
233Characterization Of The E6-Usp46-Cdt2 Interaction And Epigenetic Role Of, Subsequent Set8 Degradation In Hpv Induced CancersDr.Shashi KiranSchool of Life Sciences28-Jul-202127-Jul-2023
234Csir - Ssb Special HonorariumDr Surajit DharaSchool of Physics20-Jul-202131-Mar-2023
235Online Master Classes For Community Radio Stations In MongoliaDr Vasuki BelavadiS.N. School of Arts and Communication06-Jul-202131-Mar-2022
236Modelling The Indian Summer Monsoon And Its Variability In The Last MillenniumDr Karumuri AshokSchool of Physics24-Jun-202123-Jun-2024
237Unravelling The Mechanism Of Different Component Of Non-Photochemical...Abiotic StressDr S.RajagopalSchool of Life Sciences22-Jun-202121-Jun-2024
238Chitinolytic Machinery Of Paneibacillus Sp.Jm1: A Potential Target For Production Of Elicitor Active Molecules For Plant ImmunizationDr Jogi Madhu PrakashDepartment of Plant Sciences22-Jun-202121-Jun-2024
239Financial Assistant For Organizing An Online High-End Workshop (Karyashala) On Hands-On Training On Crispr/Cas9 Mediated Gene Editing In PlantsDr Rahul KumarSchool of Life Sciences17-Jun-202120-Dec-2021
240Award of J.C.Bose FellowshipProf K.C. Kumar SwamySchool of Chemistry07-Jun-202131-Dec-2024
241Serb - 16lpph10 Nisha ChouhanNisha ChouhanSchool of Life Sciences15-Apr-202131-Jul-2022
242Multifunctional Biodegradable.........Gliblastoma MultiformeRajendra KurapatiSchool of Engineering Sciences and Technology05-Apr-202104-Apr-2026
243FIST: Financial Assistance To The School Of Medical Sciences, UoH, Dean, Medical SciencesSchool of Medical Sciences03-Apr-202102-Apr-2026
244Differental Role Of Sirtuin-I/Map...........Possible Therapeutic OptionsDr P.Prakash BabuSchool of Life Sciences25-Mar-202124-Mar-2024
245Unesco Activites Contract 2021- 4500433701Dr Pavarala VinodS.N. School of Arts and Communication24-Mar-202131-Mar-2022
246Bacterial Phosphotriesteraes (Ptes) - Role In Outer Membrane Transport And Siderophore Mediate Iron Acquisition In Sphingobium Fuliginis Atcc 2755Prof.S.DayanandaDepartment of Animal Biology23-Mar-202122-Mar-2024
247Unesco Online Master Classes For Community Radio Stations In BangladeshDr Vasuki BelavadiS.N. School of Arts and Communication22-Mar-202131-Dec-2021
248Control Of Antimicrobial Resistance - Drawing Actionable Insights From Surveillance And Whle Genome Sequencing DataDr Niyaz Ahmed Abdus SamadSchool of Life Sciences21-Mar-202124-Mar-2024
249Genome Wide Analysis Of Histone3 Lysine27 Trimethylation And Functional Validation Of Gene Expression In Response To Heavy Metals StressDr.Santosh R.KanadeSchool of Life Sciences18-Mar-202118-Mar-2024
250Multi-Layer Composite Thin Film Based on Ag-PVA/PANI-MnO2(MnS) nanocomposite Flexible Electrode for High-Performance Supercapacitors(TARE-Fellowship to Dr. Gubbala V. Ramesh)Prof. K. MuralidharanTARE-School of Chemistry12-Mar-202111-Mar-2024
251Laser Shock Penning Of Inconel - 718 Aero-Engine Alloys (Gtmap)Dr P.PremkiranSchool of Physics09-Mar-202108-Mar-2024
252Investigating The Influence Of Post-Lockdown Measures On Language Adaption And Behavioral Change Dr Ramesh Kumar MishraSchool of Medical Sciences01-Mar-202130-Nov-2021
253Investigating The Role Of............Arabidopsis Thaliana96022: Venkateswara RaoSchool of Life Sciences01-Mar-202128-Feb-2023
254Investigation Of Atmospheric Aerosol Physio - Chemical Properties For Laser Based Technologies: Ambient Observation And Numerical SimulationsVijay Punjaji KanawadeSchool of Physics25-Feb-202124-Jun-2023
255Cis-Regulatory Configuration Controlling B-Lineage Gene ExpressionDr P.Jagan Mohan RaoSchool of Life Sciences25-Feb-202124-Feb-2024
256The Role And Contributions Of Migrant Women Sanitary Workers During Covid-19 Pandemic: A Study In Selected Urban Local Bodies Of Bengaluru And Hyderabad IndiaDr J.Rani Ratna PrabhaSchool of Social Sciences18-Feb-202117-Feb-2022
257UGC-BSR Research Start-Up-Grant Dr.Nageswara Rao VemuriSchool of Mathematics and Statistics05-Feb-202104-Feb-2022
258Structural And Functional Studies Of .....Multidurg Resistant TuberculosisDr Perali Ramu SridharSchool of Chemistry02-Feb-202101-Feb-2024
259Citric acid induced self-assemble bubble carrier system to enhance the oral bioavialability of poorly aqueous soluble drugsDr. M Shyam LalSchool of Life Sciences28-Jan-202127-May-2024
260"Mapping Genomic Regions Associated With Bacterial Leaf Blight Resistance Derived From Oryza Glaberrima"Dr Irfan Ahmad GhaziSchool of Life Sciences22-Jan-202121-Jan-2024
261Framing The Nations Citizenship Conflict And The Media In Contemporary IndiaDr Pavarala VinodS.N. School of Arts and Communication15-Jan-202130-Sep-2022
262"Role Of Non-Photochemical Quenching During Acclimation Of Osmotic Stress In Chlamydomonas Reinhardti Ii"Dr S.RajagopalSchool of Life Sciences13-Jan-202112-Jan-2024
263Search For Skyrmionics Systems Probed By Theoretical And Experimental InvestigationDr G.S.VaitheeswaranSchool of Physics12-Jan-202111-Jan-2024
264"Spin Wave Dynamics In Ferromagnetic / Ferroelectric Heterostructures"Dr Venkataiah GorigeSchool of Physics12-Jan-202111-Jan-2024
265Dynamics Of Quantum Entanglement And Quantum Information In Spin ChainsProf.V.SubrahmanyamSchool of Physics11-Jan-202110-Jan-2024
266Rif Structure And Isostatic Evolution Of The Eastern Continental Margin Of India (Ecmi) From Integrated Geophysical StudiesDr Kolluru Sree KrishnaSchool of Physics04-Jan-202131-Oct-2023
267Synthesis Of Some Indenopyridine.......Activities96015: Manas Jyoti SarmaSchool of Chemistry01-Jan-202131-Dec-2022
268Understanding The Role Of Homologous Recombination In Replication And Repair Of The Mitochondrial Genome Human Malaria Parasite Plasmodium FalciparumDr M.K.BhattacharyyaSchool of Life Sciences31-Dec-202030-Dec-2023
269What Portion Of Mesosphere Lower Thermosphere (Mlt) Dynamic Are Wave DrivenDr. Kishore Kumar GrandhiSchool of Physics31-Dec-202031-Dec-2023
270Functional Characterization Of Crisp-Cas System And Mechanism Of Its Regulation In The Cyanobacterium Synechocystis Sp Pcc 6803Dr J Syama Sundar PrakashSchool of Life Sciences30-Dec-202029-Dec-2023
271Integrative Approach To Characterize Human Long Non-Coding RnasDr. Manjari KiranSchool of Life Sciences24-Dec-202023-Dec-2022
272"Exploiting E6-Usp46 Deubiquitinase Complex, As A Novel Therapeutic Target Against Human Papilloma Virus (Hpv) Induced Cancers"Dr.Shashi KiranSchool of Life Sciences22-Dec-202021-Dec-2022
273Cyber Crime Against Women: Precautions And StrategiesProf. Rekha PandeCentre for Women’s Studies (CWS)22-Dec-202030-Apr-2021
274Financial Sanction Under Teachers Associateship For ResearchDr Tushar JanaSchool of Chemistry17-Dec-202016-Dec-2023
275Gravity, Magnetic And Resistivity Surveys For Delineating Basement Configuration And Structural Features Of Listric Fault Morphologies In Goka Region, Kaladgi Basin, India: Aid To Mineral ExplorationDr. Ramamma BattaCentre for Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences (CEOAS)17-Dec-202016-Dec-2023
276In Vivo Validation Of Membrane Acid Phosphatase As A Vaccine Candidate Against Leishmanial Dr Insaf Ahmed QureshiSchool of Life Sciences15-Dec-202014-Dec-2023
277Generation Of Photosynthetic Mutants With High Light ToleranceDr S.RajagopalDepartment of Plant Sciences11-Dec-202010-Dec-2022
278"Synthesis Of Biologically Active Natural Products And Their Analogues: Exploring Their Potential For Biological Applications"Dr. Anwita MudirajSchool of Chemistry01-Dec-202030-Nov-2023
279Insa Senior Scientist: Prof. A.S. Raghavendra, Department Of Plant SciencesProf. A.S. RaghavendraDepartment Of Plant Sciences01-Dec-202030-Nov-2023
280Award of J C Bose FellowshipProf. S DayanandaSchool of Life Sciences26-Nov-202030-Jun-2022
281A hybrid and flexible magnetoelectric trilayer structure for combined magnetic sensing and mechanicl actuation applications(TARE Fellowship to Dr. Thirmal Chinthakuntla)Prof. K.C. James RajuTARE-School of Physics26-Nov-202025-Nov-2023
282Business Groups, Related Party Transactions, Auditor Familiarity And Audit QualityProf. Vijaya Bjaskar MarisettySchool of Management Studies24-Nov-202031-May-2023
283Total Synthesis Of Bengamide E And Analogues Towards The Discovery Of Novel Anti-Cancer AgentsAkanksha GuptaSchool of Chemistry20-Nov-202019-Nov-2023
284Financial Sanction Under Women Excellence AwardDr Swati Ghosh AcharyyaSchool of Engineering Sciences and Technology04-Nov-202003-Nov-2023
285Development Of Bovine Milk Exosome - Based Novel Tetravalent Vaccine Formulation Against Dengue VirusFarhan AhmedSchool of Life Sciences01-Oct-202031-Oct-2023
286Flexible Highly Efficient Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Perovskite Solar CellsDr Murali BanavothSchool of Chemistry10-Sep-202009-Sep-2023
287Expression Purification And Immunological Characterization Of The Nonpractical Encapsulated Rbd, Hr1, Hr2 Domains Of The S Proteins Of Sars - Cov2 - Biological-EProf.S.DayanandaDepartment of Animal Biology27-Aug-202026-Aug-2023
288Development Of Environmentally Benign Nano Formulation For Improved Bioactive...Aromatic PlantsProf Appa Rao PodileDepartment of Plant Sciences27-Aug-202026-Aug-2023
289Insa Senior Scientist: Prof. D. Basavaiah (School Of Chemistry)Prof. D. BasavaiahSchool Of Chemistry11-Aug-202010-Aug-2021
290Award of J C Bose FellowshipProf. Anunay SamantaSchool of Chemistry01-Aug-202015-Jan-2024
291Award of J C Bose Fellowship (3rd Term)Dr Ashwini Kumar NangiaSchool of Chemistry01-Aug-202031-Jul-2025
292Pilot Project Under National Language Translation Mission-Bahu-BhashakDr. G. Umamaheshwara Rao School of Humanities28-Jul-202027-Aug-2021
293UGC-BSR Research Start Up GrantDr. Manjari KiranSchool of Life Sciences10-Jul-202010-Jul-2022
294Preliminary-Gamma RadiationDr Murali BanavothSchool of Chemistry09-Jul-202007-Apr-2023
295Preliminary Investigations Of Inorganic And Hybrid Perovskite Single Crystals For Their Structural And Functional Properties W.R.T. Gamma RadiationDr Murali BanavothSchool of Chemistry09-Jul-202007-Apr-2023
296Spatio-Temporal Modelling And Analysis Of Covid19 : A Domestic And Global PerspectiveProf Madhuchhanda BhattacharjeeSchool of Mathematics and Statistics09-Jul-202015-Jul-2021
297Speech To Speech Machine Translation (Ssmt): Pilot SystemDr K. RajyaramaSchool of Humanities19-Jun-202031-Jul-2021
298Genome Editing Of Stay-Green Gene To Enhance Carotenoid Content In Tomato FruitDr Yellamaraju SreelakshmiDepartment of Plant Sciences11-Jun-202010-Jun-2023
299"Deciphering The Role Of Wlms Tumor1 In Podocytopathy: Implications In Obesity Related Glomerulopathy"Dr P. Anil KumarSchool of Life Sciences09-Jun-202008-Jun-2023
300"On Suslin Matrices And Their Connection To Spin Groups"Vineeth chintala (DST-Inspire Faculty fellow)School of Mathematics and Statistics01-Jun-202031-May-2023
301Hybrid Photonic-Plasmonic Nanostructure For Quantum PhotonicsDr.Ramachandrarao YallaSchool of Physics15-May-202014-May-2023
302Nucleolus In Control Of Breast Tumor HeterogeneityDr Bramanandam ManavathiSchool of Life Sciences15-May-202014-May-2023
303Patient - Centric Supramolecular Formulation Of New Anti-Leishmanial Drugs For India Dr Ashwini Kumar NangiaSchool of Chemistry01-Apr-202030-Sep-2022
304Employeeing Engineered Ubiquitin To Understand The Ubiquitin Proteasome Network DynamicsDr. Parul MishraSchool of Life Sciences01-Apr-202031-Mar-2023
305Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Special Honorarium Dr Niyaz Ahmed Abdus SamadSchool of Life Sciences01-Apr-202031-Mar-2023
306Study Of Cost - Benefit Analysis Of Investing In Child Eye Health And Development Of Utility Weights And Geography - Based Indices For Child Eye Health OutcomesDr B. Ramaswamy ShamannaSchool of Medical Sciences01-Apr-202030-Apr-2023
307Pharmaceutical Materials And Continuous ProcessDr Ashwini Kumar NangiaSchool of Chemistry19-Mar-202030-Jun-2023
308Nai Talim For Livelihood Education Dr T SumaliniSchool of Social Sciences17-Mar-202031-Mar-2022
309Analysis Of Fractional Order Differential And Integral Equations#NASchool of Mathematics and Statistics17-Mar-202012-Dec-2021
310Ramanujam Fellowship AwardDr. Ritima DasSchool of Physics13-Mar-202012-Mar-2025
311E-Kshemam: Development of Blood/organ Donations and Transfusions Information System usinf Blockchain for selected regions of A.P and Telangana states in India Non Intrusion Securing Indian Electoral Franchise Process Ergonomics System using Blockchain Technology(TARE Fellowship to Dr. Ch. Rupa)Prof. Rukma RekhaTARE-School of Computer and Information Sciences09-Mar-202008-Mar-2023
312Molecular Characterization Of The Role Of Ser/Thr Phosphatase Phlpp In Pancreatic Beta Cells To Gain Mechanistic Insights DiabetesDr P.Prakash BabuSchool of Life Sciences03-Mar-202003-Mar-2023
313Lead Generation And Optimization Of Hdac8 Selective Inhibitor Through Deep Learning And Relative Binding Free Energy SimulationsDr. Aparna VemaSchool of Life Sciences02-Mar-202001-Sep-2023
314A Study Of Two Weighted Zero Sum Constants In Finite Abelian GroupsDr Mohan Namdev ChintamaniSchool of Mathematics and Statistics21-Feb-202020-Feb-2023
315Time Elapsed Neuron Network Model With DiffusionDr Tumuluri Suman KumarSchool of Mathematics and Statistics21-Feb-202020-Feb-2023
316A Microneedle Transdermal Patch For........Control Of AnemiaDr B. Ramaswamy ShamannaSchool of Medical Sciences21-Feb-202020-Feb-2023
317Award Of DST Inspire FacultyDr.Aliba AoSchool of Physics17-Feb-202019-Sep-2023
318"Investigation Of Reciprocal And Non-Reciprocal Optional Activity Using Light Beams With Singularity And Helicity"Dr Nirmal Kumar ViswanathanSchool of Physics10-Feb-202009-Feb-2023
319Fabrication Of Photonic Crystals.....Hazardous MaterialProf. Buchi Venkata Rao TataSchool of Physics10-Feb-202009-Jun-2023
320Hybrid Discrete Continum.............University Of HyderabadDr Debashis BarikSchool of Chemistry07-Feb-202006-Feb-2023
321Developing A Machine Learning Algorithm For Predicting Crystal Structure By Analyzing The Packing Patterns In Smaller Molecular Aggregates Dr Jovan Jose K.V.School of Chemistry06-Feb-202005-Aug-2023
322Investigation Of Metastability In Feedback Regulated Nonlinear Systems Dr Debashis BarikSchool of Chemistry05-Feb-202004-Feb-2023
323"Ion Exchange Members From Imidasole Based Polymers"Dr Tushar JanaSchool of Chemistry05-Feb-202004-May-2023
324Conservation And Productivity Improvement Of Red Sanders (Pterocarpus Santalinus L.F)Dr G.PadmajaSchool of Life Sciences04-Feb-202003-Feb-2025
325Elucidation Of Structural And Functional Properties Of Family-18 Cazyme(S) From Haloalkaliphilic Bacteria Role In Generation Of Bioactive ChitooligosaccharidesDr Jogi Madhu PrakashSchool of Life Sciences04-Feb-202003-Feb-2023
326"Effect Of Laser Induced Crystallization On Ferroelectric Thin Films And Their Application In Microwave Devices Flexible Substrates"Dr K.C.James RajuSchool of Physics04-Feb-202003-May-2023
327Nasi Senor Scientist Platinum Jubilee FellowshipProf. A P PathakSchool of Physics31-Jan-202031-Jan-2023
328Study of Nano Materials using Ion Beams Lasers and Gamma Radiation-NASIProf. A.P. PathakSchool of Physics31-Jan-202030-Jan-2025
329Environment And Health: Challenges For Sustainable Development In IndiaHead,CSSEIPCentre for the Study of Social Exclusion and Inclusion Policy (CSSEIP)30-Jan-202030-Apr-2020
330Educational Status Of Women Girl Child Scheduled Tribe In Telangana And Ap: An Experience Of Beti Bachao And Beti PadhaoDr Ramdas RupavathSchool of Social Sciences22-Jan-202021-Jan-2022
331Development Of Nano Composite Materials For Removal Of Arsenic And Detection Of PesticidesM Raju(PDF)School of Chemistry22-Jan-202021-Jul-2022
332"Exploring The Potential Of Lacrimal Gland Stem Cells In Restoring Damaged Function Through Cell Therapy"Dr Geeta K.VemugantiSchool of Medical Sciences17-Jan-202021-May-2023
333Mitochondrial Quality Control In Tauopaty NeuronsDr.Prasad TammineniSchool of Life Sciences16-Jan-202015-Jan-2023
334Long Term Icmr-Dhr International Fellowship For Young Bio-Medical Scientists 2019-20Dr. Radheshyam MauryaDepartment of Animal Biology16-Jan-202031-Oct-2020
335"Nature And Evolution Of Lithosphere Beneath The Offshore Bengal Basin Bay Of Bengal"Dr Kolluru Sree KrishnaSchool of Physics15-Jan-202020-Jul-2023
336Integrated Trck In Brain And Cognitive Sciences/BrainDr Ramesh Kumar MishraSchool of Medical Sciences15-Jan-202005-Jan-2024
337Nano Veescle Based :Dengue Virus Dr Nooruddin KhanSchool of Life Sciences13-Jan-202012-Jan-2023
338Nasi Honorary Scientist To Prof. A.K. BhatnagarProf. A.K. BhatnagarSchool of Physics08-Jan-202007-Jan-2021
339Selective-B-Substituted Corroles.........Oxygen Generation96020: Sudhakar KolanuSchool of Chemistry06-Jan-202005-Jul-2022
340Comparative And Functional Genomics Analysis Of Drought Stress-Induced Alternate Splicing In C3 Model, Rice (Oriza Sativa L) And C4 Model, Foxtail Millet (Setaria Italica L)Dr. M MuthamilarasanDepartment of Plant Sciences02-Jan-202023-Apr-2022
341Development Of Low Phytic Acid Lines Of Model Nutricereal, Foxtail Millet By Targeted Editing Of Pathway Gene(S) Using Crispr/Cas9 System For Enhanced Bioavailability Of MicronutrientsSumi Rana(PhD Scholar)Department of Plant Sciences02-Jan-202027-Feb-2022
342Organizing Digitally Opportunities For Collectivization Among Female Workers In South AsiaDr Usha RamanS.N. School of Arts and Communication01-Jan-202031-May-2023
343"Investigation Of The Importance Of Sumoylation Pathway In The Pathogenesis Of C Glabrata"Dr. Renu Shukla (WOS-A Postdoctoral Fellow)Department of Biochemistry01-Jan-202031-Dec-2022
344Silica-Induced Nephrotoxicity : Implications In Uddanam Chronic Kidney Disease Of Unknown Origin Dr P. Anil KumarSchool of Life Sciences31-Dec-201931-Dec-2023
345Developing A Recurrent Neural Network Based Algorithm For Sustainable Design Of Hydrogen Storage Materials Dr Jovan Jose K.V.School of Chemistry31-Dec-201904-Feb-2024
346Identification Of Novel Mitochondrial Substrates For Dengue Proteases And Development Of Potential Anti Dengue Virus Protease Molecules To Protect The Mitochondrial HomeostasisDr M.VenkataramanaSchool of Life Sciences31-Dec-201904-Feb-2024
347A New Perspective On The Difunctionalization Of YnamidesDr Akhila Kumar SahooSchool of Chemistry27-Dec-201906-Jul-2023
348UGC Scheme For Mentoring NAAC Accreditation Aspirant Institutions To Promote Quality Assurance In Higher Education Under ParamarshDr S.SrinathSchool of Physics24-Dec-201923-Dec-2021
349Structure And Properties Of New Twist-Bend Nematic Liquid Crystals With Nanoscale Modulation Of Molecular Orientation Dr Surajit DharaSchool of Physics18-Dec-201917-Dec-2022
350Search For Dark Matter In Mono-Photon, Mono-Higgs ..... Centre Of Mass Energy Of 13 TevDr Bhawna GomberCentre for Advanced Studies in Electronics Science and Technology (CASEST)16-Dec-201915-Dec-2021
351Implementation Of Lndo-Bulgarian Joint Project Entitled: "Exploring The Natural Diversity In Tomato Germplasm For Phosphate Starvation Responses"Dr Rahul KumarSchool of Life Sciences04-Dec-201903-Dec-2021
352Hybrid Photonic-Plasmonic Nanostructure For Strong Light-Matter Interaction At The Single Photon LevelDr.Ramachandrarao YallaSchool of Physics03-Dec-201902-Dec-2021
353Finite Size Effects In Manganites Heusler Alloys And Other Spintronic MaterialsProf. S N KaulSchool of Physics01-Dec-201930-Nov-2022
354Engaging The Ethnomedical Practitioners In Primery Care And Referrals: An Action Research Project On Community Participation In Health CareDr Bhallamudi Venkateswara SharmaSchool of Social Sciences01-Dec-201930-Dec-2022
355Understand The Regulation Of Lacritin Expression During Infection And Characterize Molecular Pathways Induced By Lacritin In Corneal EpitheliumDr. Roy KarnatiDepartment of Animal Biology28-Nov-201927-Nov-2021
356Anthropological Study Of Skill Transmission Of Basket Among YerukulasDr. Apparao ThamminainaDepartment of Anthropology27-Nov-201915-Dec-2020
357Documentation Of Oral Traditions Of ChenchusDr. Apparao ThamminainaDepartment of Anthropology27-Nov-201915-Dec-2020
358Tribal Profiles Of St Communities In Interstate BordersDr. Apparao ThamminainaDepartment of Anthropology27-Nov-201915-Dec-2020
359Nonequilibrium Phenomena In The Interface Of.............Ultracold SituationsDr Shyamal BiswasSchool of Physics13-Nov-201912-Nov-2022
360Development Of 5-Lox... Drug CandidatesDr.Raja Ram Mohan Roy KSchool of Life Sciences11-Nov-201910-Nov-2023
361Culture, Communication And India's Development: Contributions Of Anthropology Of Communication, Media And CommunicationProf. P. Venkata RaoDepartment of Anthropology07-Nov-201931-Jan-2020
362Inorganic-organic Hybrids based on Kegging-type Polyoxomealate-Schiff Base metal complexes Synthesis, Characterization and Proten Conducting Studies (TARE-Fellowship to Dr. Ragun Balavardhana Rao Adapa)Prof. Samar K DasTARE-School of Chemistry06-Nov-201905-Nov-2022
363"Development Of Intelligent Campus Navigation System" (TARE project)Prof. Siba K. Udgata - (TARE project)School of Computer and Information Sciences05-Nov-201904-May-2023
364Development of Intelligent Algorithms for Campus Navigation System(IACNS). (TARE Fellowship to Dr. A. Kavitha )Prof. Siba K UdgataTARE-School of Computer and Information Sciences05-Nov-201904-Nov-2023
365Contract No. 4500408172 "Ipdc Gender Project"Prof. Vinod PavaralaS.N. School of Arts and Communication01-Nov-201930-Jun-2021
366Decentralised Governance Through People Planning: A Study Of Implementation Of Geam Panchayat Development Plan Dr Satyapriya RoutSchool of Social Sciences24-Sep-201923-Sep-2021
367Development And Evaluation Of An E-Health Intervention To Promote Hiv Prevention Behaviours & Mental Health Of Transgender Women In IndiaDr Pushpesh KumarSchool of Social Sciences23-Sep-201931-Jul-2021
368South Asian Youth In The Diaspora: Transnationalism, Social Media And Identities, Dr Ajaya Kumar SahooSchool of Social Sciences20-Sep-201920-Sep-2021
369Development Of Microbial Nanovesicle Based Multivalent Vaccine Formulation Agaist Multiple Poultry DiseasesDr Nooruddin KhanSchool of Life Sciences13-Sep-201924-Jun-2022
370UGC- BSR Research Start-Up-GrantDr.Prasad TammineniSchool of Life Sciences06-Sep-201905-Sep-2021
371Growth Hormone Mediates Glomerular Podocyte Hypertrophy: Implications In Diabetic NephropathyDr P. Anil KumarSchool of Life Sciences21-Aug-201931-Oct-2022
372Role Of Hpip Gene In Prognostic SignificaneDr Bramanandam ManavathiSchool of Life Sciences19-Aug-201918-Aug-2022
373Enhancing Female Entreprenurship In India (Nprendia)Dr G.S. PrasadSchool of Social Sciences09-Aug-201931-Mar-2022
374Corrosion Fatigue Crack Sensing In Ship Steel By Acoustic Emission Sensors Along With Detection And Identification Using Customized Machine LearningDr. Swati Ghosh AcharyyaSchool of Engineering Sciences and Technology03-Aug-201902-Aug-2021
375Literacy And Empowerment In Rural Women: A Longitudeinal Evolution Of Targeted Literacy Programms In Select Districts South India Dr P. JyothiSchool of Management Studies01-Aug-201901-Aug-2021
376Design Of A Cost-Effective Multi-Wall Plate For High Throughput Drug Screening Platform: Study On Combination Therapy96034:Ranjana SinghSchool of Life Sciences24-Jul-201913-Sep-2022
377Engineering Of....In TomatoDr Rahul KumarSchool of Life Sciences18-Jul-201917-Jan-2023
378Hypoxia Alerts Calcium Influx In The Glomerular Podocytes : Implications In CytoskeletalDr P. Anil KumarSchool of Life Sciences15-Jul-201914-Jul-2022
379Activities Of Contract - 2019, UnescoProf Vinod PavaralaS.N. School of Arts and Communication15-Jul-201931-Mar-2020
380Implementation Of Indogerman Joint Project Entitled: Targeting Hypoxia Micro Environment To Mitigate Endocrine Resistance In Breast CancerProf Bramanandam ManavathiDepartment of Biochemistry15-Jul-201914-Jul-2021
381Desphering Resistance Mechanism Of Mustrad And Key Virulence Strategies Of Selerotinia Sclerotiorum In White Mold DiseaseDr. Ashish RanjanSchool of Life Sciences10-Jul-201909-Jul-2024
382Towards Discovering Concepts For Single Component And Multi Baylis Hillman ReactionsProf. D. BasavaiahSchool of Chemistry03-Jul-201931-Mar-2023
383174030h05: Applied Photosynthesis: Putting Nature To WorkProf S. RajagopalDepartment of Plant Sciences02-Jul-201930-Sep-2019
384Award Of DST Inspire Faculty Dr.Rakesh PandeyDepartment of Systems And Computational Biology02-Jul-201930-Jun-2021
385Chloroplast Structure And FunctionProf S. RajagopalDepartment of Plant Sciences27-Jun-201906-Sep-2019
386Interfacial Multiferroic Magnonics : Understanding Of Cross - Correlation Towards Mangnonic Logic Circuit Applications Dr Venkataiah GorigeSchool of Physics26-Jun-201925-Jun-2022
387"Elucidating The Role...Gondii"Dr. Pallabi MitraSchool of Life Sciences24-Jun-201923-Oct-2022
388"Net Shape Manufacturing Of High Temperature Components Of Wc And Zrb2"Prof. V. Seshu BaiSchool of Physics19-Jun-201918-Jun-2023
389Workshop On Mlaria Control Stategies, Drug Designing And Vaccine DevelopmentProf. JSS PrakashDepartment of Biotechnology & Bioinformatics14-Jun-201931-Oct-2019
390"Regulatory Functions Of Micrornas During Early Lymphoid Linage Differentiation"Dr P.Jagan Mohan RaoSchool of Life Sciences06-Jun-201905-Jun-2022
391Ugc-Moocs (Swayam) Econtent Development For Poost Graduation Course On Public Policy: An IntroductionProf. I. RamabrahmamDepartment of Political Science06-Jun-201931-Mar-2020
392Biochemical Investigation Of Endosomal Targeting Proteins And Functional Analysis Of Lysosomal Enzymes And Their Receptors In HydraDr N.Siva KumarSchool of Life Sciences04-Jun-201903-Dec-2022
393Mechanistic Understanding Of Protein Arginne Methyl Transferase5: By Targeting The NovelDr.Santosh R.KanadeSchool of Life Sciences01-Jun-201931-Mar-2022
394Creation Of A Genetic Resource Of Auxin Mutants In Tomato Using Crispr/Cas9 Toolkit And Characterization Of The Knockout Lines For Fruit Ripening And Phosphate Starvation ResponseDr Rahul KumarSchool of Life Sciences01-Jun-201931-Mar-2023
395High Strength Spring Steels With Reduced Low Temperature Creep For Light Weight Designs (Steel4ltc) Dr V. Koteswara Rao RajulapatiSchool of Engineering Sciences and Technology01-Jun-201931-May-2023
396Indigenous Interventions For School Children: Impact On Academic Performance And Health Prof. Meena HariharanCentre for Health Psychology30-May-201930-May-2021
397Role Of Mia40(Chchcd4) In Electron.....Cluster Export VoDr Naresh Babu V SepuriSchool of Life Sciences23-May-201922-May-2022
398"Development Of A New Algorithm For Finding Modules In A Graph With Applications"Dr.P.ManimaranSchool of Physics21-May-201920-May-2022
399"Understanding Genetic Diversity Of Root System Architecture And Underlying Regulatory Mechanisms In Response To Low Phosphate In Tomoto"Dr Rahul KumarSchool of Life Sciences20-May-201931-May-2022
400Voter Sentiment Extraction form Hindi online News Texts using NLP Technologies(TARE Fellowship to Dr. S. Padmaja)Prof. Salman Abdul MoizTARE-School of Computer and Information Sciences20-May-201919-May-2023
401Political Dynasties Among Scheduled Tribes In India: Emergence And Persistence In Select States Dr.Alok Kumar PandeySchool of Social Sciences15-May-201930-Sep-2021
402Studeis On The Epigenetic Basis Of Interplay Between Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress And Autophagy In Ischemic StrokeParimala NarneSchool of Life Sciences15-May-201914-Nov-2022
403Spray Light Suppression In Optical Payloads Via Nano Structured Absorbing Surfaces Fabricated By Femtosecond Laser Pattering Dr Naraharisetty Sri Ram GopalSchool of Physics01-May-201931-Dec-2021
404Long Non Coding Rna Regulation: Role In Megakaryocyte DevelopmentDr Gutti Ravi KumarSchool of Life Sciences01-May-201931-Mar-2022
405"Intelligent Iot Enabled Autonomous Structural Health Monitoring System For Ships, Aeroplanes, Trains And Automobiles"Dr Swati Ghosh AcharyyaSchool of Engineering Sciences and Technology01-May-201930-Apr-2022
406Financial Assistance For Establishing Technology Enabling Centers In University SystemDr G.S. PrasadSchool of Social Sciences26-Apr-201923-Mar-2025
407Teachers Associateship For Research Excellence(TARE)Nimai MishraTARE-School of Chemistry17-Apr-201916-Apr-2022
408Scheme For Promotion Of Academic And Research Collaboration (Sparc)Prof. N. Siva KumarDepartment of Biochemistry12-Apr-201931-Mar-2020
409Nrdc Innovation Facilitation Centre At University Of HyderabadDr G.S. PrasadSchool of Social Sciences04-Apr-201931-Mar-2022
410Establish An Eye Clinic At School Of Medical SciencesDr. Konda Venkata NagarajuSchool of Medical Sciences02-Apr-201931-Mar-2020
411Newton Bhabha Phd Placement Programme For The Year 2019-20Dr Bramanandam ManavathiSchool of Life Sciences01-Apr-201931-Mar-2020
412Tribal Polices And Programmers In India: Regional Reflections In The Context Of Globalization Dr V.Srinivasa RaoSchool of Social Sciences01-Apr-201930-Nov-2021
413Tcrtm-Lecture Series On Tribal Issue (Lsti)Dr V.Srinivasa RaoSchool of Social Sciences01-Apr-201931-Dec-2021
414Band Width Tunable Organic And Polymer Micro-Resonators For LasingDr R.ChandrasekarSchool of Chemistry01-Apr-201931-Mar-2022
415Faculty Research Promotion Scheme (Third Phase)Prof. Anunay SamantaSchool of Chemistry01-Apr-201911-Jul-2022
416A Systemic Approach On Impact Study And Policy Refinement: A Comparative Analysis Of Ayushman Bharat And Aarogyasri Healthcare SchemeProf. Alok Kumar MishraSchool of Economics01-Apr-201931-Mar-2021
417Asymmetric Autonomy And The Politics Of Accommodation In Northesat IndiaProf Kham Khan Suan HausingDepartment of Political Science01-Apr-201931-Mar-2021
418Newton Bhadha Phd Placement Programme 2018-19Swati Dahariya, Chalasani Danteswari and Mouboni DuttaSchool of Life Sciences01-Apr-201931-Mar-2020
419Ten Days Research Methodology For Ph.D Scholars.Dr. G. NagarajuDepartment of Sociology31-Mar-201910-Dec-2019
420"Toll-Like Receptor Signaling In Megakaryocyte Development And Platelet Production" Dr Gutti Ravi KumarSchool of Life Sciences30-Mar-201929-Mar-2022
421Exploring The Volatome Of Non Communicable Diseases As A Promisingm Innovative And Integrating Approach For Its Rapid Diagnostics: The Case Study Of Cancer And Neurodegenerative Diseases"Dr H.A.NagarajaramSchool of Life Sciences30-Mar-201929-Mar-2022
422"Indian Institutions - Fermilab Collaboration In Neutrino Physics"Dr Rukmani MohantaSchool of Physics28-Mar-201931-Mar-2026
423Ten Days Research Methodology Course For M. Phil/P.H.D/Pdf Scholars In Social SciencesDr. G. NagarajuDepartment of Sociology26-Mar-201931-Aug-2019
424Evaluation Study On Best Available Schools (Bas) In Andhra PradeshDr V.Srinivasa RaoSchool of Social Sciences20-Mar-201931-Dec-2021
425Evaluation Study On Ambedkar Overseas In Andhra PradeshDr V.Srinivasa RaoSchool of Social Sciences20-Mar-201931-Dec-2021
426Ethnographic Study On Porja Tribes In Andhra PradeshDr Srinivasa Rao VCentre for Regional Studies (CRS)20-Mar-201931-Aug-2021
427Ethnographic Study On Yanadi Tribes In Andhra PradeshDr Srinivasa Rao VCentre for Regional Studies (CRS)20-Mar-201931-Dec-2021
428Evaluation Study On Post Matric Scholarships (Pms) In Andhra PradeshDr Srinivasa Rao VCentre for Regional Studies (CRS)20-Mar-201931-Dec-2021
429Measuremen T And Evaluation Of Central Bank Credibility : A Cross-Country StudyDr Bicchal Motilal AnandSchool of Economics18-Mar-201931-Mar-2020
430Regeneration In Hydra-Proteomic Analysis Of Lysosomal Hydrolases And Cathepsins96042: Lakshmi Surekha KrishnapatiSchool of Life Sciences15-Mar-201914-Sep-2021
431Are Women Bettr Empowered With Techological Innovations? Understanding The Role Of Fintech In Women Financial Empowerment And Well BeingDr Vijaya Bhaskar MarisettySchool of Management Studies15-Mar-201931-Mar-2022
432UGC-BSR Mid Career Award GrantDr Susanta MahapatraSchool of Chemistry14-Mar-201913-Mar-2021
433Development Of Novel Greenery Organocatalytic Methods For The Asymmetric Synthesis Of Drug-Like HeterocyclesDr D.B.RamacharySchool of Chemistry14-Mar-201913-May-2022
434UGC-BSR Mid Career Award GrantProf. Samar K. DasSchool Of Chemistry12-Mar-201917-Sep-2021
435Role Of Nucleus In Regulating The Nuclear Size And ShapeProf. Krishnaveni MishraDepartment of Biochemistry01-Mar-201931-Aug-2021
436Development Of An Instructional Package For Cyber Literacy And Cyber Security Ethics Among Higher Secondary School StudentsDr. Geetha GopinathDepartment of Education and Education Technology25-Feb-201931-Mar-2020
437Innovative.....Digi-EducationDr. A.S. JalandharachariDepartment of Education and Education Technology23-Feb-201930-Apr-2019
438Intitutions Livelihoods And Changing..................SustainabilityDr George Tharakan CDepartment of Anthropology23-Feb-201931-May-2019
439Non Transgenic Crop....Sequencing PlatformProf. R. P. SharmaSchool of Life Sciences21-Feb-201920-Aug-2022
440Sustainable Hrm - Practice And Perspectives - In South AsiaDr. Sita VankaSchool of Management Studies15-Feb-201931-Mar-2019
441Eci Chair ProjectProf Vinod PavaralaDepartment of English14-Feb-201931-Mar-2020
442Sociology Of Details: Epistemological Issues And Methodological ChallengesProf. Nagaraju GundimedaDepartment of Sociology14-Feb-201931-Mar-2019
443Sustainable Development Goals And Building FutureProf. K. Raja Mohan RaoCentre for the Study of Social Exclusion and Inclusion Policy (CSSEIP)14-Feb-201931-Jul-2019
444Indigenous Languages Societies And Cultures Of IndiaProf.J.Prabhakar RaoCentre for Applied Linguistics and Translation Studies(CALTS)11-Feb-201931-Mar-2019
445Microwave Measurements For Polymer-Ceramic Composite SubstratesDr K.C.James RajuSchool of Physics08-Feb-201931-Mar-2022
446Discoveering Protein Network Function Of Small.....(Sumo)Dr. Parul MishraSchool of Life Sciences06-Feb-201905-Aug-2022
447Annual Foundation School , 1(Afs 1) 6th May To 1st June-2019Dr. Mohan CSchool of Mathematics and Statistics05-Feb-201931-Jul-2019
448Five Day Acadamic Writing Workshop 11th - 15th March-2019Dr. Anurekha Chari-WaghDepartment of Sociology01-Feb-201931-May-2019
449Development Of Electro-Caloric Materials For Efficient Solid State RefrigerationDr. AnshuUniversity of Hyderabad29-Jan-201928-Jan-2022
450"Distributed Frame Work For Fuzzy Rough Set Feature Selection For Large Scale Decision Systems"Dr. P.S.V.S.Sai PrasadSchool of Computer and Information Sciences25-Jan-201907-Jul-2022
451Cognitive Development Of ChildrenProf. Meena HariharanCentre for Health Psychology22-Jan-201931-Mar-2019
452Algorithms And Methods For Biological Data Under Mhrd Held From 11/02/2019 To 23/02/2019Prof. JSS PrakashDepartment of Plant Sciences10-Jan-201931-Mar-2019
453Between History And Literature: Enquiries Into Colonial Modernity(Presented a paperMr Sushrut(M. Phil)Department of English10-Jan-201930-Apr-2019
454The Objective Of The Project Is To Design Online CoursesDr Vasuki BelavadiS.N. School of Arts and Communication07-Jan-201931-Mar-2023
455Chemical And Genomic Approaches To Investigate Possible Link Between Development Of Antimicrobial Resistance (Amr) And Forma Industry EffuluentsDr. K. Arun Kumar School of Life Sciences01-Jan-201930-Dec-2023
456Early And Child Marriages In TelanganaProf. Rekha PandeCentre for Women’s Studies (CWS)01-Jan-201930-Sep-2019
457Immunocharacterization Of Lipopolysaccharide (Lps) From Leptospira: Towards Develop Lps Based VaccineDr Perali Ramu SridharSchool of Chemistry10-Dec-201831-Aug-2022
458Two-Day Workshop On Academic Writing For 40 Sc/St Research ScholarsProf. Sailaja PSchool of Humanities02-Dec-201831-Mar-2018
459Award of J.C. Bose FellowshipProf Appa Rao PodileSchool of Life Sciences01-Dec-201830-Nov-2023
460Ascertainment Of Disease Drug Targets Through Interagative Networks And Systems Biology ApproachMr. Mallikarjuna Thippana(SRF)Department of Biotechnology & Bioinformatics01-Dec-201827-Oct-2019
461Molecular Diversity Using Easily Accessible 6-Carbon Building BlocksDr R.BalamuruganSchool of Chemistry28-Nov-201831-May-2022
462Deacetylation Meets Deadenylation In Control Of Tumor MetastasisDr Bramanandam ManavathiSchool of Life Sciences20-Nov-201819-Mar-2022
463Designing Of Selective Biocompatible Hydrate Promoters To Enhance Carbon Dioxide - Methane Exchange In Natural Gas HydratesDr Manju SharmaSchool of Chemistry19-Nov-201818-Nov-2021
464Study Of Spin-Orbit Interaction Of Light Beam Using Electro-Optic And Photorefractive Materials For Optical ApplicationsProf. Nirmal K Viswanathan Dr. Chandravati PrajapatiSchool of Physics13-Nov-201812-Nov-2021
465Molecular Characterization Of Genes/Factor Testis Growth And Sperm Maturation Using Teleost Fish ModelsDr B.SenthilkumaranSchool of Life Sciences12-Nov-201811-May-2022
466Grant For The Financial Year Qr 201-19 Under 60126 Qip GrantsDeanCentre for Integrated Studies (CIS)01-Nov-201831-Mar-2023
467Prediction Of The Properties Of Intermetallic Compounds Combining Atom-Pair Bond Approach With Dft ComputationsProf. V.Seshubai School of Physics29-Oct-201828-Oct-2022
468The Core Root Associated Microbiome Of Pigeon Pea Under The Influence Of Host Genotype Beneficial Bacteria And Abiotic StressProf. Appa Rao PodileDepartment of Plant Sciences26-Oct-201825-Oct-2021
469Funtional Inorganic Materials Based On Polyoxometalates, Coordination Polymers.......Prof. Samar Kumar DasSchool of Chemistry15-Oct-201814-Oct-2021
470Role Of Tapoisomerase Vi In The Biology Of Malaria ParasiteDr. Sunanda BhattacharyyaDepartment of Biotechnology & Bioinformatics15-Oct-201828-Oct-2021
471"Electronic Spectroscopy, Reactive Dynamics And Control Of Chemical Dynamics On Coupled Potential Energy Surfaces"Dr Susanta MahapatraSchool of Chemistry12-Oct-201811-Mar-2022
472Identification Of Novel Alleles Of Wild Rice Derived Bacterial Blight Resistance Genes And Their Functional AnalysisDr Irfan Ahmad GhaziSchool of Life Sciences06-Oct-201805-Mar-2022
473Development Of A Stable.......Plasmoudlum FalciparumDr M.K.BhattacharyyaSchool of Life Sciences04-Oct-201803-Oct-2021
474Runx And Ampk In Hematopoietic MalignanciesJRFDepartment of Animal Biology04-Oct-201831-Jan-2022
475Reconstruction Of Long Term Climate Variability And Depositional Environments From Sediment Cores Of South China SeaDr. Devleen Mani TiwariSchool of Physics26-Sep-201831-Dec-2021
476Construction Of Infectious Clone For Dengue Virus Serotype -1 And Screening Of "Anti-Protease Molecules For Dengue Virus Infections"Dr M.VenkataramanaSchool of Life Sciences25-Sep-201831-Mar-2022
477Role Of Sumoylation In Virulence Of Candida GlabrataProf. Krishnaveni MishraDepartment of Biochemistry24-Sep-201823-Sep-2021
478Exploration Of Cis-Bimetallic Complexes In.............Prof. Pradeepta K. PandaSchool of Chemistry19-Sep-201818-Mar-2022
479DST-Serb New Physics Prospects...........Flavour SectorDr Rukmani MohantaSchool of Physics14-Sep-201813-Mar-2022
480Assessment Of Antimicrobial And Plant Growth Promoting Potential Of Indigenous Endophytic Bacterial Strains Of ManipurDr Sharmistha BanerjeeSchool of Life Sciences11-Sep-201810-Mar-2022
481Modulating The Expression...... Genome EditingDr Pankaj Singh DholaniyaSchool of Life Sciences07-Sep-201806-Sep-2021
482A Brain Storming...Meeting... BibliometricsUOHUniversity of Hyderabad06-Sep-201831-Dec-2018
483Award Of DST Inspire FacultyDr.Biswajyoti SahaSchool Of Mathematics and Statistics06-Sep-201805-Sep-2023
484Improvement Of Flux Pinning In Bi-Based Superconductor TapesProf. V. SeshubaiSchool of Physics05-Sep-201804-Sep-2021
485Tssa One Day Seminar "Panel Discussion On Girls Education In Telangana" On 12.1.2018Prof. Suneetha Rani KCentre for Women’s Studies (CWS)01-Sep-201831-Mar-2018
486Insa "6th International Conference On Molecular Signalling (Icms 2018)Prof. Senthilkumaran BSchool of Life Sciences01-Sep-201830-Apr-2018
487Setdb1 In Hematopoiesis And Hematopoietic Tumors : Target Genes And Their RegulationDr. Indira PaddibhatlaSchool of Life Sciences01-Sep-201801-Aug-2021
488Design And Development Of Novel Antitubercular Agents Targeting Shikimate Kinase ProteinProf Sharmistha Banerjee .School of Life Sciences01-Sep-201801-Aug-2021
489Development Of 12-Lox Specific............Derived InhibitorsProf. Reddanna PalluDepartment of Animal Biology01-Sep-201831-Dec-2021
490Indian...TransnationalismProf. Ajaya K. SahooCentre for the Study of Indian Diaspora (CSID)01-Sep-201830-Nov-2018
491Multiferroic Properties In Rare Earth Doped Bifeo3..........................Prof S SrinathSchool of Physics16-Aug-201831-Mar-2021
492Structural And Functional Studies Of Glucose 6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase And 6-Phosphogluconate Dehydrogenase To Understand Their Role In LeishmaniasisDr Insaf Ahmed QureshiSchool of Life Sciences01-Aug-201816-Dec-2021
493"Regulation Of Tyrosine Hydroxylase: Implication Catecholamines In Normal And Neurodegenarative Stress In Fish"Dr Mamta Sajwan Khatri(DST- Scientist (WOS-A))Department of Animal Biology01-Aug-201831-Jul-2021
494Congregate-Collate-CollaborateDr. A Bindu Madav ReddyDepartment of Animal Biology01-Aug-201830-Mar-2019
495DST Inspire Faculty-Dr.Seshadri ChintapalliDr Seshadri ChintapalliIndian Institute of Science Education and Research, Berhampur01-Aug-201817-Jun-2019
496National Women Bio Scientist AwardDr Sharmistha BanerjeeSchool of Life Sciences27-Jul-201826-Jul-2023
497Award Of DST Inspire FacultyDr.Abhiram SooriSchool of Physics26-Jul-201830-Apr-2023
498Community.....CurriculumDr.T. SumaliniDepartment of Education and Education Technology13-Jul-201813-Sep-2018
499Environmental Stress Response In Protein Structure And Metabolism Of Plant Ang Algal ChloroplastsDr S.RajagopalSchool of Life Sciences10-Jul-201831-Oct-2021
500Modulation.... Nitrogen SpeciesProf. AS RaghavendraDepartment of Plant Sciences10-Jul-201809-Jun-2022
501Advancing.....Hybrid Solar CellsDr. Murali BanavothSchool of Chemistry09-Jul-201808-Jul-2021
502Development.... And In VivoProf. Balasubramanian SenthilkumaranDepartment of Animal Biology27-Jun-201826-Jun-2021
503Development Of Heuristic And Metaheuristic Techniques For Some Emerging Problems In Manufacturing And LogisticsDr Alok SinghSchool of Computer and Information Sciences25-Jun-201824-Jun-2021
504Synthesis And Characterization Of New Anthrecene- Fused Second Generation B(Iii) Subporphyrins - Potential Dyes For Efficient Dye Sensitized Solar Cells (Dscs)Dr Pradeepta Kumar PandaSchool of Chemistry15-Jun-201831-Mar-2023
505Stokes And Oseen...BodiesProf. B.Sri PadmavatiSchool of Mathematics and Statistics13-Jun-201812-Jun-2021
506Award Of DST Inspire FacultyDr. Pratap KolluCentre for Advanced Studies in Electronics Science and Technology (CASEST)11-Jun-201809-Nov-2018
507Development Of Non-Technology Pg Degree Online Courses For SwayamDr Satyapriya RoutSchool of Social Sciences01-Jun-201831-Mar-2020
508Unraveling The Role Fibroblast Growth Factors And Signaling During Gametogenesis In TeleostsDr B.SenthilkumaranSchool of Life Sciences30-May-201830-Jun-2022
509Systems Biology... MedicineDr. Pramod Rajaram S.Department of Systems and Computational Biology18-May-201831-Aug-2018
510Rurality As...Transformation(Rust)Dr Prajna Paramita MishraSchool of Economics15-May-201816-Apr-2021
511Training Module For Capacity Building Functionaries In Tribal Areas And Tribal Welfare FunctionariesProf Bhallamudi SharmaDepartment of Anthropology05-May-201805-Jul-2018
512The International Conference On Radiation Research:Impact On Human And Environment(Icrr-Hhe2018)Prof. Geeta K VemugantiSchool of Medical Sciences02-May-201831-Mar-2018
513Propargyl Alcohols As Versatile Synthons For The Synthesis Of Priviliged Molecules Through Regioselective Cascade MethodsDr Srinivasarao YaragorlaSchool of Chemistry01-May-201824-Dec-2021
514Insa Senior ScientistProf. Sen K DSchool of Chemistry01-May-201830-Apr-2023
515Development....SpectroscopyProf. A.K. ChaudharyAdvanced Centre for Research in High Energy Material (ACRHEM)01-May-201830-Apr-2021
516India Ageing Study Pilot Intervention Programme Dr. Varalakshmi ManchanaSchool of Medical Sciences27-Apr-201830-Aug-2019
517Ncm-Differential Equations, CoordinatorProf. R. BalasubramanianSchool of Mathematics and Statistics18-Apr-201831-Jul-2018
518A Study on Machine learning algoritms in reuse of software assets(TARE-Fellowship to Dr. K.L.S Soujanya)Prof. Salman Abdul MoizTARE-School of Computer and Information Sciences05-Apr-201804-Apr-2021
519Interactions Of.... ThalianaProf. Abani K. BhuyanSchool of Chemistry02-Apr-201801-Oct-2020
520Rna-Seq..........TomatoDr. R.P. SharmaDepartment of Plant Sciences02-Apr-201801-Oct-2020
521Bacterial Sporulenes Acetophenoni Jc23tDr Ch.Venkata RamanaSchool of Life Sciences01-Apr-201830-Apr-2022
522Observation Of Manoparticles In Polluted Enviornment From Sub-5nm To Ccn-Active SizesDr. Vijay KanawadeCentre for Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences (CEOAS)01-Apr-201822-Mar-2022
523Characterization Of Epap-I........ Entry InhibitorsDr Kondapi Anand KumarSchool of Life Sciences28-Mar-201827-Mar-2022
524Burden Of Childhood... South IndiaDr. Varalakshmi ManchanaSchool of Medical Sciences28-Mar-201831-Mar-2020
525Nbhm Library Grant For The Financial Year 2017-18....Research SupportSchool of Mathematics and Statistics28-Mar-201827-Mar-2019
526Depression Analysis for Social Media Data Using HPC Cloud and Machine Learning .(TARE-Fellowship to Dr. P. Kanchanamala)Prof. Rajeev WankarTARE-School of Computer and Information Sciences28-Mar-201827-Mar-2021
527Development of Intelligent Models for Automatic Alert Generation in a Surveillance Systems for Smart City Environment using Deep Learning Algorithm(TARE Fellowship to Dr. B. Janakiramaiah)Prof. Siba K UdgataTARE- School of Computer and Information Sciences28-Mar-201827-Mar-2021
528Real Time Responsiveness Suspicious Human Activity Recognition From Video Analytics of Surveillance System Using HPV Cloud Platforms and Machine and deep learning Mechanisms.(TARE Fellowship to Dr. P. Chandra Sekhar Reddy)Prof. Rajeev WankarTARE- School of Computer and Information Sciences27-Mar-201826-Mar-2021
529Development of Intelligent Algorithms for Campus Navigation System(IACNS)(TARE Fellowship to Dr. Suvarna kumar Gogula)Prof. Siba K UdgataTARE-School of Computer and Information Sciences27-Mar-201826-Mar-2021
530Digitization of Topographic Maps using Deep Learning and GPUs(TARE Fellowship to Dr. S A Khatri)Prof. Rajeev WankarTARE-School of Computer and Information Sciences26-Mar-201825-Dec-2018
531Phenotypic and Metabolic Characterization of Seedlings of cop l and spa3like alleles in Tomato(TARE Fellowship to Dr. Ch. Chaitanya)Prof. R.P SharmaTARE-Department of Plant Sciences22-Mar-201821-Mar-2021
532Cross Talk......Chemical ChaperonesDr. Kolluru V A RamaiahDepartment of Biochemistry20-Mar-201821-Sep-2021
533Functional Investigation Of Plasmodium Berghei Nicotinamidase (Pbanka_121800 By Reverse Genetics Approach - Implications For Developing Malaria Transmission)Dr. Kumar,K.A.,University of Hyderabad20-Mar-201819-Mar-2021
534Video Classification and Captioning based on Deep Learning Models(TARE Fellowship to Dr. Tilottama Goswami)Prof. Arun AgarwalTARE-School of Computer and Information Sciences20-Mar-201819-Mar-2021
535Involvement Of Fmrp And Arc During Traumatic Brain Injury Induced Alzheimers Disease"Dr Akash GautamCentre for Neural and Cognitive Sciences (CNCS)19-Mar-201818-Mar-2021
536Design And Development Of Highly Efficient Perovskite Solar Cells By Engineereing The Non-Conventional Novel Hole Transporting InterlayersDr. Murali BanavothSchool of Chemistry17-Mar-201816-Sep-2021
537Design Synthesis And Insilico/Invitro Studies Of Cladosporin Derivatives As Potent Antimalarial AgentsDr. Srinivasarao YaragorlaSchool of Chemistry07-Mar-201806-Mar-2021
538Five Day Workshop On Structural Equation Modeling Testing Mediation And Moderation ModelsDr. P. MuruganSchool of Management Studies07-Mar-201806-Jul-2018
539Single Crystal Perovskites: Telescoping Synthesis And Its Goldilocks For High Efficiency Solar CellsDr. Murali BanavothSchool of Chemistry05-Mar-201804-Sep-2021
540Contact Map Analysis for Proteins Involved in Diseases(TARE Fellowship to Dr. K. Suvarna Vani)Dr. S. Durga BhavaniTARE-School of Computer and Information Sciences26-Feb-201825-Dec-2021
541Agrarian Relations In Post Reforms IndiaHemant Khachi, Research Scholar,School of Economics21-Feb-201830-Apr-2018
542Integrating Talent Development Into Innovation Ecosystems In Higher EducationDr J.Prabhakara RaoSchool of Humanities14-Feb-201814-Oct-2021
543Two Day Workshop On Academic Writing For 40 Sc/St Researcg ScholarsDr. Anurekha Chari WaghDepartment of Sociology12-Feb-201831-Mar-2018
544Introduction To Systematic Reviews And Meta-AnalysisProf. B.R. ShamannaSchool of Medical Sciences01-Feb-201831-Jul-2018
545UGC-BSR Research Start-Up Grant Dr. Vijaya Sankara Rao PasupureddiSchool of Physics24-Jan-201823-Jan-2021
546Third National Training Workshop On Tilling And Genome Editing In Crop PlantsProf. Prof. Rp. SharmaSchool of Life Sciences22-Jan-201830-Apr-2018
547Financial Assistance For Organizing 6th International Conference On Molecular Signalling (Icms 2018) During 08-10 February, 2018 At The University Of Hyderabad.Prof. Senthilkumaran BSchool of Life Sciences16-Jan-201831-Mar-2018
548"Family Support....Life"Dr Varalakshmi ManchanaSchool of Medical Sciences15-Jan-201815-Jan-2020
549DST Setdb1 On And Hemotopoietc Tumors: Target Genes And Their RegulationDr. Indira PaddibhatlaSchool of Life Sciences09-Jan-201808-Jan-2021
550Regulation Of C4 Pepc Site Directed Mutagenesis Of Amaranthus And Maize EnzymesDr. Bindu Prasuna AloorUniversity of Hyderabad06-Jan-201805-Jan-2021
551"To Study The Persistent Cognitive Deficits During Experimental Cerebral Malaria And Possible Recovery Using Apocynin And Citocholone As Adjunct Therapy"Prof. Phanithi Prakash BabuSchool of Life Sciences02-Jan-201831-Jan-2021
552National Seminar On "State,Society And Disability Law In India: Challenges For Right-Based Approach"Dr. Neredimalli AnnavaramSchool of Social Sciences01-Jan-201830-Apr-2018
553Icm 2010 Fund To Prof. S. Kumaresan For Mentoring Students At School Of Mathematics & StatisticsProf. Kumaresan SSchool of Mathematics and Statistics01-Jan-201831-May-2018
554"Regulation Of C4 Pepc Site Directed Mutagenesis Of Amaranthus And Maize Enzymes"Dr. Bindu Prasuna AloorSchool of Life Sciences01-Jan-201831-Dec-2020
555State Society And Disability Law In India:Challenges For Right-Based ApproachProf. Anil Kumar AnejaDepartment of Sociology01-Jan-201830-Apr-2018
556Integrated Biotechnological Approach Towards Improvement Of Quality And Productivity Of Tropical Tasar SilkDr B.SenthilkumaranSchool of Life Sciences28-Dec-201710-Aug-2021
557UGC-BSR Research Start-Up-GrantDr. Dr.Murali BanavothSchool of Chemistry26-Dec-201725-Dec-2019
558Grant For Newly Recruited Faculty At Assistant Professors Level Of Science Schools/DepartmentsDr. Dr.Jovan Jose K.V.School of Chemistry22-Dec-201721-Dec-2019
559"Synthesis Of Heterocycles And Carbocycles Via Gold Catalyzed Organictransformations"Dr. Manojkumar JanniSchool of Chemistry09-Dec-201709-Nov-2019
560"Evaluation Of Catalytic, Dna Interactions, Biological Activity And Molecular Docking Studies Of Cu(Ii), Co(Ii), Ni(Ii) And Ru(Ii) Nano-Sized Metal Complexes Of Schiff Bases"Dr. Marri Pradeep KumarSchool of Chemistry07-Dec-201707-Nov-2019
561Gian Course - ProgrammeProf. Prabhakara Rao JSchool of Humanities21-Nov-201731-Mar-2018
562174030n01: Values, Ideas And Party SystemsDr. K.K. KailashSchool of Social Sciences20-Nov-201730-Dec-2017
563Iit-Gian-Values Ideas And Party SystemsLatha K.V Ph.D Research ScholarDepartment of Political Science20-Nov-201730-Dec-2017
564Understanding The Funcional Role Of Ser/ Thr-Phophate Phipp In Inflamattin/ Stress Induced InsuDr P.Prakash BabuSchool of Life Sciences16-Nov-201715-Nov-2020
565Photosynthesis... Sustainability-2017Prof. Rajagopal Subramanyam Department of Plant Sciences08-Nov-201713-Dec-2017
566Neem-Seed Based Nanocapsules And Nanomedicine For Targeted Drug Delivery And Cancer TherapyProf. Pradip PaikSchool of Engineering Sciences and Technology05-Nov-201705-Oct-2020
567Effect Of Ionic Liquids On Different Phases Of Protein Fibril FormationDr. N Prakash PrabhuDepartment of Biotechnology & Bioinformatics03-Nov-201702-Nov-2020
568Dimensionality Reduction For Large Data Sets-Study And Matlab Implementation Of Quilt PcaDr. China Venkaiah .School of Life Sciences01-Nov-201701-Oct-2018
569Serve As Technical Consultant To M/S. Medha Servo Drives Pvt. Ltd,Dr. C. Raghavendra RaoSchool of Computer and Information Sciences31-Oct-201731-Mar-2019
570Regulation Of Prion Formation In VivoDr. Parul MishraSchool of Life Sciences18-Oct-201717-Oct-2018
571Discovery Of Novel Protocols For The Stereoselective Synthesis Of Acetogenins And AnalogsDr. P. Ramu Sridhar,School of Chemistry05-Oct-201731-Mar-2021
572Gian Course (174030h06) Workshop On "Glycoconjugates: Role In Biology And Biomedical Relevance" Sanction Of FundProf. N. Siva KumarDepartment of Biochemistry05-Oct-201731-Dec-2017
573Ten Days Research Methodology Course For Phd Students In Social SciencesDr. Nagaraju GSchool of Social Sciences02-Oct-201702-Sep-2018
574Documentation Of Successful Case Studies On Panchayati Raj Institutions(Pris)Prof. Satyapriya RoutDepartment of Sociology01-Oct-201731-Jul-2018
575Total Synthesis Of Natural Hybrid Natural And Hybrid Natural Products For Health & SustainabilityDr. Dr. Srinivasarao YaragorlaSchool of Chemistry29-Sep-201731-Jan-2018
576Implementation Of Indo-Japan Project Entitled: "Comprehensive Omics Studies On A Versatile Sphingomonad Strain To Establish Theoretical Basis For In Situ Bioremediation Of Recalcitrant Environmental Pollutants"Prof. Dayananda SiddavattamSchool of Life Sciences28-Sep-201727-Sep-2019
577Comprehensive Omics Studies On A Versatile Sphingomonad Strain To Establish Theoretical Basis For In Situ Bioremediation Of Recalcitrant Environmental PollutantsProf. Dayananda SiddavattamDepartment of Animal Biology28-Sep-201727-Sep-2019
578Financial Assistance To Dr.Brahmanandam Manavati, Associate Professor, Dept. Of Biochemistry, For Participating In The 2nd International Conference On Cancer Research And Targeted Therapy, To Be Held From 26-28 October, 2017, At Miami, UsaDr. Bramanandam ManavathiSchool of Life Sciences15-Sep-201731-Jan-2018
579Financial Sanction For Organizing 4th Annual Conference Of The Association For Cognitive Science Society During October 5-7, 2017 At The University Of HyderabadDr. Ramesh Kumar MishraSchool of Medical Sciences14-Sep-201731-Oct-2017
580Special Lectures In Chronobiology Held On 18.09.2017 In Department Of Animal BiologyDr. Anita JagotaSchool of Life Sciences14-Sep-201731-Mar-2018
581Application Of Ion Beams To Study And Engineer The Resistive Switching Properties Of Transition Metal OxidesDr S.V.S.Nageswara RaoSchool of Physics12-Sep-201715-Dec-2023
582Metal Catalyzed/Metal Free Coupling/ C-H Activation Reactions: Total Synthesis Of Quinoline Quinolone, Carbazole Isoquinoline Based Alkaloids And Their Derivatives-Their Evaluation As Potent Anti-Malarial Agents In - Vitroand In VivoProf. Nagarajan Rajagopal,School Of Chemistry12-Sep-201711-Sep-2020
583Synthesis Of Heterocycle And Carbocycles Via Gold Catalyzed Organic Transformation SahooSchool Of Chemistry12-Sep-201711-Sep-2019
584A G-C3n4 Based Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Nano-Assemblies : Tuning Electronic And Optical PropertiesDr. Sachin Ghanshyam GhugalSchool of Chemistry10-Sep-201710-Aug-2019
585Hypoxia Mediated Epithelial - Mesenchymal Transition & Altered Permeability Of Podocytes : A Novel Role Of Hif1 Alpha And Its Implications In High Altitude ProteinuriaDr. P. Anil KumarSchool of Life Sciences23-Aug-201722-Aug-2020
586Isn: Category 1b: Research Supplies For Use In The Applicant's Home LaboratoryDr. Akash GautamSchool of Medical Sciences18-Aug-201717-Jul-2018
587A Combined Approach Of Metabolomic, Proteomic, Transcriptomic And Organization Of Photosynthetic Apparatus From Chlamydomonas Reinhardtii Under Various Intensities With Different Growth ConditionsDr S.RajagopalSchool of Life Sciences14-Aug-201725-Jan-2021
588"Identification Of Quorum Sensing Regulators In Mycobacterium Tuberculosis"Dr. Krishnaveni MishraSchool of Life Sciences10-Aug-201709-Aug-2020
589Award Of DST Inspire FacultyDr. Vengala Rao YenugantiSchool of Life Sciences10-Aug-201709-Aug-2023
590UGC-BSR Mid Career AwardProf. Joginadha Swamy MSchool of Chemistry03-Aug-201703-Jul-2019
591Bio-Prospecting For Antiosteoporotic Collagenpeptides Derived From Fish BonesProf. B.SenthilkumaranDepartment of Animal Biology01-Aug-201731-Jul-2020
592"Transition-Metal Free, Lewis Acid Catalyzed Cascade/Tandem Reactions Of Propargylic Alcohols With Nucleophiles Towards The Synthesis Of Oxygen/ Nitrogen/Sulfur-Fused Heterocycles"Dr. Selvaraj KaruppuSchool of Chemistry31-Jul-201730-Jul-2019
593Tranistion-Metal Free Lewis Acid Catalyzed Cascade/Tandem Reactions Of Propargylic Alcohols With Nucleophiles Towards The Synthesis Of Oxygen/Nitrogen/Sulfur-Fused HeterocyclesProf. K. C. Kumara SwamySchool of Chemistry31-Jul-201730-Jul-2019
594Aicte, Two Week Faculty Development Programme On Research Methodology For Management Teachers Using Ms. Excel Spass And R ProgrammingProf. B. Raja ShekharSchool of Management Studies25-Jul-201731-Mar-2018
595Development Of An Ultrasoft Chemical Mechnaical Planarization(Uscmp) Technology For Single Crystal Cdzte/Hgcdte(Czt/Mct) Polishing For Ir SensorProf Dibakar DasSchool of Engineering Sciences and Technology19-Jul-201731-Mar-2019
596Role Of Amp-Activated Protein Kinase In Experimental Cerebral Malaria And Possible Role Of Minocycline As An Adjunctive TherapyProf. Phanithi Prakash BabuSchool of Life Sciences18-Jul-201717-Jul-2020
597Manipulation Of Cold Atoms On A Towards Application In Atomic GyroscopeDr Ashoka S VudayagiriSchool of Physics16-Jul-201730-Nov-2021
598Ssb Special HonorariumDr Kolluru Sree KrishnaSchool of Physics07-Jul-201731-Oct-2023
599"Designing Integrated Education Model For Heis In India: An Action-Outcome Study Of Uoh" 2017-2020Prof. Prabhakara Rao JSchool of Humanities30-Jun-201730-May-2020
600Rachem PharmaProf. Geeta K VemugantiSchool of Medical Sciences27-Jun-201726-Sep-2017
601Analysis Of Role Of Dengue Virus Ns 2b-Ns3 Protease In ThrombocytopeniaDr M.VenkataramanaSchool of Life Sciences23-Jun-201722-Jun-2021
602Role Of Kisspeptin (Kp) In Mitochondrial Biogenesis And Mitophagy Therapeutic Effects Of Kp In Aging BrainDr. Ushodaya MattamSchool of Life Sciences19-Jun-201712-Jan-2022
603Application Of Novel Cis-Bimetallic Palladium (Ii) Complex Of Dinaphthoporphycene At Catalyst In Cyanation Of Aryl Halides And Allylic Substitution ReactionsDr Manasi DalaiSchool of Chemistry16-Jun-201731-Mar-2021
604"Rajaramanna Fellowship Scheme" (Track - 1)Prof. Narayana Rao DesaiSchool of Physics14-Jun-201713-Jun-2018
605Dae - Brns - Synthesis Of Pi-Extended Subchlorins: Potential Photosensitizers For Photodynamic Therapy (Pdt)Dr. Pradeepta Kumar PandaSchool of Chemistry06-Jun-201705-May-2020
606ConsultancyDr. Akhila Kumar SahooSchool of Chemistry23-May-201722-Aug-2017
607Systems Biology And Computational Drug Discovery For Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Active InfectionDr. Seema MishraSchool of Life Sciences16-May-201715-May-2020
608Ideation "High Speed On-Chip Mimi Interconnect"Dr. Vijaya Sankara Rao PasupureddiSchool of Physics15-May-201715-Apr-2020
609Organization Of 13th Pac Meeting On Biochemistry, Biophysics And Molecular Biology And Microbiology During 20th To 22nd October, 2017 - Professor S. Dayananda, Department. Of Animal Biology, University Of HyderabadProf. Dayananda SiddavattamSchool of Life Sciences10-May-201731-Dec-2017
610Earsmus (Oculus Plus)Prof. Geeta K VemugantiSchool of Medical Sciences07-May-201707-Apr-2019
611Award Of DST Inspire FacultyPallabi MitraSchool of Life Sciences01-May-201730-Apr-2023
61212r-Lipoxygenase As A Target For Development Of Drugs Against PsoriasisReddanna PSchool of Life Sciences01-May-201731-Jul-2023
613Consultancy Services At Ministry Of Health, Govt. Of MyanmarProf. B.R. ShamannaSchool of Medical Sciences24-Apr-201723-Apr-2018
614Chick Embryo In Vivo Xenograft Model For Ocular Cancer Studies. UGC-UKIERIProf. Geeta K VemugantiSchool of Medical Sciences08-Apr-201708-Mar-2020
615Computational Study On Nitrogen Rich Heterocycles As High Energetic MaterialDr. Satyendra GuptaSchool of Chemistry 07-Apr-201708-Apr-2019
616Award Of DST Inspire FacultyDr. Mohammad IsmaielCentre for Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences (CEOAS)06-Apr-201705-Apr-2022
617"Simulating The Indian Summer Monsoon Climate Variability And Its Teleconnections During The Holocene"Dr Karumuri AshokSchool of Physics01-Apr-201723-Jun-2021
618Financial Assistance For Organizing Gian Program Entitled: "Basics And Therapeutic Applications Of Pluripotent Stem Cells"Dr. Ravi Kumar G .School of Life Sciences31-Mar-201727-Jul-2017
619Financial Assistance For Organizing 13th Meeting Of The Pac On Animal SciencesDr. Suresh Yenugu .School of Life Sciences30-Mar-201729-Jun-2017
620Issues In North East India: Contemporary DebatesProf AjailiuNiumaiCentre for the Study of Social Exclusion and Inclusion Policy (CSSEIP)30-Mar-201731-Jul-2019
621"Structural Characterization And Epitope Mapping Of Multi- Domain Host Interacting Outer Membrane Proteins From Leptospira"Dr. Mohd. AkifSchool of Life Sciences28-Mar-201727-Mar-2020
622"Understanding The Role Of Hupb Of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis As An Adhesion Molecule : Implications In Extrapulmonary Tuberculosis"Prof. Manjula Sritharan .School of Life Sciences24-Mar-201723-Mar-2020
623"Membrane Associated Organophosphate (Oph) Hydrolase Complex In Sphingobium Fuliginis: Determination Of Inter Subunit Interactions And Elucidation Of Its Role In Acquisition Of Phosphate Or Iron"Prof. Dayananda SiddavattamSchool of Life Sciences22-Mar-201721-Mar-2020
624Membrane Associated Organophosphate (Oph) Hydrolase Complex In Sphingobium Fuliginis: Determination Of Inter Subunit Interactions And Elucidation Of Its Role In Acquisition Of Phosphate Or IronProf. Dayananda SiddavattamDepartment of Animal Biology22-Mar-201721-Mar-2020
625Investigation Into The Role Of Human Sperm Associated Antigen Ii (Spagii) Gene In Cancer Initiation And Progression: Potential Candidate As A Molecular Marker For The Detection Of CancerProf. Suresh YenuguDepartment of Animal Biology17-Mar-201716-Jun-2020
626Restoration Of Myelination In Leprosy By Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells(Mscs)-In Vitro And Ex-Vivo EvaluationProf. Geeta K VemugantiSchool of Medical Sciences15-Mar-201714-Feb-2019
627Understanding New Aerosol Particle Formation In The Atmosphere: Observations Modeling And ComparisonsDr Vijay KanawadeCentre for Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences (CEOAS)14-Mar-201713-Mar-2020
628Ugc-Bsr Mid Career AwardProf. Anunay SamantaSchool of Chemistry08-Mar-201731-Mar-2019
629Construction Of Novel N-Containing Heterocycles Via C-H Bond ActivationDr. Rajnikanth SunkeSchool of Chemistry04-Mar-201704-Feb-2019
630Nonliner Organic Metasurfaces Self Assembled Molecular Nano-Micro-StructureProf. Rajadurai ChandrasekarSchool of Chemistry01-Mar-201729-Feb-2020
631National Seminar On Politics Of Inclusion: Empowering Minorities In IndiaDr. Chandrashekara Rao BSchool of Social Sciences08-Feb-201711-Jan-2017
632Incremental Fuzzy Rough Set Features Selection Based Clinical Diagnosis Classifier Assistant SystemDr. Sai Prasad P S V SSchool of Computer and Information Sciences08-Feb-201731-Jul-2020
633Award Of DST Inspire FacultyDr. Ravi Kumar PujalaSchool of Physics08-Feb-201708-Jan-2022
634Targeted Gencome Editing For Regulating Tomato Fruit Ripening"Prof.Rameshwar PrasadSchool of Life Sciences08-Feb-201731-Mar-2022
635Central Financial Assistance (Cfa) For Organizing Three Days International Conference On "Changing Paradigms In Marketing Of Services With Special Reference To Tourism And Hospitality Management"Prof. Venkata Ramana VSchool of Management Studies01-Feb-201731-Jul-2017
636Epigenetic Mechanisms In Embryonic Stem Cells Pluripotency And DifferentiationDr Sreenivasulu KurukutiSchool of Life Sciences01-Feb-201731-Jan-2020
637From Limitation To Toxicity: A Study In Transition Metal Interactions In Photosynthetic OrganismsProf. Rajagopal Subramanyam Department of Plant Sciences01-Feb-201731-Jan-2020
638Employment And Employability Of Higher Education Graduates In IndiaDr. D.V. Srinivas KumarSchool of Management Studies25-Jan-201725-Nov-2018
639Functionalization Of Ynamides Via Metal Carbenoids And C-C Bond Activation Synthesis Of Novel Carbo-And Heterocycle ManifoldsDr. Rajeshwer VSchool of Chemistry19-Jan-201718-Jan-2019
640Integrated Low Cost Water Sensor For Real Time River Water Monitoring And Decision MakingProf. Siba Kumar UdgataCentre for Modeling, Simulation and Design (CMSD)12-Jan-201731-Dec-2022
641"Establishment Of University Of Hyderabad (Uoh)-Bioincubators Nurturing Entrepreneurship For Scaling Technologies (Bionest)-[Uob-Bionest]"Prof. P. ReddannaSchool of Life Sciences11-Jan-201731-Oct-2022
642Enzyme Engineering For Efficient Synthesis Of Diastereoselective Henry ProductsDr. Santosh Kumar PadhiDepartment of Biochemistry11-Jan-201710-Jan-2020
643"Design, Synthesis And Characterization Of Magnetic Nanoparticles (Mnp) - Supported Chiral, Bifunctional Squaramide/Thiosquaramide Organocatalysts And Subsequent Exploration Of Their Catalytic Activity In Asymmetric Reactions For The Synthesis Of Biologically Active Compounds"Dr. Suresh Kumar AdaveniSchool of Chemistry09-Jan-201731-Aug-2019
644Development Of A Point-Of-Care Diagnostic Test For TuberculosisDr. Sweena ChaudhariSchool of Life Sciences09-Jan-201731-Aug-2020
645Engineering Photosynthesis In Mulberry For Resilience To Climate Change: A C4 ApproachProf. Raghavendra A.SSchool of Life Sciences08-Jan-201731-Jul-2018
646National Post-Doctoral Fellowship To Dr.V.V.Ramaprasad Eedara, Department Of Plant SciencesDr. V. V. Ramaprasad EedaraSchool of Life Sciences06-Jan-201731-May-2019
647Organization Of 9th Pac Meeting On Biochemistry, Biophysics And Molecular Biology And Microbiology During 22nd To 24th May, 2017. Professor Naresh Babu V.Sepuri, CoordinatorDr. Naresh Babu V SepuriSchool of Life Sciences05-Jan-201731-Jul-2017
648Understanding The Role Of Aminopeptidases In Leishmaniasis Through Structural And Functional StudiesDr. Insaf Ahmed QureshiSchool of Life Sciences05-Jan-201731-Mar-2018
649Role Of Non-Coding Small Rnas (Srna) In Regulation Of Carbon Catabolic Pathways In E. Coil: Investigations Into Regulation Of Srna, Seco 10054a Expression And Its Interaction With Lipoamide Dehydrogenase (Lpd) MrnaProf. Dayananda SiddavattamSchool of Life Sciences05-Jan-201731-Mar-2018
650Design, Synthesis And Evaluating The Potential Of Male Reproductive Tract Specific Antimicrobial Peptides To Limit Uropathogenic E.Coil Infection And Boost Innate Immune ResponsesDr. Suresh YenuguSchool of Life Sciences05-Jan-201731-Mar-2018
651"Evaluating The Effect Of Biosynthesized Silver Nano Particles On Expression Of Nfkb And Cox2 In Colon Rectal Cancer"Dr. T. Sree LathaSchool of Life Sciences05-Jan-201730-Apr-2019
6522r-Lipoxygenase As A Target For Development Of Drugs Against PsoriasisProf. P. ReddannaSchool of Life Sciences05-Jan-201730-Apr-2020
653Discovery Of Missing Components Of Gene Regulatory Network Underlying C4 Pathway/AnatomyDr.VivekSchool of Life Sciences05-Jan-201704-Jul-2022
654UGC-FRP-STARTUP GRANT: UGC Faculty Recharge Programme Start-Up Grant.Dr. Vijay Punjaji KanawadeSchool of Physics04-Jan-201731-Mar-2019
655Archiving Tribals: A Study Of History And Culture Of Chenchus And Kolams In Telengana StateDr. Bheemaiah JSchool of Humanities04-Jan-201731-Mar-2019
656Genetic And Metabolic Engineering Of Synechocystis For Efficient Production Of Anti-Proliferative And Uv-A Absorbing Secondary Metabolite, ScytoneineDr. Prakash J.S.S .School of Life Sciences04-Jan-201731-Mar-2020
657Developing Psdvb Mono-Disperse Spherical ParticlesDr. Tushar JanaSchool of Chemistry03-Jan-201731-Aug-2017
658Evaluation Of Cytotoxic,Apoptotic,Anti-Inflammatory And Anti-Asthmatic Potential Of ProbioticsProf. P. ReddannaSchool of Life Sciences03-Jan-201731-Aug-2017
659Identification Of Candidate Leptospiral Antigens And Host-Spepcific Biomarkers For The Diagnosis And Management Of LeptospirosisProf. Manjula Sritharan .School of Life Sciences03-Jan-201723-Feb-2020
660Chemiluminescent Molecular Switches: Insights Into Their Structure-Property Correlations And Diverse External Stimuli Responsive CharacteristicsDr. Pagidi SudhakarSchool of Chemistry02-Jan-201731-Jan-2019
661"Evaluation Of The Potential Of Sirna Loaded Loctoferrin Nanoparticles For The Treatment Of Prostate And Testicular Cancer"Dr. Suresh Yenugu .School of Life Sciences02-Jan-201731-Jan-2020
662Redox Constraints Regulate PhotorespirationProf. Raghavendra A.SSchool of Life Sciences02-Jan-201731-Jan-2020
663Ugc-Moocs (Swayam)Prof. Ramabrahmam IvaturiSchool of Social Sciences01-Jan-201731-Mar-2017
664Unesco Activities Contract For 2017-18Prof. Vinod Pavarala .S.N. School of Arts and Communication01-Jan-201715-Dec-2018
665Award Of DST Inspire FacultyDr. Jogi MadhuprakashSchool of Life Sciences29-Dec-201610-Nov-2022
666Centre For Excellence In Biomolecular Structure And Function On Host -Pathogens InteractionsDr Sharmistha BanerjeeSchool of Life Sciences28-Dec-201627-Jun-2023
667Development Of Cmp Technology For Single Crystal SicDr. Dibakar Das .School of Engineering Sciences and Technology09-Dec-201609-Nov-2019
668Advance Centre Of Research In High Energy Materials ACRHEM Phase-IIIDirectorAdvanced Centre for Research in High Energy Material (ACRHEM)01-Dec-201630-Jun-2023
669Isolation And Taxonomic Characterization Of Drug Resistance Bacteria From The Effluent And Soil Samples Collected From The Bulk Drug Manufacturing Units Located In HyderabadProf. Dayananda SiddavattamSchool of Life Sciences24-Nov-201623-Nov-2017
670"Development Of Far Red Near Infra Red (Nir) Emitting Fluorophores: As Potential Dyes For Early Cancer Detection"Dr. Rahul SomanSchool of Chemistry07-Nov-201607-Oct-2018
671Implementation Of Indo-Japanese Joint Research Project Entitled: "Near Ir Spectroscopy Of Singlet Oxygen As A Probe For Dynamic Heterogeneity Of Ionic Liquids"Prof. Anunay SamantaSchool of Chemistry07-Nov-201607-Oct-2018
672"Prevention Of Epithelial Mesenchymal Transition Of Podocytes By Inhibition Of Natural Antisense Transcript For Zeb2: Implications For Prevention Of Diabetic Nephropathy"Dr. P. Anil KumarSchool of Life Sciences07-Nov-201607-Oct-2019
673"Photonic Crystal Fibers For Generation And Manipulation Of Beams Carrying Orbital Angular Momentum And Vector Beams"Dr. Rakhi BhattacharyaSchool of Physics06-Oct-201606-Sep-2019
674"Design And Development Of New Asymmetric Organocatalytic Activation Concepts For The Ring Opening Of Donor-Acceptor Cyclopropanes (Dac's) And Subsequent Exploration Of Their Applications In Cycloaddition Reactions"Dr. Swamy PerakaSchool of Chemistry02-Oct-201602-Sep-2018
675"Elucidating The Network Of Mirnas Targets' And Their Significance In The Murine Neuronal Cells Development Differentiation"Dr. Vanita UppadaSchool of Life Sciences23-Sep-201622-Sep-2019
676Evaluation Of Novel Formulations For The Study 'Pharmacokinetic Evaluation Of Formulation'Prof. Anand K KondapiSchool of Life Sciences17-Sep-201616-Sep-2017
677Exploring Material Properties Through Computer SimulationsDr. Atahar ParveenAdvanced Centre for Research in High Energy Material (ACRHEM)17-Sep-201616-Sep-2019
678Classical Text Reading I: Indian TraditionsProf. J.S.R. Anjaneya PrasadSchool of Humanities15-Sep-201631-Dec-2018
679Functional Characterization Of Tuzin Gene (Ldbpk_080750) In Leishmania Donovani And Evaluation Of Its Diagnostic Potential For Detection Of Active Visceral LeishmaniasisDr. Radhaeshyam MauryaDepartment of Animal Biology14-Sep-201629-Feb-2020
680International Workshop On Communication For Development(C4d)Prof. Vasuki Belavadi .S.N. School of Arts and Communication02-Sep-201631-Dec-2016
681DST Inspire Faculty Project: "Characterization Of The Role Of Transglycosylases In Vancomycin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus"Dr. Vasundhra BhandariSchool of Life Sciences02-Sep-201605-Aug-2017
682Role Of Abra (Actin Binding Rho Activating Protein) In Import Of Cytosolic Trna Into Mammalian MitochondriaDr. Naresh Babu V SepuriSchool of Life Sciences29-Aug-201628-Aug-2019
683Addition Of Csp3-H Bonds To Olefins For The Synthesis Of Biologically Active CompoundsMr. Tirumaleswararao GSchool of Chemistry23-Aug-201622-Aug-2018
684"Tunable Liquid Crystal Optical Microresonators"Dr. Surajit Dhara .School of Physics23-Aug-201622-Aug-2019
685"Development Of Parallel Algorithms For Multi-Canonical Monte Carlo Technique: Application To Liquid Crystal Models"Dr. Kamala Latha BandaSchool of Physics19-Aug-201618-Aug-2019
686Development Of Parallel Algorithms For Multi-Canonical Monte Carlo Technique: Application To Liquid Crystal ModelsDr Kamala Latha BandaSchool of Physics19-Aug-201618-Aug-2019
687Carbenoids As Coupling Partners For The Synthesis Of ;Lnovel Carbo/Heterocycles By C-C Coupling And/Or C-H ActivationDr. Anugula NagarajuSchool of Chemistry02-Aug-201602-Jul-2018
688Electric Fied Controlled Of Magnetism In La1-Xsrxmn03bati03 Hetero StructuresDr Venkataiah GorigeSchool of Physics01-Aug-201631-Jul-2019
689Investigation Of Thermal And Higher frequency Relic Gravitation Waves In Expanding UniverseNl. N.Malsawmtluangi (Prof. PK Sresh)School of Physics01-Aug-201631-Jul-2020
690Studies On Aspects Of Kappa Deformed Space TimeDr. Harikumar ESchool of Physics29-Jul-201617-Oct-2020
691Understanding The Role Of Rev-Staufen Interactions In Regulating Hiv-1 Propagatio By Altering Cytoplasmic Mrna-Silencing Foci And Nuclear Membrane ArchitectureDr. Sharmistha Banerjee .School of Life Sciences18-Jul-201617-Jul-2019
692Tunable Liquid Crystal Optical MicroresonatorsProf. Surajit DharaSchool of Physics18-Jul-201617-Oct-2019
693Research Awardee..Dr. Ganganmale Pramod AkaramSchool of Humanities15-Jul-201614-Jul-2018
694Development Of Solid Polymer Electrolyte For Lithium Ion BatteryProf. Krishnamurthi MuralidharanSchool of Chemistry15-Jul-201614-Jul-2018
695India-Uk Nitrogen Fixation Centre (Iunfc)Prof. Appa Rao Podile .School of Life Sciences14-Jul-201613-Jul-2019
696Study Of Ultracold Plasma Under Strongly Correcated RegimeDr. Ashok VudayagiriSchool of Physics11-Jul-201610-Jul-2019
697UGC-BSR Research Start-Up-GrantDr. Jayeeta LahiriSchool of Physics09-Jul-201609-Jul-2018
698FIST: Financial Assistance To The Department Of Animal Biology, School Of Life Sciences, University Of Hyderabad,Prof. Head, Dept. Of Animal BiologySchool of Life Sciences09-Jul-201609-Jun-2021
699"Novel Nonlytic Acinetobacter Phage Abds1: Elucidation Of Mchanism Of Infection And Manipulation Of Its Genome To Deliver Antibacterial Peptides Into Multi Drug Resistant Acinetobacter Baumannii Strains"Ms. Harshita Nagasai YakkalaSchool of Life Sciences07-Jul-201607-Jun-2019
700Dr.Kallam Anji Reddy Chair Professor In Chemical SciencesProf. Goverdhan MehtaSchool of Chemistry01-Jul-201631-Mar-2022
701Effect Of Molecular Crowding On The Kinetics And Mechanism Of Protein Fibrillation Studies Under Isostable And Isoviscous Cnditions Studies Under Isostable And Isoviscous ConditionsDr. N. Prakash PrabhuSchool of Life Sciences01-Jul-201630-Nov-2019
702Role Of Histone Deacetylases, Hdacs In Maintenance Of Inactive X- Chromosome (Xi)Dr. Arunasree M KalleDepartment of Animal Biology01-Jul-201631-Dec-2019
703Spherical Screened Coulomb Potentials: A Density Point Of ViewProf. K.D SenSchool of Chemistry01-Jul-201630-Jun-2019
704Studied On Molecular Crosstalk Between Endoplasmic Reticulum And Mitochondria In Brain Damage After StrokeDr. Venkata Prasuja NakkaDepartment of Biochemistry01-Jul-201630-Jun-2019
705Core GrantProf. Prof. R. P. SharmaSchool of Life Sciences28-Jun-201627-Jun-2021
706Manipulation Of Lighty Signalling Components For Improvement Of Tomato Fruit QualityDr. Dr. Y. SreelakshmiSchool of Life Sciences28-Jun-201631-Mar-2022
707Genome Wide Identification Of Mutations In Tomato By Exome SequencingDr. Rameshwar PrasadSchool of Life Sciences28-Jun-201627-Dec-2021
708Federal Assistance AwardProf. Vasuki Belavadi .S.N. School of Arts and Communication24-Jun-201631-Mar-2018
709Identification And Functional Characterization Of Proteins From Mychbacterium Tuberculosis Targeting Host-Cell Mitochondria And Studying Their Role In PathogenesisProf. Sharmistha BanerjeeDepartment of Biochemistry17-Jun-201616-Dec-2019
710NpdfDr. Venkanna BhanothuSchool of Life Sciences07-Jun-201607-May-2017
711Use Of Pluripotent Human Embryonic Stem Cells As An In Vitro Model For The Study Of Neuronal SenescenceDr. Venkanna BhanothuSchool of Life Sciences07-Jun-201607-May-2018
712"Encapsulation Of A Novel Therapeutic Drugs With Human Serum Albumin Conjugated Nano Particles Targeting To Hepatocellular Carcinoma : A Potential Mode Of Drug Delivery"Dr. Dr. Veerababu NagatiSchool of Life Sciences07-Jun-201607-May-2018
713Ion Beam Studies Of Hf Based High-K Dielectric Materials For Metal Oxide Semiconductor Device ApplicationsDr. S.V.S.Nageswara RaoSchool of Physics05-Jun-201604-May-2018
714DST-Swarna Jayanti Fellowship/ Project: Directed Self Assembly And Colloidal Superstrucres In Liquid Crystals Stabilised By Topological DefectsProf. Surajit DharaSchool of Physics01-Jun-201631-May-2021
715Strong Nir Absorbing Bodipy Incorporated Ru And Porphyrin Dyes For Design Of Efficient Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells(Dscs)Prof. Pradeepta K PandaSchool of Chemistry01-Jun-201630-Nov-2019
716A Study On The Role Of Microparticles Generated During Pathogenic And Non-Pathogenic Mycobacterial Infections In Vitro"Dr. Madhumita PandaSchool of Life Sciences23-May-201622-May-2018
717Ethnographic Survey Of Kaithi Lambadas Or Otherwise Known As Mathuras/Valmiki Boyas Or BoyasProf. Sudhakar Rao NSchool of Social Sciences15-May-201614-Nov-2016
718A Study On The Management Of Kasturibha Gandhi Balika Vidyalayas(Kgbvs)In Andhra Pradesh:A Role Of Special Officers In The Districts Of Srikakulam,Prakasam And AnantapuramProf. Sharma B VSchool of Social Sciences15-May-201630-Apr-2017
719"Stimuli-Responsive Polymeric Materials For Tissue Engineering And Drug Delivery Applications"Dr. Venkanna AzmeeraSchool of Chemistry07-May-201607-Apr-2018
720Contract For Services - Contract No.4500299400Prof. Vinod Pavarala .S.N. School of Arts and Communication04-May-201631-Dec-2016
721Scanning Tunneling Microscopy And Scanning Tunneling Spectroscopy Investigation Of Spin Cross Over Fe(Ii) Coordination PolymersProf Rajadurai ChandrasekarSchool of Chemistry01-May-201631-Mar-2020
722Investigating Potential Of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Protein Ppe18 Encapsulated Nanoparticle As Therapy For Microbial SepsisProf. Anand K KondapiSchool of Life Sciences15-Apr-201614-Apr-2019
723Potential Of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Protein Ppe 18 Encapsulated Nanoparticle As Therapy For Microbial SepsisDr. Anand Kumar KondapiDepartment of Biotechnology & Bioinformatics15-Apr-201614-Apr-2019
724Dr.B R Ambedkar's Vision Of Economic Development Of India On 29th And 30th August 2016Dr. G. SrideviSchool of Economics01-Apr-201631-Mar-2017
725Health Psychology Contribution To Health And Wellbeing In Collaboration With Nirdpr And Association Of Health Psychologist From 4-5 August 2016Dr. G. Padmaja,Centre for Health Psychology01-Apr-201631-Mar-2017
726Identity And Marginality In North India: Challenges For Social Science Research, Held On 16-17 January 2017Dr. Hoineilhing SitlhouDepartment of Sociology01-Apr-201631-Mar-2017
727Members Of The Phylum Planctomycetes As Source For Anammox(Anaerobic Ammona Oxidation) Bacteria The "Bugs" For Removal Of Ammonia From Sediment And WasteProf. Ch. Venkata RamanaDepartment of Plant Sciences01-Apr-201631-Mar-2020
728Recent Advances In Optical Science (Raos-Iii) Held Between 2-3 May 2016Dr. S. Venugopal RaoAdvanced Centre for Research in High Energy Material (ACRHEM)01-Apr-201631-Mar-2017
729"Unravelling The Role Of Piperine And Thymoquinone On The Expression And Activity Of Hdacs In Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (Cml) K562 Cells"Dr. D.GangappaSchool of Life Sciences21-Mar-201620-Mar-2018
730Elucidation And Characterization Of Inhibitory Potentials Of Select Probiotic Bacteria Against Human Gastric Pathogen,Helicobacter PyloriDr. Niyaz Ahmed A. S.School of Life Sciences17-Mar-201616-Mar-2018
731Workshop For Building Capacities Of Peers For Self Assessment Of Cr Station Using Community Radio Continuous Improvement Toolkit In BangladeshProf. Vasuki Belavadi .S.N. School of Arts and Communication15-Mar-201606-Oct-2016
732"Functional Characterization Of Tuzin Gene (Ldbpk_080750) In Leishmania Donovani And Evaluation Of Its Diagnostic Potential For Detection Of Active Visceral Leishmaniasis"Dr. Radheshyam MauryaSchool of Life Sciences10-Mar-201610-Feb-2019
733Award Of National Post-Doctorial FellowshipDr. Yata Praveen KumarSchool of Chemistry01-Mar-201628-Feb-2018
734UGC-BSR One Time GrantProf. Appa Rao Podile .School of Life Sciences15-Feb-201615-Feb-2018
735"Synthesis Of Hexagonal Bn Ultrathin Films For Two Dimensional Electronic Devices"Dr. Jayeeta LahiriSchool of Physics15-Feb-201614-Feb-2019
736Characterization Of Ligand Binding And Chaperone-Like Activities Of Major Mammalian Seminal Plasma Proteins, Bovine Pdc-109 And Equine Hsp-1/2Ms. Debashree DasSchool of Chemistry08-Feb-201608-Jan-2018
737"Dual Frequency Two Dimensional Infrared (Df-2dir) Spectroscopy"Dr. Dr. Sri Ram Gopal NaraharisettySchool of Physics05-Feb-201605-Jan-2019
738"Financing Of Public Higher Education Institutions In India: A Study Of Flow Funds And Their Utilization In Odisha"Dr. K. LaxminarayanaSchool of Economics03-Feb-201603-Jan-2017
739Weak Measurement And Classical Entanglement: Emerging Frontiers In Optical MetrologyDr. Nirmal Kumar ViswanathanSchool of Physics01-Feb-201631-Jan-2019
740"Physiological And Molecular Analyses Of Hexose/Sucrose Signaling Mechanisms In Regulating Carbon Allocation And Sink Strength In Soybean Under Drought Conditions"Dr. Debashree SenguptaSchool of Life Sciences23-Jan-201622-Jan-2019
741Climate Change And Persistence Of Food And Nutrition Security: A Case Of Vulnerable GroupsDr. Sridevi GSchool of Economics20-Jan-201619-Jan-2018
742Characterization Of Defects In Semiconductors By Coherent Acoustic Phonon (Cap) Spectroscopy And Investigation Of Nv Centers In Diamond"Dr. S.V.S.Nageswara RaoSchool of Physics19-Jan-201618-Jan-2019
743Dae-Nbhm Visiting ProfessorshipProf. Amarnath TSchool of Mathematics and Statistics12-Jan-201630-Nov-2018
744Gelcasting Of Tungsten Carbide/Cobalt Composite PartsProf. Seshubai VSchool of Physics11-Jan-201630-Apr-2018
745Sinking Colony And Sanitizing State: Sanitary Ideals, Hygienic Practices And Policies In South India, 1862-1947Dr. B. Eswara RaoSchool of Social Sciences10-Jan-201630-Sep-2018
746Functional And Molecular Epidemiology Of E.Coli Isolates And Their Assessment For Mdr From Patients With Expec Infection From IndiaDr. Nishant NandanwarSchool of Life Sciences10-Jan-201630-Sep-2018
747Development Of Industrial Enzymes, Biocatalysts And Therapeutic Peptides At Laboratory ScaleDr. Naresh Babu V SepuriSchool of Life Sciences09-Jan-201631-Aug-2019
748Women's Sexual Health; A Study Of Feminine Hygiene In HyderabadDr. Ajailiu NiumaiSchool of Social Sciences08-Jan-201631-Jul-2017
749Crosstalk Between Wnt And Bmp Signalling Pathways During Regeneration And Pattern Formation In HydraDr. Lakshmi Surekha KrishnapatiSchool of Life Sciences08-Jan-201624-Mar-2018
750"Role Of Kisspeptin In Mitochondrial Homeostasis: Therapeutic Effects Of Kisspeptin In Aging"Dr. Ushodaya MattamSchool of Life Sciences08-Jan-201631-Jul-2018
751DST Serb ProjectDr. Ushodaya MattamSchool of Life Sciences08-Jan-201631-Jul-2018
752"Synthesis Of Indole Based Carbo-/Heterocycles Via Base Catalyzed Intramolecular Cyclization Of Allenylidoles With Ortho Functionalized Aldehydes"Dr. Uruvakili AnasuyammaSchool of Chemistry08-Jan-201631-Jul-2019
753"Investigation Of Thermal And Higher Frequency Relic Gravitation Waves In Expanding Universe"Prof. Suresh P KSchool of Physics08-Jan-201631-Jul-2020
754Award Of Senior Fellowship On "The Election Commission And Electoral Practice In India"Prof. Manjari KatjuSchool of Social Sciences07-Jan-201630-Jun-2018
755Role Of Dna Repair Exonucleases In Plasmodium TelomerebiologyDr. M.K.BhattacharyyaSchool of Life Sciences07-Jan-201630-Jun-2019
756"Role Of Histone Deacetylases (Hdacs) In Maintenance Of Inactive X-Chromosome (Xi)"Dr. Aruna Sree M.K .School of Life Sciences07-Jan-201630-Jun-2019
757"Studies On Molecular Crosstalk Between Endoplasmic Reticulum And Mitochondria In Brain Damage After Stroke"Dr. Venkata Prasuja NakkaSchool of Life Sciences07-Jan-201630-Jun-2019
758"Understanding The Role Of Homologous Recombination In Genomic Rearrangements Leading To Antigenic Diversification In Malaria Parasites"Dr. M.K.BhattacharyyaSchool of Life Sciences07-Jan-201630-Jun-2019
759Role Of Hsp90 In Rad51 Mediated Dna RepairDr. Sunanda Bhattacharya .School of Life Sciences06-Jan-201631-May-2019
760Development And Testing Of Indigenous Proton Exchange Membranes For High Temperature Pem Fuel CellsDr. Tushar JanaSchool of Chemistry04-Jan-201630-Jun-2017
761"Developing Mn/Re-Based Luminescent Carbon Monoxide Releasing Complexes (Corms) For Medicinal Applications"Dr. Sathiyendiran MalaichamySchool of Chemistry04-Jan-201631-Mar-2019
762Cefipra Project 5505-2Dr. Akhila Kumar SahooSchool of Chemistry04-Jan-201631-Mar-2019
763"Theoretical And Computational Investigation Of Statistical Properties Of Chemical Reaction Networks To Infer The Topology Of Network Motif"Dr. Debashis BarikSchool of Chemistry04-Jan-201631-Mar-2019
764UGC-SAP-CAS-III, School Of ChemistryCoordinator, UGC-SAP-CAS-III, ChemistrySchool of Chemistry04-Jan-201631-Mar-2021
765UGC-SAP-DRS-I, Department Of Plant SciencesCoordinator, UGC-SAP-DRS-I Plant SciencesSchool of Life Sciences04-Jan-201631-Mar-2021
766UGC-SAP-DRS-I, Department Of Biochemistry. Coordinator, UGC-SAP-DRS-I, BiochemistrySchool of Life Sciences04-Jan-201631-Mar-2021
767UGC-SAP-DSA-I, School Of Mathematics And Statistics.Prof. Coordinator, UGC-SAP-DSA-I, MathematicsSchool of Mathematics and Statistics04-Jan-201631-Mar-2021
768UGC-SAP-DRS-I Centre For Advanced Studies In Electronics Science & Technology (CASEST), Prof. Coordinator, UGC-SAP-DRS-I CASESTSchool of Physics04-Jan-201631-Mar-2021
769UGC Special Assistance Programme (SAP) DRS-I, Department Of Biotechnology And Bioinformatics. Coordinator, UGC,SAP-DRS-I, BiotechnologySchool of Life Sciences04-Jan-201631-Mar-2021
770UGC-SAP-DSA-II, Dept Of EnglishProf. Pramod K NayarSchool of Humanities04-Jan-201631-Mar-2021
771Smart Cities And The Poor-An Agenda For Inclusive Urbanisation In IndiaDr. Alok Kumar MishraSchool of Economics03-Jan-201628-Feb-2018
772Reactivity Of Phosphorus/Sulfur Substrates With Alkynes, Allenes And Propargylic CompoundsProf. Kumaraswamy K.CSchool of Chemistry02-Jan-201631-Jan-2019
773"Multi-Component Pharmaceutical Co-Crystals"Prof. Ashwini NangiaSchool of Chemistry02-Jan-201631-Jan-2019
774Role Of Mge1p:A Nucleotide Exchange Factorhsp70 In Oxidative Stress And Regulation Of Mitochondrialhsp70 Function In Seccharomyces CerevisiaeDr. Naresh Babu V SepuriSchool of Life Sciences01-Jan-201631-Dec-2018
775Carbon Sequestratin And Seed Oil Biosynthesis In Pongamia Pinnata (L.) Pierre, A Potential Biofuel FeedstockProf. Attipalli R. Reddy .School of Life Sciences01-Jan-201631-Dec-2018
776Icssr National FellowshipProf. Nancharaiah GSchool of Economics30-Dec-201529-Dec-2017
777Investigation Of Spitzer Mid Infra-Red Spectra On A Sample Of Ultra Large/Large Infra-Red Galaxies To Understand The Role Of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydro Carbons (Pahs)Dr. Pooranchand SeemaSchool of Physics08-Dec-201508-Nov-2018
778Effect Of Laser Filament Irradiation On The Fw Laser Damage Of Composite MaterialsDr. Prem Kiran PaturiAdvanced Centre for Research in High Energy Material (ACRHEM)02-Nov-201502-Oct-2017
779Award Of Federal Grant Titled"Blurred Lines:A Media Ethics Course For Indian Journalists And Academics"Prof. Kanchan K MalikS.N. School of Arts and Communication30-Sep-201530-Jun-2017
780Design And Analysis Of A Mode Converter For Fusion System Microwave WindowsProf. James Raju K.C .School of Physics15-Sep-201530-Sep-2017
781Implementation Of The India-Japan Research Project Entitled: "Metabolic Pathway Engineering Of Synechocystis For Effective Production Of Scytonemin, A Potential Anti-Proliferative And Uv Protecting Compound"Dr. Prakash J.S.S .School of Life Sciences05-Sep-201505-Aug-2017
782UGC Startup GrantDr. P. Anil KumarSchool of Life Sciences03-Sep-201503-Aug-2017
783FIST:Financial Assistance To The School Of Chemistry, University Of HyderabadDr. Dean School Of Chemistry .School of Chemistry26-Aug-201525-Aug-2020
784Intergovernmental Body Allocation ContractProf. Vinod Pavarala .S.N. School of Arts and Communication23-Aug-201530-Apr-2016
785Spatial Modeling Of Land Use Dynamics And Its Impact On Fluxes And Ecosystem Services In Eastern Ghats, India In Present And Future Climate ScenarioDr. V.ChakravarthiSchool of Physics21-Aug-201520-Aug-2018
786Establishment Of School Of Earth System Sciences And Man Power DevelopmentProf. Narayana A CSchool of Physics17-Aug-201516-Aug-2017
787Fluorescence And Ultrafast Pump-Probe Studies Of Interfacial Charge Transfer Dynamics From Semiconductor NanocrystalsProf. Anunay SamantaSchool of Chemistry10-Aug-201531-Mar-2019
788Gall Bladder Cancer And Salmonella TyphiDr. Niyaz Ahmed A. S.School of Life Sciences24-Jul-201523-Jul-2018
789Evaluation Of Nabard Pilot Project On Augmenting Farm Productivity In BalasoreProf. Sharma B VSchool of Social Sciences20-Jul-201531-Dec-2016
790Sex Manipulation In Common Carp And Its Hybrid Using Index Major Carp, Rohu: Genetic And Molecular Endocrinological ApproachesProf. Senthilkumaran BSchool of Life Sciences16-Jul-201515-Jul-2018
791A Study Of Implementation Of Co-Curricular Activities In Rural Telangana SchoolsProf. Venkat Rao PSchool of Social Sciences11-Jul-201531-Mar-2017
792Leakage Current In Tunable Thin Films And Its Effect On Their Microwave Characteristics, Growth Of Films: Characterization And AnalysisProf. James Raju K.C .School of Physics10-Jul-201510-Jun-2017
793Establishment Of Networking Resource Centre, School Of Physics Prof V.Seshu Bai Coordinator Nrc School Of PhysicsSchool of Physics23-Jun-201522-Jun-2020
794"Functional Studies On Class Iii P13kinase Interactome In Autophagy"Dr. Vimal PandeySchool of Life Sciences07-Jun-201507-May-2018
795Implementation Of Indo-Korean Project Entitled: "Miniaturized Electrochemical Devices For The Automated Amplified Multiplex Detection Of Cancer Biomarkers"Dr. Venu ReddySchool of Engineering Sciences and Technology07-Jun-201507-May-2018
796Characterization Of Novel Regulators Of Cell Survival Signaling In Cancer CellsDr. Bramanandam ManavathiSchool of Life Sciences20-May-201519-May-2018
797UGC-BSR Research Start-Up-GrantDr. Venkataiah GorigeSchool of Physics10-May-201510-Apr-2017
798Nasi Senior Scientist Platinum Jubilee FellowshipDr. P.S. RoySchool of Physics10-May-201510-Apr-2018
799"Development Of Efficient And Environmental Friendly Nanophosphors"Dr. L. JyothiSchool of Physics15-Apr-201514-Apr-2018
800Development Of Coating For Inner Surface Of The Metallic CanisterDr. Swati Ghosh AcharyyaSchool of Engineering Sciences and Technology06-Apr-201506-Mar-2017
801Role Of Cd11b+/Gr-1(Inos+)Macrophages And T Cells In The Management Of Lethal Radiation Induced Hemopoietic Syndrome And RadioprotectionDr. Hridayesh Prakash .School of Life Sciences06-Apr-201506-Mar-2018
802Computational Prioritization And Experimental Validation Of Novel Regulators Required For Maintenance Of Hematopoietic Ste CellsDr. Sreenivasulu KurukutiSchool of Life Sciences27-Mar-201526-Mar-2018
803Award Of DST Inspire FacultyDr. Dinesh Narayana NaikSchool of Physics27-Mar-201526-Mar-2020
804"Plant Taxonomic Surveillance And Survey Of Contaminated And Polluted Ecosystems In Peri-Urban Hyderabad: A Randomized Crossover Study Of Populations And Communities"Dr. Dr. Sateesh SuthariSchool of Life Sciences26-Mar-201525-Mar-2018
805Virtual Centre Of Excellence On Multidisciplinary Approaches Aimed At Interventions Against Mycobacterium Tuberculosis (Phase-Ii)Dr. Niyaz Ahmed A. S.School of Life Sciences25-Mar-201524-Mar-2020
806Role Of Mirna In Pathogenesis Of Glaucoma: An Irreversible Blinding DisorderDr. A.Bindu Madhava ReddySchool of Life Sciences23-Mar-201522-Mar-2018
807Spatial Transcriptional Dynamics Of Microrna Coding Genes In Maintenance Of Regulated Gene Expression Patterns During Cellular Development And DifferentiationDr. Sreenivasulu KurukutiSchool of Life Sciences16-Mar-201515-Mar-2018
808Assessing The Need And Feasibility For Using Pre-Paid Card Technology In Delivering Added Services To Micro Finance Customers In Selected Regions Of Uttar PradeshProf. Debashis AcharyaSchool of Economics12-Mar-201531-Jan-2017
809"The Role Of Growth Hormone In Mammary Epithelial Carcinogenesis"Dr. P. Anil KumarSchool of Life Sciences10-Mar-201506-Nov-2016
810"Engineering Baliospermum Montanum Hydroxynitrile Lyase For Potential Synthetic And Industrial Applications"Dr. Dr.Santosh Kumar PadhiSchool of Life Sciences24-Feb-201530-Jun-2016
811"Molecular Characterization Of Cancer Stem Cell In Colorectal Cancer"Dr. Sandhya SinghSchool of Life Sciences11-Feb-201511-Jan-2018
812Liberalization,State And Society :Economics,Social And Political Transformation In Rural OdishaProf. Debashis AcharyaSchool of Economics03-Feb-201503-Jan-2017
813"Dissecting The Role Of Intramolecular And Intermolecular Protein-Protein Interactions For The Formation Of Amyloid Fibrils"Dr. Avanish Singh ParmarSchool of Life Sciences01-Feb-201501-Jan-2018
814Award Of DST Inspire FacultyDr. Koteswara Rao BommisettiSchool of Physics21-Jan-201520-Jan-2020
815Award Of DST Inspire FacultyDr. Koteswara Rao BommisettiSchool of Physics21-Jan-201520-Jan-2020
816Development Of Multiplex Pcr And Real Time Pcr Assay Systems For The Identification Of Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (Mrsa)" (Phase-I)Prof. Manjula Sritharan .School of Life Sciences14-Jan-201513-Jan-2018
817Tomato Ripening NetworkDr. Y. SreelakshmiSchool of Life Sciences14-Jan-201513-Jan-2020
818Scaling Up Production And Data Package Development For Commercialization Of Bioweedicides For Weed Management In Rice (Phase-Ii)Prof. Appa Rao Podile .School of Life Sciences13-Jan-201501-Dec-2018
819Hudco Chair ProgrammeDr. Alok Kumar MishraSchool of Economics11-Jan-201531-Oct-2018
820Publication Support For The Activities Of The Unesco Chair Oo Community MediaProf. Kanchan K MalikS.N. School of Arts and Communication10-Jan-201530-Sep-2016
821Friction Stir Welding Of Rafm (P91)Steel Plates:Feasibility Studies By Optimization Of Process Parameters And Evaluation Of The Associated Mechanical PropertiesDr. Koteswararao V RajulapatiSchool of Engineering Sciences and Technology10-Jan-201530-Sep-2017
822Fabrication Of Miniaturized Dras Using High K Polymer-Ceramic CompositesProf. James Raju K.C .School of Physics10-Jan-201530-Sep-2017
823The Role Of Hematopoietic Pbx-Interacting Protei Signaling In Cell Cycle Regulation And Tumor DevelopmentDr. Bramanandam ManavathiSchool of Life Sciences10-Jan-201530-Sep-2018
824Pre-Clinical Testing Of Pharmaceutical Poly Morphs And Cocrystals: Crossing Bbb And Bio-Availability EnhancementProf. Ashwini NangiaSchool of Chemistry10-Jan-201530-Sep-2018
825Role Of Proline In Protection Of Photosynthesis Under Highlight And Oxidative StressProf. Raghavendra A.SSchool of Life Sciences10-Jan-201530-Sep-2018
826"Investigations On The Role Of Heat Responsive Proteins"Dr. Prakash J.S.S .School of Life Sciences10-Jan-201530-Sep-2018
827"Formation Of C(Sp3)-X(X=Halo) And C(Sp3)-N Bond Through Sulfoximine Assisted C(Sp3)-H Functionalization And Stereoselective C-H Functionalizations"Dr. Akhila Kumar SahooSchool of Chemistry10-Jan-201530-Sep-2018
828"Nano/Micro Scale Organic Photonic Solids"Dr. Chandrasekar R .School of Chemistry10-Jan-201530-Sep-2018
829Assessing The Socio-Economic And Working Conditions Of Traditional Artisans Of OdishaDr. Satyapriya RoutSchool of Social Sciences09-Jan-201528-Feb-2017
830Effect Of Shift Heavy Ion Irradiation On The Structural And Optical Properties Of Silicon Nanoparticles And Nanostructures Prepared By Different MethodsDr. S.V.S.Nageswara RaoSchool of Physics09-Jan-201531-Aug-2018
831Molecular Mechanism Of Radiation Induced Neovascular GlaucomaDr. A.Bindu Madhava ReddySchool of Life Sciences09-Jan-201531-Aug-2018
832"Engineering The Subdomains Of Human Serusm Alabumin To Unravel The Pharmacological Potential With Medicinally Important Phytochemicals"Dr. Rajagopal SubramanyamSchool of Life Sciences09-Jan-201531-Aug-2019
833Gene Expression And Structural Organisation Of Photosynthetic Antenna Under High Light And Moderate Temperature In Clamydomonas ReinhardtiiDr. Rajagopal SubramanyamSchool of Life Sciences08-Jan-201531-Jul-2018
834Generation Of Compound Library Based On Bicycle Acetal Scanfold In Search Of Potential Anti-Cancer AgentsDr. Balamurugan RSchool of Chemistry08-Jan-201531-Jul-2018
835Nbhm Visiting Professorship Scheme.Prof. Kumaresan SSchool of Mathematics and Statistics07-Jan-201530-Jun-2017
836A Study Of Dependent Dalit Communities: Social And Cultural Perspectives Of Baindlas,Chindus And Dakkalis In Telangana StateDr. Bheemaiah JSchool of Humanities07-Jan-201530-Jun-2017
837Neuro-Immune Interactions During Aging And Immunodeficiency Effect Of Hiv-1 Gp 120 And Tat-Mediated Neurotoxicity On Immune-RegulationProf. Anand K KondapiSchool of Life Sciences07-Jan-201530-Jun-2017
838"Theoretical And Computational Investigation Of Heat Conduction In Low Dimension Lattice: 2d And 3d Systems"Dr. Debashis BarikSchool of Chemistry07-Jan-201530-Jun-2018
839Noverbal Elements And Data Commentaries In Engineering And Biology Research AriticlesDr. Jasti Appa SwamiSchool of Humanities07-Jan-201530-Jun-2018
840Isolation Of Immune Proteins/Peptides & Protease Inhibitors From Economically Important Insect Pest Species4Prof. Aparna Dutta GuptaSchool of Life Sciences07-Jan-201530-Jun-2018
841Contesting Crop Sciences In The Emerging Agrarian Social Structure In India: A Social Constructivist Understanding Of Knowledge Production In AgricultureProf. Raghava Reddy CSchool of Social Sciences07-Jan-201530-Jun-2018
842Programming .... Adjuvants.Dr. Nooruddin KhanSchool of Life Sciences07-Jan-201530-Jun-2018
843Development Of Polymeric Acid-Doped Porous Pbi Membranes For Fuel Cell ApplicationsDr. Tushar JanaSchool of Chemistry07-Jan-201530-Jun-2018
844Editing Of And Analysing ... KaifiyatsProf. Nadupalli Srirama RajuSchool of Humanities07-Jan-201530-Jun-2018
845Towards Understanding The C3-C4 Intermediate Pathway In Poaceae And Functionality Of C4 Genes In RiceProf. Raghavendra A.SSchool of Life Sciences06-Jan-201531-Mar-2017
846Engaging With Media, Elected Representatives And Health Officials On RiProf. Vasuki Belavadi .S.N. School of Arts and Communication05-Jan-201531-Dec-2015
847Technical Support In Document, Design And Development Communication Material On Unicef ActivitiesDr. Madhavi RavikumarS.N. School of Arts and Communication05-Jan-201531-Jan-2016
848Empowering Adolescents From Marginalized Communities Towards Active Citizenship Using Media Tools - Phase 2Prof. Vasuki Belavadi .S.N. School of Arts and Communication05-Jan-201531-Jan-2016
849"Manipulation Of Magnetism In Ferromagnetic/Ferroelectric Multiferroics"Dr. Venkataiah GorigeSchool of Physics05-Jan-201530-Apr-2018
850"Effect Of Curcumin On The Virulence Machinery Of The Human Gastric Pathogen Helicobactor Pylori (H.Pylori)"Ms. Shveta GuptaSchool of Life Sciences05-Jan-201530-Apr-2018
851Mobile And Sensor Network Based Disaster Management System With Emphasis On Rescue ManagementProf. Siba Kumar UdgataSchool of Computer and Information Sciences04-Jan-201531-Mar-2017
852UGC-BSR Research Start-Up -GrantDr. Swati Ghosh AcharyyaSchool of Engineering Sciences and Technology04-Jan-201531-Mar-2017
853Community Participation In Tribal And Non-Tribal Areas During The Implementation Of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan(Ssa):A Crotical Study In Andhra PradeshDr. Srinivasa Rao VasantaSchool of Social Sciences04-Jan-201531-Mar-2017
854Award Of National Fellowship On "Federal Fiscal Relations In India-Need For Restructuring"Prof. J V M SarmaSchool of Economics04-Jan-201531-Mar-2017
855Namaste ProgramProf. Siva Kumar NSchool of Life Sciences04-Jan-201531-Jul-2017
856"Preparation And Evaluation Of Long Chain Chitooligosaccharides (Chos) - Induced Innate Immunity In Plants"Prof. Appa Rao Podile .School of Life Sciences04-Jan-201531-Mar-2018
857"Scanning Near Field Optical Microscopy Investigation Of Optical Field Strength In Metal-Diaelectric Nanostructures And Their Application In Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy"Dr. Mahamad Ahamad MohiddonSchool of Physics04-Jan-201531-Mar-2018
858UGC-BSR Research Start-Up-GrantDr. Dr. Sri Ram Gopal NaraharisettySchool of Physics04-Jan-201531-Mar-2019
859UGC-SAP-DSA-I, CALTS.Coordinator, UGC-SAP-DSA-I, CALTSSchool of Humanities04-Jan-201531-Mar-2020
860Submission Of Electronic Thesis (Sodhganga)Dr. N. VaratharajanUniversity of Hyderabad03-Jan-201528-Feb-2016
861Unraveling Visual Imagery And Visual Culture Of The Dalit Communities And Its Roles Cultural Turn Of Social PowerProf. Krishna VSchool of Humanities03-Jan-201528-Feb-2017
862Study And Characterization Of Devices With Variable Reactance Having Application In Microwave FiltersProf. James Raju K.C .School of Physics03-Jan-201531-Mar-2017
863Age Related Changes In Neural Regulation Of Pacemaker Entraintment (Biological Clock)Dr. Anita JagotaSchool of Life Sciences03-Jan-201528-Feb-2018
864Contract For ServicesProf. Vinod Pavarala .S.N. School of Arts and Communication02-Jan-201531-Dec-2015
865Socio-Economic And Educational Background Of Students Receiving Assistance Under Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship (Rgnf) And Their Performance/PlacementDr. Satyapriya RoutSchool of Social Sciences01-Jan-201531-Dec-2015
866Surface Preparation Of Semi-Polar(11-22)And Non-Polar(11020) Iii-V Nitride Epilayers By Chemical Mechanical Planarization (Cmp) ProcessDr. Dibakar Das .School of Engineering Sciences and Technology01-Jan-201531-Mar-2017
867Pollination Control In Mustard And Cabbage Using Targetted Expression Of A Pathogeninduced Cysteine Protease And Cystatin For Hybrid Seed ProductionProf. Kirti P.BSchool of Life Sciences01-Jan-201531-Dec-2017
868Applications Of Ultrafast Libs And Cars Techniques In Exploring High Energy MaterialsDr. Venugopal Rao Soma SomaAdvanced Centre for Research in High Energy Material (ACRHEM)01-Jan-201531-Dec-2017
869"Probing Changes ;In Genomic Interactions During B-Cell Development"Prof. Jagan PongubalaSchool of Life Sciences01-Jan-201531-Dec-2017
870Influence Of Doping On Multiferroic Properties Of Ybmno3-Phase-Ii(Crs-M-199)Prof. Bhatnagar A.K .School of Physics01-Jan-201531-Dec-2017
871FIST: Financial Assistance to The Department Of Biochemistry, University Of Hyderabad,HeadSchool of Life Sciences31-Dec-201430-Dec-2019
872Analyzing Anti Mycobacterial Role Of Sphingolipids Against Pulmonary Infection With Pathogenic MycobacteriaDr. Hridayesh Prakash .School of Life Sciences24-Nov-201423-Nov-2017
873UGC-BSR One Time G RantProf. Radhakrishnan T PSchool of Chemistry12-Nov-201412-Oct-2015
874UGC- BSR One Time GrantProf. Anand K KondapiSchool of Life Sciences12-Nov-201412-Oct-2016
875Evaluation Of Benzoyl Salicylic Acid As A New Signal For Systemic Acquired Resistance In Plants And Regulation Of Its Biosynthesis During Pathogen Infection In TobaccoDr. K. Samuel, Young ScientistSchool of Life Sciences06-Nov-201406-Oct-2017
876Publication Support For The Activities Of The Unesco Chair On Community MediaProf. Vinod Pavarala .S.N. School of Arts and Communication30-Oct-201430-Sep-2015
877"Development Of New Synthetic Process Using Readily Accessible Carbon And Polymer Materials"Prof. Periasamy MariappanSchool of Chemistry24-Oct-201417-Sep-2017
878"Molecular Characterization Of Function Of Topoisomerase Ii Alpha And Beta During Hiv-I Reverse Transcription In Early Replication"Prof. Anand K KondapiSchool of Life Sciences10-Oct-201410-Sep-2017
879Sharing Capacities,Empowering CommunitiesProf. Vinod Pavarala .S.N. School of Arts and Communication04-Oct-201431-Dec-2014
880Participation Of University Of Hyderabad In Leverhulme International NetworkDr. K.K. KailashSchool of Social Sciences16-Sep-201431-Mar-2017
881FIST: Financial Assistance To The Department Of Biochemistry, University Of Hyderabad,  BiotechnologyHead, Dept. Of BiotechnologySchool of Life Sciences05-Sep-201405-Aug-2019
882UGC-BSR One Time GrantProf. Ramakrishna RamaswamySchool of Physics01-Sep-201401-Aug-2016
883FIST: Financial Assistance To The Department Of Plant Sciences, University Of Hyderabad  Head - FIST-IISchool of Life Sciences26-Aug-201425-Aug-2019
884Nadph Oxidase Homolog Nox4 And Its Interacting Proteins In Insulin SignalingDr. Mahadev KalyankarSchool of Medical Sciences20-Aug-201419-Aug-2017
885Community Radio Continuous Improvement Toolkit-Phase-IiiProf. Vasuki Belavadi .S.N. School of Arts and Communication14-Aug-201430-Jan-2015
886Genome Wide Screen For Tomato Mutants By Tilling - Phase-IiProf. Prof. R. P. SharmaSchool of Life Sciences30-Jul-201429-Jul-2019
887Award Of DST Inspire FacultyDr. P. Anil KumarSchool of Life Sciences14-Jul-201430-Jan-2017
888Evaluating Communication For Development:Supporting Adaptive And Accountable DevelopmentProf. Vinod Pavarala .S.N. School of Arts and Communication30-Jun-201430-Jun-2017
889Role Of Pre-B Cell Leukemia Homeobox-Interacting Protein In Trophoblast Differentiation And Its Potential Role In Preeclampsia DevelopmentDr. Bramanandam ManavathiSchool of Life Sciences24-Jun-201423-Jun-2017
890Role Of Dormancy Survival Regulon Antigens Of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis In Eliciting Host Immune Responses: Implication In Latent Stage Of InfectionDr. P. Vidyullatha Women ScientisSchool of Life Sciences22-May-201421-May-2017
891Award Of DST Inspire FacultyDr. Venu ReddySchool of Engineering Sciences and Technology05-May-201405-Apr-2019
892Development Of Plant-Microbe Consortia For Removal Of Heavy Metals And Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (Pahs) From Contaminated Soil Of AssamProf. Prasad Narasimhavara MajetiSchool of Life Sciences16-Apr-201415-Apr-2017
893Synthesis Opportunities With In Situ Formed AcetalsDr. Balamurugan RSchool of Chemistry21-Mar-201431-Mar-2017
894India-Eu R/P ' Enhancing Quality, Access And Governace Of Undergraduate Education In India (E-Qual)'Prof. Prabhakara Rao JSchool of Humanities15-Mar-201431-May-2017
895Male Reproductive Tract Immune Responses In The Extremes Of Ages (Early Development And Late Stages) In The Rat: Interventions By The Use Of Epigenetic ModulatorsDr. Suresh Yenugu .School of Life Sciences07-Mar-201407-Feb-2017
896Role Of Integrated Stress Response (Isr) Pathway In The Regulation Of Immune Responses During Dengue Virus InfectionDr. Nooruddin KhanSchool of Life Sciences25-Feb-201424-Feb-2017
897Molecular Regulation Of The Differences Between Neonatal And Adult Megakaryocytopoiesis Leading To Bleeding DisordersDr. Ravi Kumar G .School of Life Sciences09-Feb-201409-Jan-2017
898UGC-BSR Research Start-Up-Grant.Dr. Debashis BarikSchool of Chemistry07-Feb-201407-Jan-2016
899UGC-BSR Research Start-Up-GrantsDr. Rishi Bhardwaj .School of Medical Sciences07-Feb-201407-Jan-2016
900FIST: Financial Assistance To The School Of Physics, University Of Hyderabad Prof. Dean, School Of PhysicsSchool of Physics07-Feb-201407-Jan-2019
901Isolation Of Extracellular Polysaccharide Sheath (Eps) Deficient Mutant Of Nostoc Punctiforme For Cost Effective Production Of SyctoneminDr. Dr. Y. Mahalaxmi Young ScientistSchool of Life Sciences06-Feb-201406-Jan-2017
902UGC-BSR Faculty FellowshipProf. Narayana Rao DesaiSchool of Physics06-Feb-201406-Jan-2017
903"The Energy Cube Of The Future"Dr. Srikanth V.V.S.SSchool of Engineering Sciences and Technology06-Feb-201424-Jun-2017
904Agrobacterium Mediated Genetic Transformation Of Eggplant (Solanum Melongena L.) With Tanhx2 Gene Of Wheat For Engineering Abiotic Stress ToleranceDr. Yarra RajeshSchool of Life Sciences01-Feb-201401-Jan-2017
905Production On Courseware E-Content Development For Post-Graduate Subjects (E-Pg-Pathshala).Prof. Raghurama Raju ASchool of Humanities01-Feb-201401-Jan-2017
906Cenozoic Denudation Of South IndiaProf. M. JayanandaSchool of Physics12-Jan-201430-Nov-2016
907A New Framework For Analysis,Generation And Translation In Indian Languages (Kannada And Telugu)Prof. Narayana Murthy KSchool of Computer and Information Sciences12-Jan-201405-Nov-2017
908"Laser Induced Crystallization Of Ferroelectric Thin Films (To Make Them Compatible With Si Technology)"Prof. James Raju K.C .School of Physics12-Jan-201430-Nov-2017
909Insa Senior Scientist R/Pmagnetism At Nanometre Length Scale'Prof. Sharika Nandan KaulSchool of Physics12-Jan-201430-Nov-2019
910Structure Function Relationship Of Hsp90 In Yeast TelomereDr. Sunanda Bhattacharya .School of Life Sciences11-Jan-201431-Oct-2017
911Biogenesis Of Human Tom40, A Mitochondrial Outer Membrane Protein Translocator, And Its Role In Oxidative StressDr. Naresh Babu V SepuriSchool of Life Sciences11-Jan-201431-Oct-2017
912Financial Assistance To University Of Hyderabad On Purse ProgramProf. Coordinator DST Purse Ii PurseUniversity of Hyderabad11-Jan-201431-Oct-2018
913Development And Application Of High Resolution Chromatin Interaction Method For Characterization Of Long-Range Chromatin Interactions Involved In Eukaryotic Gene RegulationDr. Sreenivasulu KurukutiSchool of Life Sciences10-Jan-201430-Sep-2017
914Development Of Polymer-Biomolecule Conjugates Through Raft PolymerizationDr. Tushar JanaSchool of Chemistry10-Jan-201430-Sep-2017
915Development Of New Enantioselective Synthetic Methods Using ChiralaminesProf. Periasamy MariappanSchool of Chemistry10-Jan-201430-Sep-2017
916"Flavour Physics And Cp Violation"Dr. Rukmani MohantaSchool of Physics10-Jan-201430-Sep-2017
917"Understanding The Impact Of Transforming Growth Factors And Neurotrophin Of Brain In The Regulation Of Gonadal Function In Air-Breathing Catfish"Dr. Mamta Sajwan KhatriSchool of Life Sciences10-Jan-201430-Sep-2017
918"Nano-Bead Based Approach To IdentifyDr. Nooruddin KhanSchool of Life Sciences10-Jan-201430-Sep-2017
919Physiological Role Of Neuropeptides Found In Brain And Gonads In Sex Differentiation And Gamete Maturation In Teleost FishDr. Chenichery SudhakumariSchool of Life Sciences09-Jan-201431-Aug-2017
920"Elucidation And In Planta Analysis Of Melon Necrotic Spot Virus-Hyd Encoded Genes And Their Role On Viral Replication"Dr. Gopinath Kodetham .School of Life Sciences09-Jan-201431-Aug-2017
921Synthetic Process For Polyquaterium Compound Equivalent To Onamer MDr. Tushar JanaSchool of Chemistry07-Jan-201430-Sep-2015
922Expression And Characterization Of Cofactor Regeneration Systems Used For Enzyme BiocatalysisProf. Dayananda SiddavattamSchool of Life Sciences07-Jan-201430-Jun-2017
923Versatile Organic Linkers And Polyoxometalates As Building Blocks: Strategies To Construct Extended Frameworks And Their ApplicationsDr. Samar K Das .School of Chemistry07-Jan-201430-Jun-2017
924Proton Exchange Membranes From Nanostructured PolybenzimidazolesDr. Tushar JanaSchool of Chemistry07-Jan-201430-Jun-2017
925Synthesis And Biological Evaluation Of Carbohydrate Derived ImmunoadjuvantsDr. Ramu Sridhar PeraliSchool of Chemistry07-Jan-201430-Jun-2017
926Quantum Chemistry And Dynamics Of Electronically Excited Chemical SystemsProf. Susanta MahapatraSchool of Chemistry07-Jan-201431-Dec-2017
927Development Of Colloidal Suspension Containing Copper-Indium-Gallium- Selenide/Sulfide (Cigs) Materials Stabilized By Electronically Conducting Polymers To Harvest Solar EnergyDr. K. MuralidharanSchool of Chemistry06-Jan-201431-May-2017
928Empowering Adolescents From Marginalized Communities Towards Active Citizenship Using Media ToolsProf. Vasuki Belavadi .S.N. School of Arts and Communication05-Jan-201415-Apr-2015
929Urban Water Supply And Governance: Study Of Four Indian CitiesDr. Satyapriya RoutSchool of Social Sciences04-Jan-201428-Feb-2017
930Production On Courseware E-Content Development For Post- Graduate Subjects (E-Pg-Pathshala)Prof. Tutun MukherjeeSchool of Humanities04-Jan-201431-Mar-2017
931Evaluating Nanotoxicity Using Food Fish Models Of IndiaProf. Senthilkumaran BSchool of Life Sciences04-Jan-201431-Mar-2017
932Programming Protective Humoral Responses With Novel Vaccine Formulations Against Dengue VirusDr. Nooruddin KhanSchool of Life Sciences04-Jan-201431-Mar-2017
933Dr. Ambedkar Studies Centre Under The Scheme Of Epoch Making Social Thinkers Of IndiaDr. Yesu Ratnam KondaSchool of Social Sciences04-Jan-201431-Mar-2018
934Centre For Study Of Social Exclusion And Inclusive PolicyProf. Sreepati RamuduSchool of Social Sciences04-Jan-201431-Mar-2019
935Pg Diploma In Sanskrit Computational Linguistics (One Year)Dr. Amba KulkarniSchool of Humanities04-Jan-201431-Mar-2019
936Centre For Study Of Indian DiasporaDr. Director, CsidSchool of Social Sciences04-Jan-201431-Mar-2019
937UGC-SAP-DSA-III, Department Of Philosophy.Coordinator, UGC-SAP-DSA-III, Dept Of PhilosophySchool of Humanities04-Jan-201431-Mar-2019
938UGC-SAP-DRS-I, SN SchoolCoordinator, UGC-SAP-DRS-I, Sn SchoolS.N. School of Arts and Communication04-Jan-201431-Mar-2019
939UGC-SAP-CAS-II, School Of PhysicsCoordinator, UGC-SAP-CAS-II, PhysicsSchool of Physics04-Jan-201431-Mar-2019
940Summer Paddy Cultivation And Irrigation Needs:A Study Of Btad Region In AssamDr. Phanindra GoyariSchool of Economics02-Jan-201430-Jun-2016
941Femtosecond Laser Micro/Nanostructuring For Integrated Optical Devices In Polymers Glasses & CrystalsProf. Narayana Rao DesaiSchool of Physics01-Jan-201431-Dec-2016
942Synthesis Of Zinc Complexes For Epoxide/Co2 Copolymerization To Produce Polycarbonates And Their Lithium-Ion Conductivity StudiesDr. K. MuralidharanSchool of Chemistry01-Jan-201431-Dec-2016
943Evaluation Of The Role Of Cry Toxin Binding Proteins/Receptors In Development Of Bacillus Thuringiensis (Bt) Resistance In Selected Lepidopteran PestsProf. Aparna Dutta GuptaSchool of Life Sciences01-Jan-201431-Dec-2016
944Fabrication And Electrical Characterization Of Magnetic Tunnel Junction For Magnetic Field SensorDr. A.Rajani KanthSchool of Physics24-Dec-201323-Aug-2014
945Faculty Research Promotion ProgrammeNational CoordinatorSchool of Chemistry04-Dec-201304-Nov-2019
946Investigation Of Molecular Mechanism Of Transcription Termination Factor, Rtt103, Function In Genome StabilityDr. Krishnaveni MishraSchool of Life Sciences12-Nov-201306-Oct-2017
947Role Of Attention And Executible Function In Self RegulationDr. Asma HanifSchool of Medical Sciences06-Nov-201306-Oct-2015
948Strengthening The Health Services Through Care Programme(An Innovative Model For Strengthening Health Services With Quality And CareDr. Usha RamanS.N. School of Arts and Communication22-Oct-201331-Jan-2016
949The Influence Of Attention And Memory During Language-Vision InteractiionDr. Ramesh Kumar MishraSchool of Medical Sciences17-Oct-201316-Oct-2016
950Uncovering The Role Of Rab Family Gtpases On Alpha-Synuclein Toxicity Inthe Drosophila Parkinson's Disease Model (Rgyi)Dr. Madhubabu Gajula BalijaSchool of Life Sciences17-Oct-201316-Oct-2016
951Synthesis And Characterization Of Napthalene Fused Novel Extended Porphyrionoids - Potential Third Order Nonlinear Optical Materials With Multi-Photon AbsorptionDr. Pradeepta Kumar PandaSchool of Chemistry15-Oct-201331-Oct-2017
952Financial Assistance For Organization Of Annual Serb School In NeurosciencesDr. Joby JosephSchool of Medical Sciences05-Oct-201331-Mar-2014
953Transport Of Pre-Folded Proteins I Brevundimonas Diminuta: Identification And Characterization Of Organophosphate Hydrolase (Oph) Interactome And Elucidation Of Its Dependence On Twin Arginine Transport (Tat) Machinery For Membrane TargetingProf. Dayananda SiddavattamSchool of Life Sciences25-Sep-201324-Sep-2016
954Development Of Effective Wireless Sensor Network System For Water Quality And Quantity Monitoring(Aquasense)Prof. Siba Kumar UdgataSchool of Computer and Information Sciences20-Sep-201331-Jul-2017
955Development And Scale Up Of A Bioprocess For Production Of Higher Chain Length Chitooligosaccharides Using Cloned Bacterial ChitinasesProf. Appa Rao Podile .School of Life Sciences18-Sep-201317-Sep-2016
956Mirna Regulation Of Cell Survival Signaling In Cancer CellDr. Bramanandam ManavathiSchool of Life Sciences16-Sep-201328-Feb-2017
957Real Time Validation Of Denoising Algorithm In The Digital Phase Estimator CardDr. Samrat Lagnajeet SabatSchool of Physics15-Sep-201330-Jun-2016
958Elucidation And Characterization Of The Novel Virulence Mechanisms Encoded By The Genomic Plasticity Zone Of The Human Gastric Pathogen Helicobacter PyloriDr. Niyaz Ahmed A. S.School of Life Sciences05-Sep-201308-Aug-2016
959DST And Russian Federation Of Basic Research Project :Pharmaceutical Salts And Co-Crystals: Synthesis, Structure And PropertiesProf. Ashwini NangiaSchool of Chemistry30-Aug-201329-Aug-2015
960Cgiar Research Program On Policies, Innovations And MarketsProf. Sandhya SSchool of Economics29-Aug-201331-Jan-2015
961Production On Courseware E-Content Development For Post-Graduate Subjects (E-Pg-Pathshala)..Prof. C.K. MitraSchool of Life Sciences29-Aug-201328-Aug-2015
962Itpar Iii - The Representation And Acquisition Of ActionsProf. Bapi Raju SSchool of Medical Sciences08-Aug-201308-Jul-2016
963Recovering Multiple Archives Of Resistance In Andhra Pradesh: Anti Caste Intellectual,Traditions, Adivasi Oral Traditions And Deccani Intellectual TraditionsDr. Yesu Ratnam KondaSchool of Social Sciences05-Aug-201305-Jul-2015
964Magnetic And Micro Structural Characterization Of Sm2co17 MagnetsProf. Seshubai VSchool of Physics05-Aug-201315-Aug-2015
965Analysis Of Rhizosphere Microbiome To Assess The Role Of Difficult-To-Cultjure Plant Growth Promoting RhizobateriaDr. Sadaf KalamSchool of Life Sciences05-Aug-201305-Jul-2016
966Development Of Language Resources For An English To Hindi Mt System:Improving End User's ComprehensionDr. Amba KulkarniSchool of Humanities29-Jul-201326-Jan-2016
967"Potential Signaling Pathways In Molecular Regulation If Different Developmental Stages Of Human Megakaryocytes"Dr. Ravi Kumar G .School of Life Sciences26-Jul-201325-Jul-2016
968Silicon Rubber Composites With Inorganic Filters For Insulation ApplicationsDr. Pradip PaikSchool of Engineering Sciences and Technology25-Jul-201331-Mar-2017
969Award Of DST Inspire FacultyDr. Kaveri RajaramanSchool of Medical Sciences18-Jul-201331-Jul-2016
970Structural Studies Of H. Pylori Virulence Factors And Undrstanding The Basis Of Molecular Interaction With Host Proteins (Rgyi)Dr. Mohd. AkifSchool of Life Sciences18-Jul-201317-Oct-2016
971Implementation Of The India-Japan Research Project Entitled:"Genetic Engineering Of Reducing Side Of Biochemical And Functional Studies"Dr. Rajagopal SubramanyamSchool of Life Sciences29-Jun-201328-Jun-2015
972Implementation Of India Trento Programme For Advanced Research ( Itpar)- Phase-Iii Framework Nanophotonics Joint Research Project Entitled: "Green Photonics Using Semiconductor Nanostructures"Prof. Narayana Rao DesaiSchool of Physics26-Jun-201330-Sep-2016
973Implementation Of Rainbow Table Attack On A5/1 AlgorithmDr. Y.V. Subba RaoSchool of Computer and Information Sciences17-Jun-201331-Mar-2015
974"Studies On Biophysical,Enzymatic And Solution Nmr Structure Of The Ribosomal Protein S4 From Rice"Prof. Abani K BhuyanSchool of Chemistry17-Jun-201316-Dec-2016
975Raman Post Doctoral Fellowship (Plan)Dr. Insaf Ahmed QureshiSchool of Life Sciences11-Jun-201311-May-2014
976Production On Courseware E-Content Development For Post-Graduate Subjects (E-Pg-Pathshala)Prof. Ramabrahmam IvaturiSchool of Social Sciences17-May-201331-Mar-2017
977Evaluation Of Maulana Azad National FellowshipDr. Rosina NasirSchool of Social Sciences03-May-201306-Apr-2013
978Understanding The Role Of Runx2 Transcriptional Deregulation In Diabetes-Induced Secondary Complications (Rgyi)Dr. A.Bindu Madhava ReddySchool of Life Sciences25-Apr-201324-Apr-2016
979Awareness Workshop Of UGC-DAE_CSR-(October,28-30,2013)Prof. Sundararamam M .School of Engineering Sciences and Technology09-Apr-201312-Mar-2013
980Mir-9/Runx1 Medlates Developmental Regulation Of Distinct MegakaryocytopoiesisDr. Ravi Kumar G .School of Life Sciences09-Apr-201309-Mar-2016
981Icsssr Sr.F/S"A Socio-Linguistic And Linguistic Typology Of Tibeto-Burman Language With Special Reference To Language Contact And 'India As A Linguistic Area"Prof. Karumuri V SubbaraoSchool of Humanities04-Apr-201304-Mar-2015
982Communicable Diseases Among Tribals With Special Reference To "Yaws"In Agency Region Of West Godavari District Of Andhra PradeshDr. Rani Ratna Prabha .School of Social Sciences30-Mar-201330-Jun-2014
983Synthesis, Structure, And Phase Behaviour Of Novel Lipids And Interaction Of The Major Bovine Seminal Plasma Protein, Pdc-109 With Lipid MembrancesProf. Joginadha Swamy MSchool of Chemistry30-Mar-201329-Mar-2016
984The Role Of Rural Institutions In Enabling Adaptation To Climate Change In The Agricultural Sector Across Different Ecosystems In IndiaDr. Sridevi GSchool of Economics25-Mar-201328-Feb-2015
985Dalit & Adivasi Literature And ArtDr. Bhim SinghSchool of Humanities21-Mar-201331-Dec-2013
986Molecular Dynamics Studies Of The Hdac8 Isoform, Virtual Screening Of Potential Hdac8 Inhibitors Using Structure And Ligand Based Studies - Synthesis And Biological Screening Of Novel Hdac8 InhibitorsDr. Aruna Sree M.K .School of Life Sciences21-Mar-201320-Sep-2016
987FIST: Financial Assistance To The School Of Engineering Sciences & TechnologyDean, School Of Engineering Sciences & TechnologySchool of Engineering Sciences and Technology20-Mar-201319-Mar-2018
988National Seminar On 'Democratic Decentralization In India; Two Decades Of Constitutional Amendments: Experiences, Issues And ChallengesDr. Venkatesu ESchool of Social Sciences19-Mar-201318-Mar-2014
989Development Of Sic Based Mems Strain Sensors For High Temperature Structural Health Monitoring ApplicationsDr. Raj Kishora DashSchool of Engineering Sciences and Technology28-Feb-201327-Feb-2015
990Investigation Into Organophosphate Hydrolase (Oph) And The Orf306-Mediated Signalling Mechanism In Sphno Bium Fuliginis Atcc 27551 And Their Impact On Degradation Of Nitro Phenols And Other Aeromatic CompoundsProf. Dayananda SiddavattamSchool of Life Sciences15-Feb-201323-Jul-2016
991Zinc-Stapled Insulin Analog As A Pharmacological Drug For Diabetes: Molecular Dynamics Simulation StudiesDr. Moumita SaharaySchool of Computer and Information Sciences09-Feb-201309-Jan-2016
992Tbomics: An Omics Approach For Diagnosing TuberculosisDr. Sharmistha Banerjee .School of Life Sciences07-Feb-201301-Nov-2017
993Award Of DST Inspire FacultyDr. Rahul KumarSchool of Life Sciences04-Feb-201304-Jan-2018
994Functional Characterization Of Prostate And Testis Expressed (Pale) Genes In The Male Productive TractDr. Suresh Yenugu .School of Life Sciences31-Jan-201330-Jan-2016
995Phytomanagement Of Metalliferous SoilsProf. Prasad Narasimhavara MajetiSchool of Life Sciences31-Jan-201330-Jan-2016
996Datin, A Dos Regulon Protein Of M.Tuberci;Psos,Involved In Persistence And Maintanance Of The Granulomatous Stage(Translation Control And Innate Immune Functions)-A Potential Drug TargetDr. Niyaz Ahmed A. S.School of Life Sciences30-Jan-201329-Jul-2015
997Hyderabad Urban Lab:A Spatial Political Economy Of Waste In Hyderabad, India:A Geographies From Below ApproachDr. Vamsicharan V.School of Economics28-Jan-201327-Jan-2014
998Development Of Protein Nanoparticles Delivery System For Targeting Antiretroviral Drugs To Hiv Infected CellsProf. Anand K KondapiSchool of Life Sciences21-Jan-201320-Jan-2017
999Insa-Hon.Scientist R/P'the Science Behing Human Aging And Its Sociological Impact'Prof. Kalluri Subba RaoSchool of Medical Sciences12-Jan-201330-Nov-2014
1000Indo Japan Workshop On Signal Sensing And Transduction In Photosynthetic Organisms From Cyanobacteria To Land PlantsProf. Raghavendra A.SSchool of Life Sciences11-Jan-201311-May-2013
1001Development Of Community Radio Continuous Improvement Toolkit-Phase-IiProf. Kanchan K MalikS.N. School of Arts and Communication11-Jan-201330-May-2014
1002Transition-Metal-Catalyzed Oxidative Annulation Of Functionalized Heteroarene With Alkyness: Syntesis Of Various Heterocycles Through C-H Bond ActivationDr. Akhila Kumar SahooSchool of Chemistry11-Jan-201331-Oct-2016
1003Dbt-Crest AwardsDr. Seema MishraSchool of Life Sciences10-Jan-201331-Jan-2014
1004Seed Galactomannans And Proteins Analysis From Mimosoideae Taxa Of IndiaProf. Seshagirirao KSchool of Life Sciences10-Jan-201330-Sep-2017
1005Nanbioengineering Of Bioinspired Biopolymers-Nano3bioProf. Appa Rao Podile .School of Life Sciences10-Jan-201330-Sep-2017
1006Award Of DST Inspire FacultyDr. Shyamal BiswasSchool of Physics10-Jan-201331-Mar-2018
1007Thinking Through Religion And Religious InstitutionsProf. Rekha Pande .School of Social Sciences08-Jan-201331-Dec-2013
1008"Role Of Cytotoxic T Cells And Lymphotoxin-A In Neuronal Cell Death During Experimental Cerebal Malaria"Prof. Phanithi Prakash BabuSchool of Life Sciences08-Jan-201331-Jul-2017
1009Consultancy R/P"Anti-Hiv-I Activity Of Molecules"Prof. Anand K KondapiSchool of Life Sciences07-Jan-201330-Jun-2015
1010The Indian Diaspora: Continuities And Changes In Culture And EconomyProf. Ajaya Kumar SahooSchool of Social Sciences04-Jan-201330-Sep-2014
1011Dialectics Of New Direction Theory And Theatre Practice In India After 1980(Analysing And Codifying The Concepts, Contradictions 7 Approaches Of Indian Directors Towards Presentation)Dr. Satyabrata RoutS.N. School of Arts and Communication04-Jan-201330-Sep-2015
1012Evaluation Of The Voluntary Organizations Working For The Scheduled Tribes In Residential Schools; A Case Study Of Jharkhand, Chhatisgarh, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh And Madhya PradeshDr. Ramdas RupavathSchool of Social Sciences04-Jan-201331-Dec-2015
1013Insights Into Hopanogenesis Of Rhodomicrobium Sp.Ja643 And Their BioprospectingProf. Ch. Venkata RamanaSchool of Life Sciences04-Jan-201331-Mar-2016
1014Analysis Of Constitutive Expression Of Annbj2, Annat8 In Mustard/Arabidopsis And Tabacco Transgenic PlantsProf. Kirti P.BSchool of Life Sciences04-Jan-201331-Mar-2016
1015Characterization Of The Macrophage Immune Activation Status Following Plasmodium Sporozoite InfectionsDr. Kota Arun KumarSchool of Life Sciences04-Jan-201331-Mar-2017
1016Ramanujan Felloship To Dr. Hridayesh PrakashDr. Hridayesh Prakash .School of Life Sciences04-Jan-201331-Mar-2018
1017Pg Diploma In Children's Theatre / Theatre-In -EducationProf. Rajiv VelichetiS.N. School of Arts and Communication04-Jan-201331-Mar-2018
1018UGC-SAP-CAS-IProf. Kamaiah BSchool of Economics04-Jan-201331-Mar-2018
1019Award Of DST Inspire FacultyDr. Raghu GogadaSchool of Life Sciences04-Jan-201331-Mar-2018
1020UGC-SAP-CAS-I, Dept Of Plitical SciencesProf. Arun Kumar PatnaikSchool of Social Sciences04-Jan-201331-Mar-2018
1021Special Assistance Programme (Sap) From Dsa-Phase - I To Dsa Phase IiProf. Purendra Prasad NSchool of Social Sciences04-Jan-201331-Mar-2018
1022Monitoring Development Through Community Media:A Video Intervention By Women Community Producers Of Varanasi(Up)Prof. Kanchan K MalikS.N. School of Arts and Communication03-Jan-201315-Jul-2013
1023Scenography In A Digital Age: A Comparative Study Of The Impact Of New Media On Contemporary Indian And British Performance PracticeProf. Anantha Krishnan BS.N. School of Arts and Communication03-Jan-201330-Jun-2015
1024Ukieri Trilateral Partnership R/P"Stoichiometric And Polymorphic Variations In Cocrystal Synthesis"Prof. Ashwini NangiaSchool of Chemistry03-Jan-201330-Sep-2015
1025A Study On Association Of Social Capital With Microfinance And The Lo Cal Saving Programs Among Muslim Poor In Hyderabad/Andhra Pradesh, IndiaDr. Rosina NasirSchool of Social Sciences02-Jan-201331-Jan-2014
1026Proteomic And Genomic Approach To Assess The Antioxidative Efficacy Of Pyraclostrobin (F-500)On Drought-Stressed SoybeanProf. Attipalli R. Reddy .School of Life Sciences01-Jan-201331-Dec-2016
1027Idenfication Of Transcription Factors That Play Dual Role To Synchronize Mesonephric And Gonadal(Urogenital) Development In CatfishProf. Senthilkumaran BSchool of Life Sciences19-Dec-201218-Dec-2015
1028Nasi Senior Scientist Platinum Jubilee FellowshipProf. Bhatnagar A.K .School of Physics17-Dec-201216-Dec-2017
1029Identification Of Mirnas Essential For B Cell Fate Choice Of Hemetopietic Multipotent ProgenitorsProf. Jagan PongubalaSchool of Life Sciences01-Dec-201230-Nov-2016
1030Metabolomic Applications To The Identification Of New Therapentic Targets For Tuberculosis TreatmentDr. Sharmistha Banerjee .School of Life Sciences23-Nov-201222-Nov-2015
1031Contract For Services-2-Day Workshops-1)Voices For Change And Peace 2) Rethinking The Campus Community Radio Stations In IndiaProf. Vinod Pavarala .S.N. School of Arts and Communication15-Oct-201212-Oct-2013
1032Study Of Regulation Of Abc Transporters By Cyclooxgenase-2 (Cox-2) And Use Of Cox-2 Inhibitors In Reversal Of Drug Resistance By Abc TransportersDr. Aruna Sree M.K .School of Life Sciences08-Oct-201208-Sep-2015
1033Large Scale Synthesis Of Novel Carbon NanostructuresDr. Srikanth V.V.S.SSchool of Engineering Sciences and Technology24-Sep-201223-Sep-2015
1034Development Of Protein Nanoparticles Based Microbicidal Formulation In Combination Of Curcumin And Antiretroviral Agent(Nanocurearv)Prof. Anand K KondapiSchool of Life Sciences18-Sep-201217-Sep-2015
1035Sys Tb: A Network Program For Resolving The Intracellular Dynamics Of Host Pathogen Interaction In Tb InfectionDr. Sharmistha Banerjee .School of Life Sciences01-Sep-201207-Aug-2017
1036Isolation And Identification Of Anticancer Molecules From Genus ClerodendrumDr. Manjulatha KSchool of Life Sciences31-Aug-201230-Aug-2015
1037Funcational Molecular Infection Epidemiology Of Pathogenic Bacteria With New Generation Multidrug Resistant PhenotypesDr. Niyaz Ahmed A. S.School of Life Sciences30-Aug-201231-Mar-2016
1038Nodel Centre Of ExcellenceDr. Chandrashekara Rao BSchool of Social Sciences27-Aug-201226-Aug-2017
1039Unraveling The Mechanism Of Host Sumoylation In Regulating The Growth Of Plasmodium Liver StagesDr. Kota Arun KumarSchool of Life Sciences21-Aug-201220-Feb-2016
1040Pi Share Of OverheadsDr. Dr.Krishnaveni MohareerSchool of Life Sciences21-Aug-201220-Aug-2020
1041Computer Simulation And Nmr Investigation Of Responsive Materials For Photonics ApplicationProf. Sastry V.S.SSchool of Physics13-Aug-201212-Aug-2015
1042Functional Characterization Rin GeneDr. Vineetha Singh ChauhanSchool of Life Sciences16-Jul-201215-Jul-2015
1043Research Start-Up GrantDr. Raj Kishora DashSchool of Engineering Sciences and Technology12-Jul-201230-Jun-2015
1044UGC-BSR One Time GrantProf. Kumaraswamy K.CSchool of Chemistry07-Jun-201207-May-2015
1045Development Of A Nanoparticle Assisted Novel Chemical Mechanical Planarization Cmp Technology For Single Crystal Gallium Nitride Gan SubstrateDr. Dibakar Das .School of Engineering Sciences and Technology03-Jun-201225-Jun-2015
1046Study Of The Growth Inhibitory Efficacy Of Celecoxib In Combination With Antibiotics On Clinically Isolated Bacterial Strains And In Mouse Model Of SepsisDr. Aruna Sree M.K .School of Life Sciences30-May-201224-Jun-2015
1047Thermodynamic Stability And Folding Kinetics Of Protein Crowded EnvironmentDr. Prakash Prabhu NSchool of Life Sciences25-May-201224-May-2015
1048Bioinformatics Infrastructure Facility (Bif)Prof. Anand K KondapiSchool of Life Sciences17-May-201216-May-2017
1049Gene Expression And Organization Of Photosystems I And Ii Complexes Under Abiotic Stresses Influenced By Sate Transition Mechanism In Chlamydomonas ReinhadtiiDr. Rajagopal SubramanyamSchool of Life Sciences07-May-201201-Apr-2016
1050Emerging Regulatory Framework In The Urban Water Sector: A Comparative Study Of Karnataka And MaharashtraDr. Shaji SSchool of Social Sciences13-Apr-201204-Dec-2014
1051Factors Affecting Access Educational And Health Institutions By The Religious Minority (Muslims)Dr. Rosina NasirSchool of Social Sciences30-Mar-201229-Mar-2014
1052Development , Characterization And Validation Of Nanoparticles For The Adsorption Of Hydrophobic Uremic Toxins In Renal Failure Patients(Npore)Dr. Sarada Devi Tetali .School of Life Sciences30-Mar-201230-Sep-2016
1053Expression Profiling Of Host Immune Responsive Genes Activated By Ifn-Y During Plasmodium Liver Stage DevelopmentDr. Kota Arun KumarSchool of Life Sciences29-Mar-201228-Mar-2015
1054Identification Of Biomarkers Of Clock Disfunction In Aging And Parkinson's DiseaseDr. Anita JagotaSchool of Life Sciences29-Mar-201228-Sep-2015
1055Potential Role Of Mir-9 Regulation In C Xcr-4 Expression At Different Developmental Sages Of Human MegakaryocytesDr. Ravi Kumar G .School of Life Sciences28-Mar-201227-Mar-2017
1056Identification And Characterization Of New Iron-Dependent Post-Transcriptional Regulome Of MycobacteriaDr. Sharmistha Banerjee .School of Life Sciences28-Mar-201227-Mar-2017
1057Indian Languages Corpora Initiative (Ilci)-Oriya-Phase-IiProf. Panchanan MohanthySchool of Humanities21-Mar-201220-Jan-2017
1058Development Of Shallow Parser Tools For 12 Indian Laguages(Spt-Il)-OriyaProf. Panchanan MohanthySchool of Humanities19-Mar-201218-Dec-2016
1059Development Of Shallow Parser Tools For 12 Indian Laguages(Spt-Il)-HindiProf. Uma Maheswara Rao G .School of Humanities19-Mar-201218-Dec-2016
1060Understanding Genome Organization And Gene Expression In Response To Different Hexachlorocyclohexane (Hch) Isomere In Hch Degrading Bacteria And The Hch DumpsiteProf. Dayananda SiddavattamSchool of Life Sciences16-Mar-201215-Sep-2015
1061Studies On Epigenetic Regulation During Lactation And Its Impact On Milk BiosynthesisDr. Sreenivasulu KurukutiSchool of Life Sciences15-Mar-201214-Mar-2015
1062Role Of Toll-Like Receptor Signaling Mediated Disease Resistance In Indian PoultryDr. Ravi Kumar G .School of Life Sciences15-Mar-201214-Mar-2015
1063Exploration Of Antibacterial,Immunomodulatory And Anti-Inflammatory Activity Of Certain Ployphanolic Compounds And Role Of Nsaids On Activity Of Antibiotics In Bubaline MastitisDr. Aruna Sree M.K .School of Life Sciences15-Mar-201214-Mar-2015
1064Innate Immun E Responses In The Male Reproductive Tract Under Diabetic ConditionsDr. Suresh Yenugu .School of Life Sciences15-Mar-201214-Mar-2015
1065Development And Validation Of An Immunoassay For Screening Of Leptospirosis & Establishment Of A Referral Centre For The Scrrning Of Leptospirosis, A Neglected DiseaseProf. Manjula Sritharan .School of Life Sciences15-Mar-201230-Jun-2015
1066Identification Of Pregnant Women At Risk For Pre-Eclampsia1Dr. Athar Habib SiddiquiSchool of Medical Sciences14-Mar-201213-Mar-2015
1067Nbhm Visiting Professorship SchemeProf. Tandon RSchool of Mathematics and Statistics12-Mar-201230-Jun-2016
1068Photosynthesis And Hydraulic Conductance In Mulberry Under DroughProf. Attipalli R. ReddySchool of Life Sciences07-Mar-201208-Feb-2015
1069Lifelong Learning And ExtensionDirector CDVLUniversity of Hyderabad02-Mar-201231-Mar-2015
1070Immuno-Photocopying Of Human Aortic Endothelial Cells And Monocytes To Study Anti-Atherogenic Activity Of Boerhaavia Diffusa And Hemidesmus IndicusDr. Sarada Devi TetaliSchool of Life Sciences29-Feb-201228-Feb-2015
1071Coolabration By Indian Physicists On Neutrions ProjectsProf. Bindu A BambahSchool of Physics29-Feb-201231-Mar-2017
1072Nano Building Block Approch To Inorganic Organic Hybrid MaterialsDr. Viswanathan BaskarSchool of Chemistry17-Feb-201228-Feb-2015
1073Regulation Of Phosphorylation Of Elf2 Alpha Mediated Cell Death Or Survival In Sf9 Cells: Coincident Signalling Pathways, Chemical Chaperones, Specific Caspase(S) Proteases, And Role Of Altered Gene ProductProf. Ramaiah K.V.A .School of Life Sciences16-Feb-201228-Feb-2015
1074Operational Community Radio Stations In India:A Study Of Three Select Operational Radio Stations In U.P. & M.P.Prof. Vinod Pavarala .S.N. School of Arts and Communication05-Feb-201215-Jun-2013
1075Research AwardeeDr. Romesh SinghSchool of Social Sciences30-Jan-201229-Jan-2014
1076Sag-Cars-Compromised Node IdentificationProf. Siba Kumar UdgataSchool of Computer and Information Sciences12-Jan-201231-May-2014
1077Ion Beam Studies Of Modern Functional Materials-Synthesis,Modification And Characterization Of Nano-MaterialsProf. Anand P. PathakSchool of Physics12-Jan-201231-Dec-2016
1078Purification And Characterization Of Boswellic Acids And Their Derivatives From The Gum Resin Of Boswellia Serata (Burseraceae)Using Bioassay Guided Fractionation And Tof-MsDr. Sarada Devi Tetali .School of Life Sciences11-Jan-201231-Oct-2015
1079Partial Penetrance Of Glucose On Metablic Pathways Of Rubrivivax Benzoatilyticus Ja2t: An Omics Approch To Unreveal The Concept Of Viable But Non Cultutrable (Vbnc) StateDr. Deepshikha Gupta .School of Life Sciences11-Jan-201231-Oct-2015
1080Development Of Microwave Window Sections For Fusion Systems - Phase IiDr. Dibakar Das .School of Engineering Sciences and Technology10-Jan-201231-Aug-2015
1081Characterization Of Corneal Cell Death During Infection; Regulation And Cytoprotective Role Of Lacritin, An Eye Specific ProteinDr. Raja Ram Mohan Roy .School of Life Sciences10-Jan-201230-Sep-2015
1082Knowledge Economy Partnerships2012 Under The International Higher Exucation Program Sponsored By The British Council India & Implemented By Cardiff University Promoting Eye Care & Vision Research Between Leading Centres In The Uk & IndiaProf. Geeta K VemugantiSchool of Medical Sciences09-Jan-201231-Aug-2013
1083New Sapphyrin Derivatives For Anion DiscriminationDr. Pradeepta Kumar PandaSchool of Chemistry09-Jan-201231-Aug-2015
1084Laser Shock Peening(Lsp) Of 316ln Stainless Steel And Structured Metal SurfacesDr. Prem Kiran PaturiAdvanced Centre for Research in High Energy Material (ACRHEM)09-Jan-201231-Aug-2015
1085Infants Perception Of Rtythmic Pattern Cuse For Learning Of Word-Object And Word-Action RelationsDr. Madhavi Latha Kari .School of Medical Sciences08-Jan-201231-Jul-2015
1086Expression, Purification And Crystallographic Studies Of Protein Kinases From Plasmodium FalciparumDr. Insaf Ahmed QureshiSchool of Life Sciences08-Jan-201231-Jul-2015
1087Development Of A Novel Multiferroic For Ultrasensitive Magnetic Field SensorDr. Dibakar Das .School of Engineering Sciences and Technology08-Jan-201231-Jul-2015
1088Development Of Cpmv -Block-Copolymer Bioconjugate Nanoparticles Ans Synthesis Of Functional Nanocapsules With High Stability For Medical ApplicationsDr. Pradip PaikSchool of Engineering Sciences and Technology08-Jan-201231-Jul-2016
1089Towards Settiing Up A Resource Centre For Technology Enables Learning(Rectel)In Collaboration With The Open University U.K. For Funding Under The Knowledge Economy Partnerships Scheme Of British Council In IndiaProf. Vasuki Belavadi .S.N. School of Arts and Communication07-Jan-201230-Jun-2013
1090Impact Of Micro Entrepreneurial Development On Women EmpowermentProf. Jyothi P .School of Management Studies07-Jan-201230-Jun-2014
1091Trafficking Of Women In Andhra Pradesh And ManipurDr. Ajailiu NiumaiSchool of Social Sciences07-Jan-201230-Jun-2014
1092Socio-Cultural Political History Of Dalits: A Case Study Of Andhra PradeshDr. Swarupa R. Shankar YSchool of Social Sciences07-Jan-201230-Jun-2014
1093A Study Of Technical Terms And Neologisms In Telugu DailiesDr. Pammi Pavan KumarSchool of Humanities07-Jan-201230-Jun-2014
1094Systems Biology And Computational Drug For Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Latent InfectionDr. Seema MishraSchool of Life Sciences07-Jan-201230-Jun-2014
1095Theatre Outreach Unit :Enhancing Livelihoods Of Parishat Artists-Phase-IiProf. Anantha Krishnan BS.N. School of Arts and Communication07-Jan-201231-Jul-2014
1096Dialectical Study On Modern Telugu Fiction With Special Reference To Rayalaseema Region In Andhra Pradesh (The Districts Kurnool, Anantapuram, Ysr Kadapa, Chittoor And Nellore)Dr. Vijayalakshmi DSchool of Humanities07-Jan-201231-Dec-2014
1097Building Construction In Medieval India: A Stgudy In Medieval Science And TechnologyDr. Sanjay Subodh .School of Social Sciences07-Jan-201231-Dec-2014
1098Compendium Scientific Interpretation Of Ayurvedic References In Sanskrit LiteratureDr. Prasad J.S.R.ASchool of Humanities07-Jan-201231-Dec-2014
1099Theatre Repertories In South India: An Analytical Study Through The Changing Times With An Extensive Video DocumentaitonDr. Joly Puthussery .School of Social Sciences07-Jan-201231-Dec-2014
1100Implementation Of Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (Mgnregs) And Its Impact On Socio-Economic Status Of The Tribals: A Comparative Study Of Andhra Pradesh And OdishaDr. Ramdas RupavathSchool of Social Sciences07-Jan-201231-Dec-2014
1101A Study Of Brand Management Practices In Select Service OrganizationsDr. Sapna SinghSchool of Management Studies07-Jan-201231-Mar-2015
1102Mining For New Alleles In Tomato Copi Using Eco-TillingDr. Y. SreelakshmiSchool of Life Sciences07-Jan-201230-Jun-2015
1103Identification And Characterization Of Novel Microrna Of Clinical Importance From Nneonatal And Adult Derived MegakaryocytesDr. Ravi Kumar G .School of Life Sciences07-Jan-201230-Jun-2015
1104The Vernacular Religous Architecture: Discourses Of Locale, Landscape And LordsDr. Dr. Baishali GhoshS.N. School of Arts and Communication07-Jan-201230-Jun-2015
1105Binding, Conformational And Molecular Dynamic Simulation Studies Of Different Phytomedicines With Human Serum AlbuminDr. Rajagopal SubramanyamSchool of Life Sciences07-Jan-201230-Jun-2015
1106Study Of Nanoparticles Blended Biodiesel Emulsion Fuel For Efficient Working Characteristics Of A Diesel EngineDr. Raj Kishora DashSchool of Engineering Sciences and Technology07-Jan-201219-Aug-2015
1107Identification And Characterization Of Xa21 And Xa13 Alleles Conferring Disease Reistance To Xanthomonas Oryzae Pv Oryzae Form Wild Rice Species Oryza NivaraDr. Irfan Ahmed Ghazi .School of Life Sciences07-Jan-201231-Dec-2015
1108Identification Purification And Characterization Of Protein Phosphatses Pp1 From Leishmania DonovaniDr. Insaf Ahmed QureshiSchool of Life Sciences07-Jan-201231-Dec-2015
1109Precision Stressing By Uv-B Radiation To Improve The Quality Of Coriender And TrigonellaProf. Prasad Narasimhavara MajetiSchool of Life Sciences07-Jan-201231-Dec-2015
1110Identification And Epidemiological Survey Of Dengue Virus Serotypes Occurring In South India During 2011-14Dr. Musturi Venkataramana .School of Life Sciences07-Jan-201231-Dec-2015
1111Role Of Leptin As A Cytokine Inducer In Case Of Visceral Ieishmaniasis Caused By Leishmania Donovani ParasiteDr. Radheshyam MauryaSchool of Life Sciences07-Jan-201231-Dec-2015
1112Development Of Gas Sensing Carbon Nanopipe/Polyaniline Composite Thin FilmsDr. Srikanth V.V.S.SSchool of Engineering Sciences and Technology07-Jan-201231-Dec-2015
1113Community Participation In Primary Education In Tribal Areas: A Comparative Study Of Andhra Pradesh And KeralaDr. Srinivasa Rao VasantaSchool of Social Sciences06-Jan-201231-May-2014
1114Novel Solid-State Forms Of Api'sProf. Ashwini NangiaSchool of Chemistry06-Jan-201231-May-2015
1115Deciphering Molecular Mechanism Of Induction Of Biotic Stress Tolerance By Trichoderma Spp In Castor (Recinus Communis L.) Under The National Fund For Basic Strategic And Frontier Application Research In Agriculture9nfbsfara0Dr. Ragiba Makandar .School of Life Sciences06-Jan-201231-May-2015
1116Comparative Proteomics Tomato Verens Wild Relatives Cluving Fruit ColourativeDr. Dr. Y. SreelakshmiSchool of Life Sciences06-Jan-201231-May-2015
1117Expression & Purification Of L1 Proteins & Vlp's Of Human Papilloma Virus & Use Of Vlp's As Potent Vaccine CandidateProf. Dayananda SiddavattamSchool of Life Sciences06-Jan-201231-May-2018
1118Student Achievement Survey During 2011-12Dr. Nagaraju GSchool of Social Sciences05-Jan-201231-Dec-2013
1119Expansion Of Technology Incubation & Development Of Entrepreneurs(Tide)In The Areas Of Electronics And IctProf. Guruswamy RajaramSchool of Physics05-Jan-201231-Mar-2017
1120Pitambar Pant National Environment Fellowship Award For Year 2007 & R/P Phytoproducts From Plants Applied In Phytoremediation Of Heavy Metal Contaminated SitesProf. Prasad Narasimhavara MajetiSchool of Life Sciences04-Jan-201230-Jun-2014
1121Metal-Ditholene Derivatives Toward Multifunctional And Bio-Active Materials Synthesis Characterization & PropertiesDr. Samar K Das .School of Chemistry04-Jan-201231-Mar-2015
1122Cloning & Characterization Of Plasmodium Flaciparum Topoisomerase ViDr. Sunanda Bhattacharya .School of Life Sciences04-Jan-201231-Mar-2015
1123Study Of Heterochromatin Assembly In Plasmodium FalciporumDr. M.K.BhattacharyyaSchool of Life Sciences04-Jan-201231-Mar-2015
1124Influence Of Dopingon The Multiferric Propertiesof Ybmno3(Crs-M-178)Prof. Bhatnagar A.K .School of Physics04-Jan-201231-Mar-2015
1125Visco Elastic Properties Of Nano Particle Dispersed Liquid CrystalsDr. Surajit Dhara .School of Physics04-Jan-201231-Dec-2015
1126Development Of Super Hard Nanocomposite Nitride Coatings For Erosion ResistanceProf. Ghanshyam Krishna MSchool of Physics04-Jan-201231-Mar-2016
1127Rheology Of Nanoparticle Dispersed Thermotropic Liquid CrystalsDr. Surajit Dhara .School of Physics04-Jan-201230-Nov-2016
1128UGC-SAP-DRS-I Dept Of HistoryDr. Sanjay Subodh .School of Social Sciences04-Jan-201231-Mar-2017
1129Pg Diploma In Health Communication (One Year) Dept Of CommunicationDr. Usha RamanS.N. School of Arts and Communication04-Jan-201231-Mar-2017
1130Centre For Women's StudiesDr. Deepa SreenivasSchool of Social Sciences04-Jan-201231-Mar-2017
1131Molecular Basis Of Groundnut-Pgpr Interaction And Development Of Liquid Formulation For Field ApplicationProf. Appa Rao Podile .School of Life Sciences03-Jan-201228-Feb-2015
1132Identification And Characterization Of Different Post-Translation Modifications Of Hdac4Dr. Aruna Sree M.K .School of Life Sciences01-Jan-201231-Jan-2015
1133In Silico Design Identification And In Vitro Validation Of Lead Molecule Inhibitors To Bcr-Abi-KinaseProf. Lalitha GuruprasadSchool of Chemistry01-Jan-201231-Mar-2015
1134Gene Targeting Of A Novel Protein Kinase Involved In Plasmodium Ubiquitin-Proteasomal Pathway;Implications For Developing A Transformation Defective PhonotypeDr. Kota Arun KumarSchool of Life Sciences01-Jan-201231-Mar-2015
1135University With Potential For Excellence, Phase-IiChief CoordinatorUniversity of Hyderabad01-Jan-201230-Jun-2017
1136UGC-BSR One Time GrantProf. Raghavendra A.SSchool of Life Sciences26-Dec-201125-Dec-2013
1137A Computational Model Of Temporal Dynamics Of Subjective Experience EmotionsDr. John Eric SteephenSchool of Medical Sciences07-Dec-201107-Nov-2014
1138To Evaluate The Immuno-Modulatory Properties Of Withania Somnifera Leaf Extract In Visceral LeishmaniasisDr. Radheshyam MauryaSchool of Life Sciences30-Nov-201129-Nov-2014
1139UGC-BSROne Time Grant,Prof. Ashwini NangiaSchool of Chemistry23-Nov-201122-Nov-2013
1140UGC -BSR One Time GrantProf. Periasamy MariappanSchool of Chemistry23-Nov-201122-Nov-2014
1141UGC-BSR One Time Grant.Prof. Basavaiah DSchool of Chemistry23-Nov-201122-Nov-2015
1142Creation Of DST Geospatial Professpr Chair In Honour Of Dr. K.L.Rao Chair At UoHDirector UCESSSchool of Physics16-Nov-201116-Nov-2016
1143Interferon Action Against Bacerial InfectionDr. Paramananda SaikiaSchool of Life Sciences11-Nov-201111-Oct-2016
1144Molecular GeneticsDr. Niyaz Ahmed A. S.School of Life Sciences11-Nov-201131-Dec-2019
1145Development And Deformation Behavior Of Bulk Nanostructured Multiphase AlloysDr. Koteswararao V RajulapatiSchool of Engineering Sciences and Technology21-Oct-201120-Oct-2014
1146Role Of Er Stress And Elf2 In Neurodegeneration During Fatal Murine Cerebral MalariaProf. Phanithi Prakash BabuSchool of Life Sciences02-Oct-201131-Mar-2015
1147Interaction Between Proteome And Metabolome Networks During Tomato Fruit RipeningDr. Dr. Y. SreelakshmiSchool of Life Sciences28-Sep-201131-Mar-2017
1148Biofortification Of Tomato By Targeted Manipulation Of The Biosynthetic PathwaysProf. Prof. R. P. SharmaSchool of Life Sciences28-Sep-201131-Mar-2017
1149Development Of Closed Die Forging Technology For Tejas Main Base Plate Undercarriage Fitting ComponentProf. Padmanabhan K.A.School of Engineering Sciences and Technology16-Sep-201131-Jul-2014
1150Identification And Molecular Characterization Of A New Virus Causing Severe Mosaic Disease In Melons (Cucumis Melo)Dr. Gopinath KodethamSchool of Life Sciences12-Sep-201112-Aug-2014
1151Senior Research Associateship SchemeDr. Jagadeshwar VannadaSchool of Chemistry03-Sep-201103-Aug-2014
1152First Principles Study Of Emerging Photonic MaterialsDr. G.S VaitheeswaranAdvanced Centre for Research in High Energy Material (ACRHEM)18-Aug-201117-Aug-2014
1153Development Of Organophosphate Hydroiase Nanoparticle Based Formulations For Deontamination Of Nerve AgentsProf. Dayananda SiddavattamSchool of Life Sciences21-Jul-201115-Dec-2014
1154Role Of Human Bone Marrow Heterologous Messenchymal Stem Cells In Stroke ModelProf. Phanithi Prakash BabuSchool of Life Sciences20-Jul-201119-Jul-2016
1155Unraveling Of Conserved Stress Responsive Mechanism Using Isynechocystis Sp.Pcc6803 As A ModelDr. Prakash J.S.S .School of Life Sciences14-Jul-201113-Jul-2014
1156UGC-SAP-DRS-I Dept Of AnthropologyProf. Venkat Rao PSchool of Social Sciences09-Jul-201109-Jun-2016
1157Implementation Of The India-Japan Research Project Entitled: "Cell Type Specificity Of Dynamic Signalling Network For Pathogen Recognition In Plants"Prof. Raghavendra A.SSchool of Life Sciences28-Jun-201127-Jun-2013
1158Study Of Regulation Of Bacterial Efflux Pumps By Cyclooxygenase-2 Inhibitor, CelecoxibDr. Aruna Sree M.K .School of Life Sciences27-Jun-201126-Jun-2014
1159Stability And Folding Of Proteins In Reverse Micelle CapsulesDr. Prakash Prabhu NSchool of Life Sciences20-Jun-201119-Jun-2014
1160Understanding The Transcriptional Regulation And Identification Of Global Regulators Of Pe/Ppe Genes Of Mycobacterium TuberculosisDr. Vaibhav VindalSchool of Life Sciences16-Jun-201115-Jun-2014
1161Assessing Carbon Sequestration Efficiency Among Four Bio-Fuel Trees Under Elevated Co2Prof. Attipalli R. Reddy .School of Life Sciences01-Jun-201102-May-2014
1162Prediction And Validation Of Cis-Acting Regulatory Elements In The Genome Of Cyanobacterium Synechocystis Sp.Pcc6803Dr. Prakash J.S.S .School of Life Sciences27-May-201107-Apr-2013
1163UGC-DRS-I, Dept Of Computer Information SciencesProf. Arun K PujariSchool of Computer and Information Sciences04-May-201104-Apr-2016
1164Carbohydrate Derived Enantioselective Systhesis Of Sprio-Cyclic Natural ProductsDr. Ramu Sridhar PeraliSchool of Chemistry01-May-201115-Mar-2014
1165Pharmaceutical Cocrystals:Engineering And ProteinsProf. Ashwini NangiaSchool of Chemistry01-May-201131-Mar-2014
1166Proteomic Structural And Functional Characterization Of Photosystem I And Ii From Chiamydomonas Reinhardtii Under Iron DeficiencyDr. Rajagopal SubramanyamSchool of Life Sciences26-Apr-201131-May-2014
1167Characterization Of Some Pathogen Induced Defense Genes In Tobacco Through Heterologous ExpressionProf. Kirti P.BSchool of Life Sciences26-Apr-201130-Jun-2014
1168The Potential Of Male Reproductive Tract Specific Antimicrobial Proteins And Peptides To Contain Genital Tract Infections: Studies Using The Rat Epididymitis Model SystemDr. Suresh Yenugu .School of Life Sciences10-Apr-201128-Feb-2015
1169UGC-SAP-DRS-I Prof. Arun K PujariSchool of Computer and Information Sciences05-Apr-201105-Mar-2014
1170Identification And Characterization Of Pathogen Associated Molecular Patterns (Pamps) And Candidate Effector Genes In Powdery Mildew Fungus (Erysiphe Pisi) Through Transcriptome ProfilingDr. Ragiba Makandar .School of Life Sciences02-Apr-201108-Mar-2014
1171Role Of Htra2, A Serine Protease In Mitochondrial Biogenesis And Aging In Mouse Model Implications For Parkinson's DiseaseDr. Naresh Babu V SepuriSchool of Life Sciences30-Mar-201129-Mar-2014
1172Exploring The Efficiency Of Carbon Sequestration Potential In Tree Species Under Elevated Co2 LevelProf. Attipalli R. Reddy .School of Life Sciences24-Mar-201123-Mar-2016
1173Establishing The Relationship Between Responses In Multiple Neuronal Pathways Converging On A Common Brain CenterDr. Joby JosephSchool of Medical Sciences18-Mar-201117-Mar-2014
1174Synthesis And Anion Binding Studies Of Biscalix(4) Pyrroles Potential Host For Cooperative Anion BindingDr. Pradeepta Kumar PandaSchool of Chemistry15-Mar-201114-Mar-2014
1175Discovery Of Bioactive Natural Products From Microbes Especially Actinomycetes In Niche Biotopes In ManipurDr. Sharmistha Banerjee School of Life Sciences15-Mar-201114-Sep-2014
1176Characterization Of Topoisomerase It Beta-Associated Senescence Mechanisms In Neurons In Vitro Ans In VivoProf. Anand K KondapiSchool of Life Sciences14-Mar-201113-Sep-2014
1177Hybrid Organometallic Coordination Complex Materials For Nonlinear OpticsProf. Narayana Rao DesaiSchool of Physics11-Mar-201111-Mar-2014
1178Implementation Of The India-Japan Research Project Entitled: "Gas [ Phase Electronic Spectroscopic Study Of The Ionic Liquids'Prof. Anunay SamantaSchool of Chemistry06-Mar-201106-Feb-2013
1179Thermochromic Responsive Metello Supramolecular Polymeric MaterialsDr. Chandrasekar R .School of Chemistry14-Feb-201113-Feb-2014
1180To Determine The Role If Th1 And Th2 Immune Response Against Leishmania Infection In Healthy Human Pbmcs And Human Monocytic Cell Line (Thp-1)Dr. Radheshyam MauryaSchool of Life Sciences11-Jan-201131-Oct-2014
1181Development And Inequality: What Can The 'Asia' Experience Teach Us?Dr. Vamsicharan V.School of Economics09-Jan-201131-Aug-2014
1182Synthesis Of 2-C Acetonyl Sugars As Gicnac And Gainac MinicsDr. Ramu Sridhar PeraliSchool of Chemistry07-Jan-201131-Dec-2014
1183Beyond The Standard Model With B And Neutrino PhysicsDr. Rukmani MohantaSchool of Physics07-Jan-201131-Mar-2015
1184Centre Of Excellence Advanced Centre For Research In High Energy Materials(ACRHEM)-Phase-IiDirectorAdvanced Centre for Research in High Energy Material (ACRHEM)06-Jan-201131-Mar-2017
1185Nonadiabatic Quantum Reactive Scattering Dynamics On Multi-Sheeted Potential Energy SurfacesProf. Susanta MahapatraSchool of Chemistry04-Jan-201130-Sep-2014
1186Establishment Of Centre For Classical Languages - TeluguProf. Aruna Kumari GSchool of Humanities04-Jan-201131-Mar-2016
1187Identification And Molecular Tagging Of Virulence And Pathogenesis Genes Of Powdery Mildew Fungus (Erysiphepsi) Using Genomic ToolsDr. Ragiba Makandar .School of Life Sciences03-Jan-201128-Feb-2014
1188Award of J.C. Bose FellowshipProf. Radhakrishnan T PSchool of Chemistry03-Jan-201128-Feb-2021
1189History Of Mala DasariDr. Murali ManoharSchool of Humanities02-Jan-201131-Jul-2013
1190Socio-Culture Study Of Madigas In Telugu LiteratureProf. Darla Venkateswara RaoSchool of Humanities02-Jan-201131-Jul-2013
1191Funcational Analysis Of Novel Variants Of Human Tim44, A Mitochondrial Inner Membrane Receptor, Which Co-Segregate With Thyroid Carconmas By Using Yeast, Saccharomyces Cerevisiae, SystemDr. Naresh Babu V SepuriSchool of Life Sciences02-Jan-201128-Feb-2014
1192Molecular Apprach For SelectionProf. Padmaja GSchool of Life Sciences02-Jan-201131-Mar-2014
1193Identification, Purifification, Structure And Function Characterization Of Lipid Transfer Proteins In Fenugreek Seeds (Trigonella Forenum-Graceum)Prof. Lalitha GuruprasadSchool of Chemistry02-Jan-201131-Mar-2014
1194Standardization Of India Scale Of Adolescence WellbeingProf. Meena HariharanSchool of Medical Sciences02-Jan-201131-Aug-2014
1195Development Of Patentable Hiv Inhibitors Targeted To Hiv-1 Associated Topoisomerase Ii Beta KinaseProf. Anand K KondapiSchool of Life Sciences02-Jan-201131-Mar-2015
1196Award of J.C. Bose FellowshipProf. Suresh VenapallySchool of Mathematics and Statistics02-Jan-201131-Jan-2016
1197Award of J.C. Bose FellowshipProf. Kumaraswamy K.CSchool of Chemistry02-Jan-201131-Jan-2021
1198Twas-Unesco Fellowship SchemeProf. Sen K.DSchool of Chemistry29-Dec-201030-Jun-2013
1199Rapid Purification And Characterization Of Proteinase Inhibitors From Cultivars And Wild-Type Of Cajanus Cajana Active Against Lepidopteran InsectsDr. Padmasree K.P.M.S.V .School of Life Sciences21-Dec-201020-Dec-2013
1200Mta1 Phosphorylation In Tumor MetastasisDr. Bramanandam ManavathiSchool of Life Sciences05-Dec-201005-Nov-2015
1201DST - Award Of Ramanujan Fellowship - Establishing The Relationship Between The Responses In Multiple Neuronal Pathways Converging On A Common Brain CentreDr. Joby JosephSchool of Medical Sciences15-Nov-201014-Nov-2015
1202Functional Characterization Of Hypothetical Proteins Enclosed By Genes Sll1252 And Sll1130 In The Cyanobacterium Synechocystis Sp.Pcc6803Dr. Prakash J.S.S .School of Life Sciences08-Oct-201008-Sep-2013
1203Identification Of Candidate Genes For Enhanced Water Use Efficiency In Rice Through Activation TaggingProf. Kirti P.BSchool of Life Sciences22-Sep-201021-Mar-2017
1204Elicitor-Loaded Nanoparticles For Crop ProtectionProf. Appa Rao PodileSchool of Life Sciences18-Sep-201017-Sep-2014
1205Metabolite Library Of Curcuma Longa L. And C. Aromatica : Construction Variability In Cultivars And Assessment Of Therapeutic PropertiesProf. Raghavendra A.SSchool of Life Sciences15-Sep-201014-Sep-2013
1206Sequence- Index Library Mutations In The Tomato GenomeProf. R. P. SharmaSchool of Life Sciences09-Aug-201003-Jul-2016
1207Evaluation Of Insecticidal Potential Of Proteinase Inhibitor Purified From Cajanus Cajan(C11)Against Achaea JanataProf Padmasree K.P.M.S.V School of Life Sciences30-Jul-201029-Jul-2013
1208Expression Of Jnk And Role Of Pentoxifyline On Neurological Outcome During Cerebral Malaria In Mice ModelProf. Phanithi Prakash BabuSchool of Life Sciences24-Jun-201031-Jul-2015
1209A Genome-Wide Screen For Factors Involoved In Nuclear Organization In Saccharomyces CerevisiaeProf Krishnaveni MishraSchool of Life Sciences08-Jun-201006-Jun-2014
1210Award of J.C.Bose Fellowship,Prof. Ashwini NangiaSchool of Chemistry07-Jun-201007-May-2020
1211Flavobacterium Sp Atcc 27551 Plasmid Borne Orf306 Induced Changes In Theexpression Profile Of E.Coli Proteins And Their Role In Catabolism Of P-NitrophenolProf. Dayananda SiddavattamSchool of Life Sciences13-May-201005-Dec-2013
1212Investigations On Gauge Theory In Noncommutative Space And Emergent GravityProf. Siva Kumar MSchool of Physics08-May-201008-Apr-2013
1213FIST: Fiancial Assistance to  Department Of Animal Sciences Head, Dept. Of Animal BiologySchool of Life Sciences30-Apr-201029-Apr-2015
1214Construction Of A Transverse Cooled Li-Atomic Beam For Plasma DiagnosticsDr. Ashoka S VudayagiriSchool of Physics17-Apr-201031-Mar-2015
1215Development Of Indradhanush: An Integrated Wordnet For OriyaProf. Panchanan MohanthySchool of Humanities08-Mar-201031-Oct-2013
1216Identification Of The Sumoylation Target In Heterochromatin Establishment In YeastDr. Krishnaveni MishraSchool of Life Sciences08-Feb-201031-Aug-2013
1217Ontogeny Of Monpaminergic System In The Male And Female Brain Of Cateish And Its Input To Gonadal DevelopmentProf. Senthilkumaran BSchool of Life Sciences08-Feb-201030-Sep-2013
1218Generation Of Vector Beams Using Optical Fibers And Their ApplicationsDr. Nirmal Kumar ViswanathanSchool of Physics12-Jan-201030-Nov-2015
1219Gene Regulatory Networks Controlling B Cell Fate CommitmentProf. Jagan PongubalaSchool of Life Sciences11-Jan-201030-Apr-2014
1220Expression Analysis Of Candidate Disease Resistance Genes And Allele Mining In RiceDr. Irfan Ahmed GhaziSchool of Life Sciences10-Jan-201030-Sep-2013
1221Itpar - Phase Ii - Framework Microsystems Thematic Joint Research Sub-Projects (Iii) Development Of New Materials For Ir And Tetra-Hertz DetectorsProf. James Raju K.C .School of Physics10-Jan-201030-Sep-2013
1222Award Of J.C.Bose FellowshipProf. Sharika Nandan KaulSchool of Physics10-Jan-201030-Sep-2015
1223Award of J.C. Bose FellowshipProf. Anunay SamantaSchool of Chemistry08-Jan-201031-Jul-2020
1224Selection Of Suitable Combination Of Chitosan And Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria(Pgpr)For Tomato And Elucidate The Mechanism Using Molecular ApproachesProf. Appa Rao PodileSchool of Life Sciences07-Jan-201030-Jun-2013
1225Development Of Robust Document Image Analysis And Recognition System For Printed Indian Scripts(Telugu)-Phase-IiProf. Atul NegiSchool of Computer and Information Sciences07-Jan-201030-Jun-2016
1226Lilly International Grantee Scholar-Jubilant Bhartia Chair ProfessorProf. Goverdhan MehtaSchool of Chemistry07-Jan-201031-Jul-2019
1227Development Of Indian Language To Indian Language Machine Translation System(Ililmt)-Phase-IiProf. Uma Maheswara Rao G School of Humanities05-Jan-201031-Dec-2015
1228Special Assistance Programme (Sap) Drs-IProf. Pramod K NayarSchool of Humanities04-Jan-201031-Mar-2015
1229UGC-CAS-II, School Of ChemistryDean, School Of ChemistrySchool of Chemistry04-Jan-201031-Mar-2015
1230Max Planck Partner GroupDr. Chandrasekar RSchool of Chemistry04-Jan-201019-Dec-2016
1231Validating The Gene Stages Of MalariaDr. Kota Arun KumarSchool of Life Sciences02-Jan-201031-Jul-2013
1232Multi-Centric Investigation On Brihatpanchamoola With Special Reference To Anti-Inflammatory Profiling Of Young RootsProf. P. ReddannaSchool of Life Sciences02-Jan-201014-Mar-2014