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Patents List

Faculty Name: Title: Department: Year: Status:
S.No. Name of the Faculty Department Title Patent No. Year Status
1Prof. V. Seshu BaiSchool of PhysicsMethod of Coating Emission Enhancement Film on Dispenser Cathodes by Chemical Route2951702018Granted
2Eedara Veera Venkata Ramaprasad, Chintalapati Sasikala & Chintalapati Venkata RamanaDepartment of Plant SciencesA microbiological method using marine water for the production of Neurosporene from a marine bacterium Rhodovulum sp. JA756T and compositions containing the said pigment and process for making the same3063352019Granted
3Eedara Veera Venkata Ramaprasad, Chintalapati Sasikala & Chintalapati Venkata RamanaDepartment of Plant SciencesA process for extraction of Neurosporene from a novel phototrophic bacterium Rhodobacter virids JA 737 and utilization thereof3063422019Granted
4Prof. Appa Rao PodileDepartment of Plant SciencesA process for synthesizing Higher Chain Chito Oligosaccharides (CHOS)3210562019Granted
5Dr. S. Brahadeeswaran, K. Thirupugalmani, M Venkatesh & Dr. A.K. ChaudharyACRHEMSolution grown organic single crystal N- Benzyl-2-Methyl-4-Nitroaniline and a method of growing thereof for TERAHERTZ applications3461122020Granted
6Bikash Kumar Sikder, Moumita Dhara & Prof. Tushar JanaSchool of ChemistryHydroxy Terminated Polybutadiene (HTPB) Based Polyurethanes3332152020Granted
7Blaka Barakakaty, Saheli Dey & Nitesh SinghACRHEMGreen synthetic method for the synthesis of Bis(Fluoroalkyl) Carbonate3712892021Granted
8Prof. Anand Kumar KondapiDepartment of Biotechnology & BioinformaticsNovel anti-HIV-1 heteroaromatic compounds targeted to HIV-1 associated Topoisomerase II Beta Kinase3851402021Granted
9Prof. Anand Kumar KondapiDepartment of Biotechnology & BioinformaticsHigh active Antiretroviral combination drugs loaded Lactoferrin nanoparticles for first-line and second-line therapy3834572021Granted
10Pidugu Vijaya Rao, Nagendra Sastry Yarla, Srinivasa Rao Pedada & Kalle M Aruna SreeDepartment of Animal BiologyHistone deacetylase inhibitory oxadiazoles linked with Glycine/Alanine3825312021Granted
11Bikash Kumar Sikder, Prof. Tushar JanaSchool of ChemistryProcess for the synthesis of 4- (Dimethylsilane)-Alkylferrocene3808562021Granted
12Rajanna Gugulothu, Anuj A VargeeseACRHEMA process for the manufacture of high purity Ammonium Dinitramide (ADN)3803482021Granted
13Vikranth Thaltiri, V Shanmugapriya & Pradeepta KumarPandaSchool of ChemistryAn efficient process for the synthesis of N- substituted Tetranitropyrrole3782252021Granted
14Pallu Reddanna, Kakularam Kumar Reddy, Nooruddin Khan, Harshavardhan Dattarao Bhuktar & Manojit PalDepartment of Animal BiologyHeterocyclic compounds as Lipoxygenase inhibitors3775652021Granted
15Prof. Anand Kumar KondapiDepartment of Biotechnology & BioinformaticsNanoparticles of Lactoferrin and a method of preparing nanoparticles of Lactoferrin3877062022Granted
16Vikranth Thaltiri, Kurumurhty Chavva & Pradeepta Kumar PandaSchool of ChemistryProcess for preparing energetic salts of Nitro and/or Nitramino derivatives of Pyrrole3892402022Granted
17Prof.K Anantha PadmanabhanSchool of Engineering Sciences and Technology (SEST)Sintered in-situ titanium carbide based boronized ceramic cutting tool and method of making the same3909722022Granted
18Koorella Rajasekhar, Raatalu Nayudu & Ramkoti GugulothuACRHEMNovel compound 1,2,4,4- Tetranitropyrazolidine-3,5-Dione (ACRAJONE) and process for its synthesis3892482022Granted
19Prof. Dibakar DasSchool of Engineering Sciences and Technology (SEST)A novel abrasive free chemical mechanical planarization (AFCMP) of non-polar and semi polar III-V Nitride surfaces3964832022Granted
20Prof. Pradeepta Kumar PandaSchool of ChemistryA facile high-yield synthesis of N- Methyltetranitropyrrole (NMTNP)3986862022Granted
21Koorella Rajasekhar, Ramkoti Gugulothu & Raatalu NayuduACRHEMScalable and cost-effective process for the synthesis of 4,10-Dinitro-2,6,8,12-Tetraoxa-4,10-Diazatetracyclo [,903,11] Dodecane (TEX)4057802022Granted
22Prof. Appa Rao PodileDepartment of Plant SciencesChitosan-based multifunctional liquid bio- fertilizers and methods of preparation thereof4083042022Granted
23Mutyalanaidu Ganivada, Sourav Jana & Prof. Tushar JanaACRHEMProcess for the synthesis of Butacene with the control over iron content4127552022Granted
24Prof. Appa Rao PodileDepartment of Plant SciencesBiopesticide compositions comprising stable harpinpss-loaded chitosan nanoparticles and methods thereof4162772022Granted
25Prof. Dibakar DasSchool of Engineering Sciences and Technology (SEST)A Process of Manufacturing barium Zinc and Tantalum Ceramics for Microwave Application4704702023Granted
26Mithun Chakraborty & Prof. Tushar JanaSchool of ChemistryEnvironmentally benign glucose based Biscarbonate monomers synthetic process thereof4603362023Granted
27Prof. Pradeepta K PandaSchool of ChemistrySubstituted Bronzaphryins, A 26p ( Hexaphyrin as Shortwave Infrared Fluorescent Dyes4546132023Granted
28Dr. Murali BanovothSchool of ChemistryAdditive assisted perovskite single crystal growth method for optoelectronic applications.4482682023Granted
29Prof. Anand Kumar KondapiDepartment of Biotechnology & BioinformaticsNovel formulation containing native Or recombinant apotranferrin or lactoferrin nanoparticle loaded with biological alone or in combination with chemotherapeutic agent for targeted delivery4398032023Granted
30Prof. Musturi Venkataramana,Department of Biotechnology & BioinformaticsDesign, synthesis and evaluation of B4N (DUHSLBTMV16072018-1) and T4N(DUHSLBTMV16072018-2), the derivatives of Nordihydro Guairetic Acid (NDGA) as potential inhibitors of Dengue virus protease4336312023Granted
31Sharmistha Banerjee, Mani Harika Vemula, Sumanlatha Gaddam,Ramya SivangalaDepartment of Biotechnology & BioinformaticsA novel biomarker for detection of pulmonary and extra-pulmonary tuberculosis4323272023Granted
32Prof. Surajit DharaSchool of PhysicsMethod for controlling transport and for measuring electric dipole moment of metallo- dielectric particles in liquid crystals4203532023Granted
33Dr. Arunasree M.KDepartment of Animal BiologyMethods and compositions for increasing antibiotic uptake in pathogenic bacteria by using NSAID co-crystals4193932023Granted
34Prof.K.P.M.S.V. Padmasree , Prof M.K.ArunasreeDepartment of Biotechnology & BioinformaticsMethod for separation and purification of multifunctional proteins Bowman-Birk and Kunitz inhibitors4725072023Granted
35Dr. N. Senthilnathan and Prof. T. P. Radhakrishnan.School of ChemistryDiaminodicyanoquinodimethane Based Dyes for Bioimaging5012592024Granted
36Prof. K. C. James RajuCASESTLaser based method to crystallize ferroelectric thin film at sub 300 c temperatures for tunable microwave devices4993242024Granted
37Prof. K. C. James Raju, Prof. V. Seshu BaiCASESTA Method for preparing dielectric resonators of arbitrary shapes4955312024Granted
38Dr. Rishi BharadwajSchool of Medical SciencesSystem and Method for Binocular Vision Testing Using a Virtual Reality Display5141972024Granted
391.Srinivasan, Balaji 2.Viswanathan Nirmal KumarSchool of PhysicsAn Optimised Manufacturing Process for Stable Fiber Bragg Gratings(FBGS)5291462024Granted
40Prof Rajagopal Nagarajan, Prof P.Prakash BabuSchool of ChemistryThiazolyl-indole derivatives as fluorescence probes4944792024Granted
41Swati Ghosh Acharyya, Gadde Ravi Kiran, Byram Chandu, Soma Venugopal, Tarak Nath De & Badiganti Veera SekharACRHEMProcess for preparation of multi-layer Graphene and nanocomposites thereof5166762024Granted
42Prof. R ChandrasekarSchool of ChemistryMolecular single-crystal photonic micro-resonators and method of fabricating thereof5304722024Granted
43Prof. K. C. James RajuSchool of PhysicsLaser based method to crystallize ferroelectric thin film at sub 300 c temperatures for tunable microwave devices2019Published
44Prof. Naresh Babu V SepuriDepartment of BiochemistryNovel therapeutic uses of KISSPEPTINS in reversing aging-related neurodegenerative disorders2020Published
45Prof. R BalamuruganSchool of ChemistryDiphenylamino-Methylene Malononitrile based compounds as fluorescence probes2020Published
46Bikash Kumar Sikder & Prof. Tushar JanaSchool of ChemistryProcess for the synthesis of Ferrocenyl- Alkyl-Thiol and its grafting with Hydroxy Terminated Polybutadiene (HTPB)02020Published
47Dr. Rishi BhardwajSchool of Medical SciencesA System and method for Binocular vision testing using a Virtual Reality Display Applicant2020Published
48Prof. Goverdhan MehtaSchool of ChemistryIndole-ynone mediated Benzoannulation process for the preparation of Carbazoles-Carbazomycin a, Calothrixin B and Staruosporinone thereof2020Published
49G R Anil, Dr. Dumala AnveshiniSchool of Computer & information Sciences(SCIS)A novel system based on random sample consensus (ransac) for iris recognition in non-ideal imaging conditions002021Published
50Prof. TP. RadhakrishnanSchool of ChemistrySPOROTAN: A New spore selective fluorescent dye for identification of cryptic bacterial sports2021Published
51Prof. Vini Singh, Prof. Rajender SinghSchool of Engineering Sciences and Technology (SEST)3D-printed droplet-based microreactor for synthesis of magnetic and metallic nanoparticles02021Published
52Arun Avinash Chauhan, Dr. Siba Kumar UdgataSchool of Computer & Information Sciences(SCIS)Process for difference-based data aggregation and recovery02021Published
53Prof. P. Prakash BabuDepartment of Biotechnology & BioinformaticsThiazolyl-indole derivatives as fluorescence probes4944792021Published
54Balaka Barkakaty, Kumar Harish Keerthi, Saheli DeyACRHEMNovel Fluoro-nitrato energetic plasticizer compound for high energy applications and a process of preparation thereof02021Published
55Eedara Veera Venkata Ramaprasad, Chintalapati Sasikala, Chintalapati Venkata RamanaDepartment of Plant SciencesCulture medium and methods for production of secondary metabolites by a probiotic bacterium Zooshikella Marina JC333T002021Published
56Prof. Sreenivasulu KurukutiDepartment of Animal BiologyMethod of pooling multiple reverse indexed DNA/RNA samples and adding single indexed forward primer and application thereof02022Published
57Moumita Dhara, Prasannatha Banumelli, Billa Narasima Rao & Prof. Tushar JanaSchool of ChemistryProcess for the synthesis of environmentally benign Diamines and Diisocyanates monomers02022Published
58Prof. Musturi VenkataramanaDepartment of Biotechnology & Bioinformatics"NS2BNS3PRO antigen for diagnosis of Dengue virus infections"2022Published