Research & Development Cell - University of Hyderabad

Faculty Expertise

S.NoFaculty NameSubject Expertise AreaEmail(s)School/Dept.
1Dr. A. Bindu Madhava ReddyCell Signaling and Gene Regulationbinduaramati@gmail.comLife Sciences (Animal Biology)
2Dr. A. R. ManzarModern criticism, Modern prose and poetrymanzarar1@gmail.comHumanities/Urdu
3Dr. A. Rajani KanthCondensed Matter Physics (E)arksp@uohyd.ernet.inPhysics
4Dr. A. S. JalandharachariMathematics Education and Education Sciences (DEET)
5Dr. Abhijeet JoshiAdvaita Vedanta, Contemporary Indian Philosophy, Philosophy of, abhijitjoshi1977@gmail.comHumanities/Philosophy
6Dr. Abhiram Soori<p>Theoretical Condensed matter Physics (T), Quantum dots simulation</p>
7Dr. Ajitha KattaCommunity based Research, Ageing and Disability, Health Care for the Vulnerable Population.ajithakatta@gmail.comMedical Sciences
8Dr. Akash GautamResearch supplies for use in the applicants home laboratory" with this : Effect of curcumin in regulating the expression of synaptic plasticity genes in amnesic mice Sciences/CNCS
9Dr. Akash GulyaniCellular Dynamics and Imaging, Biosensors for protein activity and cell signaling, fluorescent probes for mitochondrial activity and cell state, Natural light sensing and processing, photoreceptors, Eye-brain Sciences (Biochemistry)
10Dr. AlibaAoMetamorphic Petrology, (CEAOS)
11Dr. Alok Kumar PandeyEnvironment and Society; Natural Resources and Indigenous Communities; Nomadic and Pastoral Societies; Mountain Regions (Himalayan and Western Ghats); Development and Livelihoods; Anthropological Theories; Ethnography; Sciences (Anthropology)
12Dr. AnaghaIgoleInternational Relations, Political Thought, Religion and Caste in Indian Sciences (Political Science)
13Dr. Anjali PriyaSemiconductor Devices, Nanoscale Device modeling and simulation, VLSI Design (Analog) (CASEST)
14Dr. Anjana SSurvival And Statistics
15Dr. Anjaneya Swamy KareGraph Algorithms, Parameterized Complexity and Social And Information Sciences
16Dr. Annem NareshTranslation Studies, Postcolonial /CALTS
17Dr. Anurekha Chari WaghSociology of Gender, Development studies, Agrarian studies, Citizenship lights and Teaching and, Sciences (Sociology)
18Dr. Aparna DevareComparative Politics, Historiography, Indian Politics, International Relations Theory, Post- colonial Theory, World, Sciences (Political Science)
19Dr. Appa Rao ThamminainaIdentity Studies, Anthropology of Policy, Urban Anthropology, Anthropological Theories, and Tribal Sciences (Anthropology)
20Dr. Aranyakumar MunenniA multi instrumental artiste working on Wolf-tone management in Esraj &amp; Dilruba instruments. He is skilled in making musical instruments and working on designing a new Naidu Arts & Communication (Music)
21Dr. Archana Subhash MoryeAlgebraic Geometrysarchana.morye@gmail.comMathematics And Statistics
22Dr. Arshia JabeenCriticism, Modern Prose and Poetry, Non Fictional Prose and Journalismarshizee@gmail.comHumanities/Urdu
23Dr. Arvind S. SusarlaGeography of Hazards and Disasters, Environmental Studies, Communicating Risksarvss.uoh@nic.inSocial Sciences (Regional Studies)
24Dr. Ashoka V. S.Quantum Optics. Laser Cooling, Quantum Information, ferrofluids (E),
25Dr. Asima JenaSexuality Studies, Sociology of Health, Sociology of, Sciences (Sociology)
26Dr. Athar Habib SiddiquiCardiovascular and Renal Physiology, Biochemistry, Hypertension in Pregnancyatharhabib@gmail.comMedical Sciences
27Dr. Avatharam GMachine Learning and Soft, And Information Sciences
28Dr. B KrishnaiahIndian Writing in English, Indian English Women&rsquo;s Fiction, Postcolonial Studies, Dalit Studies.krishnavardhan18@gmail.comHumanities/English
29Dr. B. Ananda SagarWestern Epistemology, Skepticism
30Dr. B. Bhujanga ReddyClassical & Modern Telugu Grammar, Classical & Modern Literature, Translation Studiesbbreddy65@gmail.comHumanities/Telugu
31Dr. B. Eswara RaoIdeas of Hygiene and Sanitation, History of Science, Dalit History Ideas of Hygiene and Sanitation, History of Science, Dalit,, bonelaeswar@gmail.comSocial Sciences (History)
32Dr. B. Nageswara RaoEmpirical primary studies related to developmental issues of Dalits and Tribalbknraohcu786@gmail.comEconomics
33Dr. B. ShobhaStatistical Inference and,, And Statistics
34Dr. B.G. ManjunathExtreme Value Theorybgmanjunath@gmail.comMathematics And Statistics
35Dr. Baishali GhoshArchitecture, material, artistic practice, and, baishalighosh@gmail.comSarojini Naidu Arts & Communication (Fine Arts)
36Dr. Barilang MawlongTheoretical High Energy Physics (T) Flavour Physics phenomenology, CP violation, Physics beyond the Standard, barilang05@gmail.comPhysics
37Dr. Bhaskar LamaJewish American Writings, African American Literature, Indian English Drama.bhasu.lama@gmail.comHumanities/English
38Dr. Bhawna GomberTrigger Electronics for CMS experiment at LHC, CERN, Algorithm development and implementation in, (CASEST)
39Dr. Bhim Bahadur SubbaComparative Politics, International Relations, Chinese, bhimsubba@gmail.comSocial Sciences (Political Science)
40Dr. Bhukya ThirupathiModern Literature, Literary Criticism, History of Literature, Folk & Tribal Literature, Dalit Literature, Comparative Literature, Feminist Literature, Structure of Telugu language, and Evolution of Telugu Language.thirupathi2612@gmail.comHumanities/Telugu
41Dr. Bichhalal MotilalAdvanced. Political. Economybmotilal@gmail.comEconomics
42Dr. Biju B. LPolitical Theory, Indian Political Process, Politics of, Sciences (Political Science)
43Dr. Biswajyoti Saha Number, And Statistics
44Dr. C. Naga lakshmiSociology of Work and Organizations, Sociology of Science and, Sciences (Sociology)
45Dr. C. T. AnithaPublic health policy, Disease Epidemiology, Biological and Behavioral Surveillance, Food Safety and Security, Gender Issues, Maternal, Neonatal, Adolescent Health and Nutrition.ctanitha@gmail.comMedical Sciences
46Dr. C. VanlalhruaiiHealth Psychology, Sciences/Health Psychology
47Dr. Chandra B. VarmaBuddhism, Indian Philosophy, Phenomenology, Translation of the Philosophical Works from Pali, Prakrit and Sanskrit into,,
48Dr. D. PavaniStudy of Music Treatises and Manuscripts, Analytical and Stylistic Studies in Music, Study of Music in Interdisciplinary subjects and allied Art forms and Music Naidu Arts & Communication (Music)
49Dr. D. V. Srinivas KumarCustomer Relationship Management, Services Marketing, Customer Experience Management, Business, srinivasdaruri@gmail.comManagement Studies
50Dr. D. Vijaya KumariFolk Literature, Dalit Literature, Feminist Literature, Desi Literature, Cultural History of Andhras, History of Telugu Literature, Classical Literature.dasara.vijayakumari@gmail.comHumanities/Telugu
51Dr. Devleena Mani TiwariOrganic matter in Ancient and Recent sediments to derive useful insights upon its source, properties and paleo &amp; depositional (CEAOS)
52Dr. Digambar PawarDigital Forensics, Cloud Computing, Cyber And Information Sciences
53Dr. G. VenkataiahCondensed Matter Physics, Magnetic Materials & Multiferroics, Electric field control of Magnetism (E),
54Dr. G. VijayEnvironmental, gudavarthyvijay@hotmail.comEconomics
55Dr. G.B Madhu, madhubabu.g.b@gmail.comLife Sciences (Biotechnology And Bioinformatics)
56Dr. Geetha GopinathEnvironmental Education, Social Science Education, and Educational Sciences (DEET)
57Dr. George Tharakan CKinship Studies, Theories of Culture, Indian Sciences (Anthropology)
58Dr. Girish D PawarCultural Studies, New Literatures in English, Theatre, Modern Literatures and Transmedia
59Dr. Gopika Sankar UGeocriticism, Diaspora fiction, Literature and values, Contemporary Indian English fiction, British and American fiction and poetry, Spatiality, mobility and migration studies, ELT.ullatgopika@gmail.comHumanities/English
60Dr. Gopinath KodethamMolecular Plant, kodethamg@gmail.comLife Sciences (Plant Sciences)
61Dr. Gracious Mary TemsenSyntax, Linguistic Typology, Language Documentation, Khasi Linguistics, Descriptive &amp; Comparative, gmtemsen@gmail.comHumanities /CALTS
62Dr. Habeeb Nisar“Study Of IndianMusic in someselectedUrduBooksdrhabeebnisar.dhn@gmail.comHumanities/Urdu
63Dr. Hoineilhing SitlhouNorth East India, Religion and Culture, Post-Colonial Studies, Sociology of, Sciences (Sociology)
64Dr. Insaf Ahmed QureshiStructural, insafqureshi@gmail.comLife Sciences (Biotechnology And Bioinformatics)
65Dr. IsmaielUnderstand the nature of continental break-up, crustal accretion and sediment deposition pattern in the ocean, ismaiel@iitdalumni.comPhysics (CEAOS)
66Dr. J. AtmaramFunctional Hindi, Hindi Language and, atmaram.hcu@gmail.comHumanities/Hindi
67Dr. Janardhan Rao CheeliTelevision Production, Documentary Production, Participatory, janardhanraocheeli@gmail.comSarojini Naidu Arts & Communication
68Dr. JastiAppa SwamiAcademic Writing, Discourse Studies, Genre Pedagogy, Systemic Functional Linguistics, Professional Communication, Corpus Applications to Language Learning and Language Studies
69Dr. Jayeeta Lahiri Experimental Condensed Matter Physics, Surface and Material Science (E)jlsp@uohyd.ernet.inPhysics
70Dr. Joby JosephNeuroscience. In particular, how information is processed in the neuronal systems leading to perception and behavior: Experimental techniques used are in vivo electrophysiology, immuno-cytochemistry and imaging in simple organisms along with computational approachesbadjoby@gmail.comMedical Sciences/CNCS
71Dr. Jogi Madhu PrakashCAZymes, Protein Engineering and, madhuprakash25@gmail.comLife Sciences (Plant Sciences)
72Dr. Joly PuthusseryFolk Theatre, Performance Theory, Public Performance and Discourse, Religion and Theatrical Practices, and Material Culturejputhussery@gmail.comSocial Sciences (Folk Culture Studies)
73Dr. Jovan Jose K.VDevelopment and application of novel theoretical methods to study large molecules and
74Dr. Joy AnuradhaLinguistics, Stylistics, Psycholinguistics, English Language Education, Communication and Soft Language Studies
75Dr. Jyothi Hymavathi DeviEnglish Language Teaching, Translation Studies, Research Methods, Education, Inclusive Education, Psychology of Language Language Studies
76Dr. K. Guru VidyathriComputational Materials Thermodynamics, Calphad, Thermodynamic assessment, Alloy design, High-entropy Sciences And Technology
77Dr. K. ParameswariComputational Linguistics &amp; Machine Translation, Linguistic /CALTS
78Dr. K. Raja Ram Mohan RoyCellular homeostasis, Inflammation and Tumorigenesisroykarnati@gmail.comLife Sciences (Animal Biology)
79Dr. K. Rama Chandra RaoHealth Economics, Urban Economics,Macroeconomic issues and policies, Agricultural,
80Dr. K. RamuluMaterials Management,Financial Management, Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Financial Risk Management, Security Analysis and Portfolio Management and Financial, Studies
81Dr. K. Y. RatnamIndian Politics, Dalit politics in India, Democratic process in, ratnamkonda09@gmail.comSocial Sciences (Political Science)
82Dr. Kavita ChauhanPhilosophy of Art, Indian Philosophy.kavita.anhal@gmail.comHumanities/Philosophy
83Dr. Kirtana ThangaveluCheriyal paintings, an painted and not written form of Caste Puranas that originate from the area of Warangalkirtana_99@yahoo.comSarojini Naidu Arts & Communication (Fine Arts)
84Dr. Kitoholi V Zhimo (Adhoc/ Guest Faculty)Encompasses Qualitative Research, Medical Anthropologykitoholizhimo@gmail.comSocial Sciences (Anthropology)
85Dr. Konda Venkata NagarajuOptometry, Innate immunity, myopia, contact lenses, antibacterial surfaces, ocular surface and infectionskondavn@gmail.comMedical Sciences
86Dr. Krishna Reddy ChettediMacroeconomic Policy analysis and Financial Economicskrishnareddy5111@gmail.comEconomics
87Dr. Limakumba WallingMacroeconomics, Classical Political Economy and economic
88Dr. LNV, srinivaslnv.lnv@gmail.comSarojini Naidu Arts & Communication (Fine Arts)
89Dr. M NagamaniHuman Computer and Interaction, Robotics, Embedded System and Signal processing, Data Engineering for Science and Social science and Language, manidcis@gmail.comComputer And Information Sciences
90Dr. M. MuthamilarasanNutrigenomics and stress biology of, muthamilarasan@gmail.comLife Sciences (Plant Sciences)
91Dr. M. N. RajeshReligious movements and institutions in early medieval Tamilagam and the history of religion in Tibet.mnraja@gmail.comSocial Sciences (History)
92Dr. M. Sumanth DattTilting modules for Algebraic, And Statistics
93Dr. M. Surya Durga PrasadExpert in general Epidemiology and Epidemiology of Infectious diseases and Non Communicable diseasessurya354@gmail.comMedical Sciences
94Dr. M. VaralakshmiHealthy and Cognitive Ageing, Women and Child Health, Non-Communicable diseases, Health Care Ethics, Social and Gender Equity dimensions of Health.varamanchana@gmail.comMedical Sciences
95Dr. M. Venkata ramanaHost-Virus, musturi.venkataramana@gmail.comLife Sciences (Biotechnology And Bioinformatics)
96Dr. M. Vijaya RamadasEnvironment and empire, British imperial and commonwealth history, animal studies, colonial governance, cultural geography, environmental histories of the Gonds and the Baigas, colonial education and architecture, and the French Revolution of 1789m.vijayramdas@gmail.comSocial Sciences (History)
97Dr. M.K. ArunasreeEpigeneticsamksl@uohyd.ernet.inLife Sciences (Animal Biology)
98Dr. M.T. AnsariComparative Literature, Cultural Studiesansarimt@gmail.comHumanities/Comparative Literature
99Dr. Madhavi RavikumarPrint and Broadcast Journalism, Convergence Journalism, Development Communication, Digital Media, madhaviravik@gmail.comSarojini Naidu Arts & Communication
100Dr. Mahadev KalyankarMetabolic Disorders, NAFLD / NASH, Insulin Signaling, Diabetes and Obesity.Mahadev_kalyankar@yahoo.comMedical Sciences
101Dr. Manjari KiranCancer Genomics; RNA Sciences (Systems And Computational Biology)
102Dr. Manju Sharmaelucidating role of molecular interactions at microscopic level to develop molecular level tools for tailoring the functional and topological properties of materials for applications - Carbon capture, Enhanced nucleation of pharmaceutical drug
103Dr. Md KashifFiction (modern and classical) Modern Prose and Poetry, Non Fictional Prose and
104Dr. Md. Abdul SaifullaNetwork Traffic Engineering, Network Management Systems, Server Load Balancing, Data Center And Information Sciences
105Dr. Meera PadhyDevelopmental and Educational Psychology Health Sciences/Health Psychology
106Dr. Mohan C. NamdevCombinatorial Number Theory, Additive, mncsm@uohyd.ernet.inMathematics And Statistics
107Dr. Mohd. AkifProtein Science, Structural Biology, Crystallography, Protein Interaction, Structural Sciences (Biochemistry)
108Dr. Morey Dipak TryambakPhonetics, Phonology: Linear and Non-Linear, moreydeepak48@gmail.comHumanities /CALTS
109Dr. Moumita SaharayComputational Biophysics, Molecular biomimetics, Bioethanol Production from Plant Sciences (Systems And Computational Biology)
110Dr. Murali BanavothAdvanced Functional Materials for Solar Energy Conversion: Perovskite Photovoltaics: Single crystal solar cells. Quantum dot solar
111Dr. N Rukma RekhaCryptography, Infornation Security, Block chain Technologies, Pervasive Computing and Computer And Information Sciences
112Dr. N. D. S. S. Naga SeemaCommunity Health, Counseling, Stress Management, Leadership Development, Yoga, nagaseemavsp@gmail.comMedical Sciences/Health Psychology
113Dr. N. Sri Ram GopalUltrafast femtosecond lasers, Multidimensional spectroscopy, Laser surface patterning, Nonlinear optics, Optical design, 2DIR Two dimensional infrared spectroscopy, Space Based Telescope,
114Dr. Nagender Kumar SuryadevaraInternet of Things,Wireless Sensor Networks,Real-Time Data And Information Sciences
115Dr. Nageswara Rao VemuriMany Valued And Statistics
116Dr. Naveen KumarCommunity Studies, Folklore and Community Development, Folklore and Globalization, Ritual Studies, and Field Methodology.naveencfs@gmail.comSocial Sciences (Folk Culture Studies)
117Dr. Nekuri NaveenData Mining, Optimization techniques, Neural And Information Sciences
118Dr. Nishath AhmedDacani Literature prose and poetry, Modern prose and
119Dr. P. Anil KumarPodocytes, Hypoxia, Diabetic Nephropathy, Chronic Kidney, Sciences (Biochemistry)
120Dr. P. AnupamaNetworking, Systems Security, Operating And Information Sciences
121Dr. P. ChiranjeeviDynamical Systemschiru.hcu@gmail.comMathematics And Statistics
122Dr. P. MuruganMultivariate Data Analysis Techniques, Mediation Analysis, Moderation Analysis, Covariance and Partial Least Square based Structural Equation Modeling, Latent Profile Analysis, and Item Response, muruganphd2011@gmail.comManagement Studies
123Dr. Pankaj Singh DholaniyaTheoretical and Data BIology, Bioinformatics Data Science, Neurological Disorders, Disease, pankaz.d@gmail.comLife Sciences (Biotechnology And Bioinformatics)
124Dr. Parul MishraUbiquitin mediated protein degradation, Protein Engineering, Chaperone networks in neurological diseases and Sciences (Animal Biology)
125Dr. Pragya PyasiMusic pedagogy, Stylistic analysis of music and interdisciplinary studies involving Music, allied art forms and other disciplines like psychology, sociology Naidu Arts & Communication (Music)
126Dr. Prajna Paramita MishraEconomicsprajnasujit@gmail.comEconomics
127Dr. Pramod Kumar MishraOperations and Supply Chain Management, Project Management, Service Operations Management, Supply Chain Analytics, Revenue Management, Decision Studies
128Dr. Pramod Rajaram SomvanshiSystems and Computational Medicine, Therapeutic Engineering, Chronotherapeutics, Biomedical informatics, Life systems Sciences (Systems And Computational Biology)
129Dr. Prasad TammineniAutophagy, vesicular trafficking, Mitochondria, lysosomes, Alzheimer's disease, Sciences (Animal Biology)
130Dr. Pratap KolluMagnetic Sensors and Materials, Lab-on-Chip Biosensors, Multiferroics and Battery, pratapkollu@gmail.comElectronics (CASEST)
131Dr. Punam SinghHuman Resource Management, Organizational Behavior, Corporate Social Responsibility, Performance Management and Compensation Studies
132Dr. R. Prasantha KumarCorporate Finance & Accounting, Investments, Startup Finance Modeling, Studies
133Dr. R. ThirunavukkarasuEthnicity and Nationalism, Social Movements, Caste and, Sciences (Sociology)
134Dr. Radheshyam MauryaHost Pathogen Interaction, Mechanism of Drug Resistance and Drug Discoveryrmusl@uohyd.ernet.inLife Sciences (Animal Biology)
135Dr. Rafia BegumFiction, Modern Fiction Non- fiction and poetrydrrafiabregum55@gmail.comHumanities/Urdu
136Dr. Raj kishora DashSmart Materials, Carbon based Hybrid &amp; Nanocomposite, Functional Materials, 1D, 2D Nanostructure, Structure-properties correlation at micro and nanoscale, Nanostructured Thermoelectric materials, Advanced Processing of Nanostructured Materials, Advanced Materials,Advanced Characterization of Materials at Nano/Micro Scale, MEMS, NEMS, Sensors, Bio-MEMS, Microfluidic devices and Nano/Micro,, Sciences And Technology
137Dr. Rajendra Prasad LalGraph Algorithms, Mathematical Programming, Computational, rlal77@gmail.comComputer And Information Sciences
138Dr. Ramesh Kumar MishraCognitive Psychology, Psycholinguistics, cognitive Sciences/Health Psychology
139Dr. Ramesh NanjundanTribal Linguistics, Language Documentation, English Language /CALTS
140Dr. Ranjit Kumar DehuryHealth Studies, Maternal Health, Total Quality Management in Hospital, Strategic Management in Health Care, Health Manpower Planning, Marketing Management of Health Care, AYUSHranjitkumardehury@gmail.comManagement Studies
141Dr. RashmiGender history, textile history and aspects of military, rashmichs@gmail.comSocial Sciences (History)
142Dr. Ravula KrishnaiahPhilosophy of Education, Sociology of Education, Constructivism, Politics and Education, Yoga Sciences (DEET)
143Dr. Ritima DasSeismology, Tectonics, Geophysical, ritima08@gmail.comPhysics (CEAOS)
144Dr. S. B. Rathna KumarSpeech Language Pathology, Hearing Sciences, Phonetics, Psycholinguistics and /CALTS
145Dr. S. IlangovanLie Algebra, Representation Theory.igilangovan@gmail.comMathematics And Statistics
146Dr. Sachin Bhanudas BallalOrdered Algebra, Lattice Theoryballalshyam@gmail.comMathematics And Statistics
147Dr. Salah PSociology of Violence, Region and Collective Identities, Migration and Borderlands, Marginalized Sciences (Regional Studies)
148Dr. Santosh Kumar PadhiEngineering enzymes for biocatalysis, protein engineering, green chemistry, enzymes for asymmetric synthesis, synthesis of pharmaceutical intermediates and industrial, Sciences (Biochemistry)
149Dr. Saradindu BhattacharyaNarratives of Trauma, Young Adult literature, Popular Culture and
150Dr. Seema MishraComputational Systems Biology in Cancers, Molecular oncology, Molecular dynamics, Sciences (Biochemistry)
151Dr. Shaji. SInternational Relations, Foreign Policy of India, Foreign Policies of Developing States, Transfer of Technology and International, Sciences (Political Science)
152Dr. Shashi KiranProtein ubiquitination and deubiquitination in cellular processes and disease, HPV induced oncogenesis, posttranslational modifications in cellular, Sciences (Biochemistry)
153Dr. Sheela SuryanarayananGender and Assisted Reproductive Technologies, Maternal Health, Gender and,Social Sciences (CWS)
154Dr. Shinod N. K.History and Philosophy of, shinodnk@gmail.comHumanities/Philosophy
155Dr. Shree DeepaEnglish Language Teaching, Stylistics, Education, Inclusive Education, Critical Language Studies
156Dr. Shyamal BiswasStatistical &amp; Condensed Matter Physics (T),
157Dr. Siddharth SatpathyVictorian Literature and Culture, Post-Colonial Thought, Indian Intellectual Traditions in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries, Religious Culture, Literary History, Novel and,
158Dr. Sipoy Sarveswar (Adhoc/ Guest Faculty)Kinship and Caste Studies in South Asia, Voluntary Association, and non- kinship group formation in the urban centers, Film and Media Studies, Religious studiessipoysarveswar@gmail.comSocial Sciences (Anthropology)
159Dr. Sireesha TeluguIndian Writing in English, American Literature, South Asian Women&rsquo;s Diasporic Literature, Women&rsquo;s Studies.sireeshatuoh@gmail.comHumanities/English
160Dr. Sneha BanerjeeInternational Politics, Gender Studies, Comparative Politics, Global Political Economy, Feminist Political Theory, Politics of Reproduction, Public, snehabanerji@gmail.comSocial Sciences (Political Science)
161Dr. Soma SanyalCosmology and Astrophysics and in Relativistic heavy ion, sossp@uohyd.ernet.inPhysics
162Dr. Soman Abhay AnantAlgebra & Number And Statistics
163Dr. Sreepati RamuduDalit Studies, Caste, Public Policy, Child Labour and Social Sciences (CASEIP)
164Dr. Sri Alex MathewSculpturealexmathew57@gmail.comSarojini Naidu Arts & Communication (Fine Arts)
165Dr. Sri Lakshmi SunkaraGeophysics, Nonlinear Time series analysis, Neural Networks, Seismics, Rock Physics, srilakshmi.ucess@gmail.comPhysics (CEAOS)
166Dr. Sriparna DasTranslation Studies, Gender Studies, Literature Studies, Multilingualism, Audi-Visual, sriparna2006@gmail.comHumanities /CALTS
167Dr. Sudipta SaraswatiGenetic analysis of cognition using Drosophila as a model system; relationship between genes, brain and cognitive process; behavioral neuroscience.Sudipta_saraswati@yahoo.comMedical Sciences/CNCS
168Dr. Sunanda BhattacharyyaYeast genetics, Molecular and cellular Biology, Molecular Parasitologysdeb70@gmail.comLife Sciences (Biotechnology And Bioinformatics)
169Dr. Sunita MishraPolitics of English Language Education, Sociolinguistics, Discourse Studies, Critical Pedagogy, History of English Language Teaching in India, especially Odisha, and Indian Philosophy of, Language Studies
170Dr. Suvashisa RanaPositive Psychology, Positive Organizational Behavior, Peace Psychology, and, suvemail@gmail.comMedical Sciences/Health Psychology
171Dr. Syed FazlullahUrdu Journalism, Fiction, Nonfiction, Comparative Literature Modern & Classical prose and Deccani Literaturedrfazal95@gmail.comHumanities/Urdu
172Dr. T. SaravananUse of enzyme catalysis in the asymmetric synthesis of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs)
173Dr. T. Sobha RaniBioinformatics, Machine Learning Techniques, Language And Information Sciences
174Dr. T. SumaliniCurriculum Studies, Experiential Learning and Educational Sciences (DEET)
175Dr. T.K.S. MoothathuTopological,, And Statistics
176Dr. V. J. VargheseEconomic history, transnational migrations, modern subjectivities, regional modernities and modern, Sciences (History)
177Dr. V. JanardhanSociology of Industrial Relations; Corporate Business and, Sciences (Sociology)
178Dr. V. RajagopalModern south Indian history, in particular in the history of the Telugu-speaking people of the erstwhile Madras, Sciences (History)
179Dr. V. Srinivasa RaoCommunity Participation, Regional Education, Politics of Tribal Development, Adivasi/Tribal Regions, Exclusion and Inclusion of Sciences (Regional Studies)
180Dr. V. Vamshi Krishna ReddyCultural Studies, Film Studies and Critical, vamshi.vemireddy@gmail.comHumanities/Comparative Literature
181Dr. Vaibhav VindalComputational Functional, vaibhav1101@gmail.comLife Sciences (Biotechnology And Bioinformatics)
182Dr. Varsha MamidiMachine Learning, Predictive Analytics, Financial Analytics, Big Studies
183Dr. VeerababuPublic Policy, Rural Development, Governance, and Public, veerababu.ou@gmail.comSocial Sciences (Political Science)
184Dr. Venkanna /CALTS
185Dr. Venkata Girish KotnurStructure process correlation in nano-structured PVD thin, girish.venkata@gmail.comEngineering Sciences And Technology
186Dr. Venusa Tinyilogic, research methodology, and Analytic Philosophy.tinythought@gmail.comHumanities/Philosophy
187Dr. Vijay KanawadeAerosol nucleation, aerosol-cloud physics, aerosol-cloud-radiation-rainfall interactions, biomass burning and urban air, vijaypk06@gmail.comPhysics (CEAOS)
188Dr. Vijay MorampudiGut inflammation, host-probiotic-enteric pathogen interactions, inflammatory bowel, Sciences (Biochemistry)
189Dr. VivekComputational Systems Sciences (Systems And Computational Biology)
190Dr. Wilson NaikNetwork Forensics, Systems Security, And Information Sciences
191Dr. Y V Subba RaoCryptography, Theory of Computation, DBMS, Data And Information Sciences
192Dr. Y. Swarupa R ShankarInterests include gender studies, legal and business, Sciences (History)
193Dr. Y. Viswanatha NaiduLinguistics &amp; Computational Linguistics, Semantic /CALTS
194Dr. Yalla RamachandraraoQuantum Optics, Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics, Nanophotonics and Diamond, yallaramachandrarao@gmail.comPhysics
195Mr. Saik Abdul MunafSpecialization in Anthropological Archaeology, Ethnoarchaeology and Indian, obilisam@gmail.comSocial Sciences (Anthropology)
196Ms. Anjali Lal GuptaTheory and Practice of Journalism, Narrative Journalism, Features and Analytical Writing, Development Naidu Arts & Communication (Communication)
197Prof. A. K ChaudharyNonlinear Optics; Laser Spectroscopy; Involved in development of THz spectroscopy; Tunable laser based Phot-acoustic sensors for,, akcsp@uohyd.ernet.inPhysics
198Prof. A. Sankara-NarayananAnalytic Number And Statistics
199Prof. A.K. BhuyanMultidisciplinary Chemistry,Protein Folding and Relaxation Dynamics, Application of Soft Matter Principles to Protein
200Prof. A.S. RaghavendraPlant Molecular Physiology, Plant, asrsl@uohyd.ernet.inLife Sciences (Plant Sciences)
201Prof. Ajailiu NiumaiGender, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and Development, North East Studies, Indian Diaspora and Philanthropyajainiumai@gmail.comSocial Sciences (CASEIP)
202Prof. Ajaya K. SahooImmigration, diaspora, ethnicity, religion, and transnationalismaksss@uohyd.ernet.inSocial Sciences (Indian Diaspora)
203Prof. Akhila Kumar SahooC-H Activation, Gold-Catalysis, Ynamides, Agrochemicals,
204Prof. Alok Kumar MishraFinancial Economics, Structured Finance, Macroeconomics, Risk Management, Portfolio Management and Index quants, Fixed Income Securities, Land, Housing, Transport and Urban Economics, Applied Econometricsalkmss@uohyd.ernet.inEconomics
205Prof. Alok PandeyKabir, Nirala, Ageyay, Media, Cinema, Cultural Studies, Interdisciplinary and comparative studies.dralokpandey@gmail.comHumanities/Hindi
206Prof. Alok SinghEvolutionary Algorithms, Swarm Intelligence Techniques, Heuristic Algorithms, Matheuristic Algorithms, Combinatorial Optimization, Wireless Sensor And Information Sciences
207Prof. Aloka Parasher SenAncient Indian History, Social History of Marginalized Groups, Gender, parashersen@gmail.comHumanities/Sanskrit Studies
208Prof. Amba KulkarniSanskrit Computational Linguistics, Natural Language Studies
209Prof. Anand K KondapiMolecular, akondapi@gmail.comLife Sciences (Biotechnology And Bioinformatics)
210Prof. Anindita MukhopadhyayCultural identities, intellectual and legal histories, state, governance and power, impact of colonial domination through knowledge/power nexus, and the political domains of texts and translations.mukhopadhyay.anindita8@gmail.comSocial Sciences (History)
211Prof. Anita JagotaNeurobiology, Neurodegeneration and Brain Aging, Molecular, anitajagota01@gmail.comLife Sciences (Animal Biology)
212Prof. Anna KurianShakespeare and the Early Modern ; Young Adult Fiction ; Poetry.kurianna@gmail.comHumanities/English
213Prof. Annavaram NIndian Sociology, The Disciplinary Histories of Social Sciences, Sociology of Development, Sociology of Religion, Sociology of DisabilityAnnavaram.n@gmail.,comSocial Sciences (Sociology)
214Prof. Anunay SamantaPhysical Chemistry, Photochemistry, Fluorescence Spectroscopy, Time-resolved
215Prof. Anuradha JApplied Theory and Kinesthetics of Dance, Kuchipudi Practical and, anuradhajon@gmail.comSarojini Naidu Arts & Communication (Dance)
216Prof. Aparna RayaprolSociology of Gender, Indian Diaspora, Urban Sociology, and Qualitative Research, Sciences (Sociology)
217Prof. Appa Rao PodileMolecular Plant-Microbe, arpsl@uohyd.ernet.inLife Sciences (Plant Sciences)
218Prof. Arun AgarwalImage Processing, Computer vision, Pattern Recognition, Neural Networks, Grid and Cloud And Information Sciences
219Prof. Arun Kumar PatnaikPolitical Theory, Political Economy of, akpatnaik51@gmail.comSocial Sciences (Political Science)
220Prof. Aruna BhikshuApplied Theory and Dance Studies, Abhinaya , Dance, natyaaruna@gmail.comSarojini Naidu Arts & Communication (Dance)
221Prof. Ashok KarumuriPast and climate change modeling; Earth system modeling; Monsoonal variability and change; Climate change modeling and applications; Seamless,karumuriashok@gmail.comPhysics (CEAOS)
222Prof. Ashwini NangiaSupraMolecular Chemistry, Crystal
223Prof. Attipalli Ramachandra ReddyPhotosynthesis, Oxidative Stress in Crop Plants,, arreddy@yahoo.comLife Sciences (Plant Sciences)
224Prof. Atul Negi PPattern Recognition and its Applications, Computer And Information Sciences
225Prof. B. AnanthakrishnanPerformance Studies, Production Process, Music, Fine Arts, Dance, Drama,, ananthu60@gmail.comSarojini Naidu Arts & Communication (Theatre Arts)
226Prof. B. J. RaoGenome Dynamics and Cellular Sciences (Biochemistry)
227Prof. B. NagarjunaResearcher and writer of several books. Indian Economic problems, Transitional Economies and problems.. Industrial Economics, International Economicsnagarjuna.boppana@gmail.comEconomics
228Prof. B. R. ShamannaHealth and Welfare Economics, Disability inclusive Development, Education and Teaching Methods and Alternative Opinions and Politics in Health, Sciences
229Prof. B. Raja ShekharQuantitative Techniques, Operations Management, Service Quality, Higher Education, and Research Methodologybrsmsuh@gmail.comManagement Studies
230Prof. B. SenthilkumaranMolecular Endocrinology and Reproductive Sciences (Animal Biology)
231Prof. B. Sri PadmavatiFluid , And Statistics
232Prof. Bhangya BhukyaCommunity histories, the effects of power/knowledge, governmentality and dominance, the state and Nationalism, Sciences (History)
233Prof. Bhim SinghModern Hindi Literature, Contemporary Hindi literature and Discourses, Historiography of Hindi Literature, Folk Literature of Rajasthan, Lexicography and, bhimsingh46@gmail.comHumanities/Hindi
234Prof. Bhimrao Panda BhosaleSystemic Functional Linguistics, Stylistics, Discourse Analysis, Linguistics, Applied Linguistics and Translation, Critical Theory and Ambedkar Studies.national issues of social and political /CALTS
235Prof. Bramananadam ManavathiMolecular and Cell Biology, Signal transduction and, Sciences (Biochemistry)
236Prof. BV SharmaSocial Anthropology; Medical Anthropology; Applied Anthropology and Tribal,, Sciences (Anthropology)
237Prof. BV SureshNew Expressions in Visual Art/ Digital Art/ Video & Sound Art/ Contemporary Visual Naidu Arts & Communication (Fine Arts)
238Prof. C Raghava ReddyScience and Technology Studies, Sociology of, Sciences (Sociology)
239Prof. C. A. TomyPhilosophy of Mind, Nature of Modality, Critical Philosophy of Immanuel, catomy@gmail.comHumanities/Philosophy
240Prof. C. AnnapurnaLanguage studies, Translation studies, Comparative and Modern
241Prof. C. Raghavendra RaoSimulation & Modeling, Rough Sets and Knowledge And Information Sciences
242Prof. Ch. Venkata RamanaPhysiology,Anoxygenic Phototrought Bacteria-Diversity and Biotechnology,Environmental Microbiology,Xenobiotic compounds and biodegradation, cvr449@gmail.comLife Sciences (Plant Sciences)
243Prof. Chakravarthy BhagvatiIndian Language OCR,Colour Image Processing, Convolutional Neural Networks, Deep Learningchakravarthybhagvati@, And Information Sciences
244Prof. Chetan SrivastavaStrategic Marketing, Services Marketing, Retailing, Advertisement & Brand Management, International Marketing, Sales Management,HRDand Systems.dr.chetansrivastava@gmail.comManagement Studies
245Prof. D Murali Manohar PIndian Writing in English, Indian English Women&rsquo;s Fiction, Dalit Studies and Women&rsquo;s,
246Prof. D. B. Ramachary PDeveloping new green synthetic asymmetric methods and
247Prof. D. BasavaiahBaylis-Hillman reaction with the main objective of developing it into a powerful C-C-bond forming reaction with high synthetic, basavaiahdeevi@gmail.comChemistry
248Prof. D. Venkteswara RaoComparative Aesthetics, Literary Criticism, Applied Criticism, Classical Literature, Modern Poetry, Dalit Literature, Sociological approach to Literature, Telugu Diaspora
249Prof. D. VijayalakshmiApplied Linguistics, Studies on Telugu Language, Dialectology, Translation, Folk Literature, Lexicography, and Comparative
250Prof. Debashis AcharyaMacroeconomics, Monetary Economics, Financial Markets, Inclusive Finance And Applied,
251Prof. Debashis BarikNonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics; Mathematical, Computational and Systems Biology; Stochastic Processes in Chemistry and
252Prof. Deepa SreenivasCultural Studies, Feminist Pedagogy, Childhood Sciences (CWS)
253Prof. Dibakar DasFunctional Ceramics, Nanomaterials, Powder Metallurgy, Magnetic Materials, Chemical Mechanical, burodas181171@gmail.comEngineering Sciences And Technology
254Prof. E. HarikumarQuantum Fields, QCD, Non-commutative field theories,, eharikumar@gmail.comPhysics
255Prof. E. SathyaprakashTelevision Production, Documentary Filmmaking, Media Naidu Arts & Communication
256Prof. E. VenkatesuDemocratic Decentralization and Governance, Good governance, Public Policy, Backward Class Politics and Political Process in, Sciences (Political Science)
257Prof. G. Aruna KumariClassical, Modern, Folk Literature, Sanskrit, Inscriptional Studies, Epigraphy and Manuscriptology, Evolution of Telugu Litt Study Telugu Language and
258Prof. G. Bhuvaneswara LakshmiScience Education, Environmental Education, Value Education, Mathematics Education and Inclusive Sciences (DEET)
259Prof. G. Manoj KumarLaser Spectroscopy - Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) (Experiment) Raman spectroscopy (Experiment) Chemometrics for detection of High energy Materials+LIBS (Experiment) Combustion modeling.(Simulation), my.hunn.manoj@gmail.comPhysics
260Prof. G. NagarajuSociology of Education, Information Technology and, Sciences (Sociology)
261Prof. G. OmkarnathDevelopment Economics, Economic Sociology, Socioeconomics.omkarnath.hyd@gmail.comEconomics
262Prof. G. PadmajaCounseling Psychology, Psycho-oncology, Gerontology, Health, gpadmaja2008@gmail.comMedical Sciences/Health Psychology
263Prof. G. PadmajaPlant Genetics and, Sciences (Plant Sciences)
264Prof. G. Ravi KumarStem cells, Developmental Biology, Epigenetics, Signal Transduction, Regenerative and Translational medicineguttiravi@gmail.comLife Sciences (Biochemistry)
265Prof. G. Srideviresearch areas cover a wide range of issues relating to food security, health, gender, climate change and economics of discriminationgummadi645@gmail.comEconomics
266Prof. G. V. R. K. AcharyuluOperations and Supply Chain Management, Sustainability, Digital Technologies, Healthcare Studies
267Prof. G.S. VaitheeswaranSolid state theory, Material science, Magnetism, Superconductivity, High Pressure Studies, elastic and mechanical properties investigated using first principles density functional calculations (DFT). (Theory), gvaithee@gmail.comPhysics
268Prof. Gajendra Kumar PathakBhakti Kavya, Hindi Navjagran, Hindi Criticism, Philosophy of History of literature, Modern and contemporary Hindi Literature, Proscribed Hindi literature and colonial literary historiography.gkpsh@uohyd.ernet.inHumanities/Hindi
269Prof. Geeta K. VemugantiAdult Stem Biology Research, Cancer Stem Cells, Ocular Tumors and Ocular Infections.gkvemuganti@gmail.comMedical Sciences
270Prof. Goverdhan MehtaChemistry and reactivity of strained carbocyclic systems,Design of new reactions and reagents,Molecular Recognition,Supramolecular Chemistry,Photodynamic therapy of cancergmehta43@gmail.comChemistry
271Prof. H A NagarajaramDesign principles of structures and interactions of human proteins and their disease, Sciences (Systems And Computational Biology)
272Prof. Hrushikesha MohantyDistributed Computing, Software Engineering, Business Process Re-engineering and Mobile Computing.hmcs@uohyd.ernet.inComputer And Information Sciences
273Prof. I. Lokanandha ReddyCorporate Finance, Investment Analysis, Spreadsheet Modeling, Financial Modelling & Business Analyticsdr.irala@gmail.comManagement Studies
274Prof. Irfan Ahmad GhaziRice functional Genomics for BLB resistance and Rice Bran with anticancer,drirfang@gmail.comLife Sciences (Plant Sciences)
275Prof. J. BheemaiahDalit and Tribal Studies; Indian Literatures; Literature of the Margins; Culture, jbheemaiah66@gmail.comHumanities/Comparative Literature
276Prof. J. Prabhakara RaoSystemic Linguistics and Systemic Typology, Mathematical &amp; Computational Linguistics, Methodology of Linguistics, Translation Studies, Russian Linguistics and Russian as a Foreign /CALTS
277Prof. J. Rani Ratna PrabhaChild Labour & education, Health, Poverty, Gender and Economics of Exclusion.rani_hcu@yahoo.comSocial Sciences (CASEIP)
278Prof. J.S.R. PrasadTo develop a few health scales to suggest policy level Studies
279Prof. J.S.S. PrakashGene regulation, Cyanobacterial RNA exosome and degradosome complexes, Genetic and metabolic engineering of, syamsunderp@yahoo.comLife Sciences (Biotechnology And Bioinformatics)
280Prof. J.V. MadhusudanDemography of Schooling, Health Education, Sociology of Sciences (DEET)
281Prof. Jai Prakash GautamTexture control in metals and, jaiprakashgautam@gmail.comEngineering Sciences And Technology
282Prof. Jyotirmaya SharmaPolitical Philosophy / Theory, Indian Political, Sciences (Political Science)
283Prof. K Narayana ChandranAmerican Literature, Contemporary Poetry and Theory, English &ndash; History and Pedagogy of the Discipline in India; Reading Theories and Translation; Intertextuality and Intergenresnarayana.chandran@gmail.comHumanities/English
284Prof. K. Arun KumarUnderstanding the biology of Plasmodium liver stage and mosquito stages by reverse geneticskaksl@uohyd.ernet.inLife Sciences (Animal Biology)
285Prof. K. C. James Raju<p>Microwave material design, fabrication and testing</p>,, kcjrsp@uohyd.ernet.inElectronics (CASEST)
286Prof. K. Lalitha GuruprasadMultidisciplinary Chemistry Computational Chemistry, Bioinformatics and
287Prof. K. LaxminarayanaSociologyklnhcueco@gmail.comEconomics, Social Sciences
288Prof. K. MuralidharanInorganic chemistry / Nanomaterials / Polymers /
289Prof. K. Narayana MurthyNatural Language Processing, Text Analytics, Machine Translationknmuh@yahoo.comComputer And Information Sciences
290Prof. K. Pulla RaoMegalithic culture, ancient trade, Buddhist art, prehistoric cultures and GISdrkprao@gmail.comSocial Sciences (History)
291Prof. K. Raja Mohan RaoDevelopment Economics, Rural Development and Social Exclusion Studiesrmrao.bdu@gmail.comSocial Sciences (CASEIP)
292Prof. K. RajyaramaDerivational Morphology, Language Teaching &amp; Testing, Machine Translation, Semantics, Syntax and Translation Theory and /CALTS
293Prof. K. S. KrishnaMeteorology and Atmospheric, (CEAOS)
294Prof. K. S. PrasadNyaya, Indian, headpsh@uohyd.ernet.inHumanities/ Philosophy
295Prof. K. SreenivasuluEpigenetic Mechanisms of Gene Regulation During Cellular Differentiation and, Sciences (Animal Biology)
296Prof. K. Suneetha RaniCultural Studies, Comparative Studies, Critical Pedagogy, New Literatures in English, Translation, Sciences (CWS)
297Prof. K. Swarupa RaniData Science and Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and some of the related And Information Sciences
298Prof. K.C. Kumara SwamyOrganophosphorus Chemistry, Main Group
299Prof. K.Chinnaya SuriIndian democracy, Public Policies, State Politics, Political parties, and Election, Sciences (Political Science)
300Prof. K.P.M.S.V PadmasreePlant Physiology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Proteomics,, padmasree.kollipara@gmail.comLife Sciences (Biotechnology And Bioinformatics)
301Prof. K.V.A. RamaiahTranslational Regulation, Unfolded Protein Response, Protein Phosphorylation and Signal Transduction, Protein and Cellular, Sciences (Biochemistry)
302Prof. Kailash Kunhi KrishnanIndian Political Process, Comparative Federalism, Party, kailashkk@gmail.comSocial Sciences (Political Science)
303Prof. Kalidas SenDensity Functional Theory, Confined Electronic Systems, Chemical Applications of Information
304Prof. Kanchan K. MalikPrint Journalism, Community Media, Media Law and Ethics, Media and Gender, Communication and Social, kanchank.malik@gmail.comSarojini Naidu Arts & Communication
305Prof. Kham Khan Suan HausingFederalism, Nationalism, Ethnic Conflict, Indian Politics, Northeast Sciences (Political Science)
306Prof. Koteswararao V. RajulapatiMechanical behavior at all length scales, Nanostructured materials, High-entropy alloys, Friction stir welding/processing, Next generation superalloys, Advanced high strength steels, Additive, kvrse2011@gmail.comEngineering Sciences And Technology
307Prof. Krishnaveni MishraNuclear architecture in gene regulation, genome organization and inter-organelle Sciences (Biochemistry)
308Prof. L Lam Khan PiangEthnicity, Identity, nation and nationalism, tribal studies, border studies, health system research, and Quantitative, Sciences (Sociology)
309Prof. Laxminarayan LenkaAnalytic Philosophy, Western Epistemology, Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Wittgenstein, Speech,,
310Prof. M. AnjaneyuluModern Hindi Literature, Comparative Studies, Bhakti Literature. Indian Literature.m.anjhcu@gmail.comHumanities/Hindi
311Prof. M. Durga PrasadTheoretical Chemistry:Quantum chemistry, Quantum Dynamics and Many Body
312Prof. M. Ghanashyam KrishnaAreas of expertise include Thin films, semiconductor devices, sensors and nanostructured, mgksp@uohyd.ernet.inElectronics (CASEST)
313Prof. M. Gona NaikTribal Folklore, Folk Literature and Classical
314Prof. M. JayanandaEarly earth dynamics, origin of protocontinents and cratonal cores, redox evolution of Archean ocean-atmospheric, (CEAOS)
315Prof. M. N. V. PrasadEnvironmental Biotechnology, Plant Ecophysiology, Heavy Metal Stress in Plants, Bioresource Technology and Medicinal, mnvsl@uohyd.ernet.inLife Sciences (Plant Sciences)
316Prof. M. Periasamyorganic synthetic methods using boron and transition metal
317Prof. M. Romesh SinghBusiness Anthropology; Urban Anthropology, Anthropology of Development and Tribal Development Sciences (Anthropology)
318Prof. M. Samba Siva RajuComparative Dance Studies, Musical Aspects of Dance, Movement for Dance and Naidu Arts & Communication (Dance)
319Prof. M. SathiyendiranOur focus is to design and synthesis of soluble, stable, luminescent and kinetically inert cyclic and acyclic complexes based on fac-Re(CO)3 motif and organic
320Prof. M. Shyam RaoModern Hindi prose, Aesthetics, Marxist Approach to Literature, Sociology of Literature, Comparative Literature, Indian, shyamraohcu@gmail.comHumanities/Hindi
321Prof. M. Vijay BhaskarInvestments, Financial Regulation, Indian Financial Markets; Corporate Governance; Machine Learning Applications in Studies
322Prof. M.J. SwamyBiophysical
323Prof. Manjari KatjuIndian Political Process, Politics of Hindu, mkatju@gmail.comSocial Sciences (Political Science)
324Prof. Manjula SritharanInfectious diseases: host-pathogen interactions involving iron acquisition in pathogenic mycobacteria and Leptospira spp. and development of tuberculosis and leptospirosis, Sciences (Animal Biology)
325Prof. Mary JessicaFinancial Management, Merchant Banking and Financial Services, Investment Management and International Financial, vmjsun@gmail.comManagement Studies
326Prof. Md Zahidul HaqueThe studies &amp; research of Classical Urdu Poetry especially the Ghazals of 18th Century along with the History of Urdu Language &amp; Literature, Urdu Journalism and Basic Urdu
327Prof. Meena HariharanBehavioural Cardiology, an upcoming area in the field of Health Sciences/Health Psychology
328Prof. Mrinal. Kanti BhattacharyyaMolecular Parasitology: Understanding biology of the malarial parasites and developing new antimalarial drugsMrinal,Kanti,BhattacharyyaLife Sciences (Biochemistry)
329Prof. N. Prakash PrabhuProtein dynamics, folding and fibrillation: Spectroscopy and computational, nppsl.uohyd@gmail.comLife Sciences (Biotechnology And Bioinformatics)
330Prof. N.A. KhanChallenges and Issues in Indian Fiscal Federalismdrkhan58@gmail.comEconomics
331Prof. N.Siva KumarGlycobiology, Cell and Molecular Biology, Sciences (Biochemistry)
332Prof. Naresh Babu V. SepuriMitochondrial biogenesis, retrograde signaling and redox homeostasis in health and disease using mammalian and yeast model systemsnbvssl@uohyd.ernet.inLife Sciences (Biochemistry)
333Prof. Naresh Kumar SharmaEconomic Theory, Gandhian Economic Thought, Development Science and
334Prof. Nirmal K. ViswanathanSingular Optics, Optical Angular Momentum and Near- Field Optics (E), nirmalkv@hotmail.comPhysics
335Prof. Niyaz AhmedPathogen Biology and Epidemiology, Pathogen Genomics, Molecular Host Pathogen Interaction, ahmed.nizi@gmail.comLife Sciences (Biotechnology And Bioinformatics)
336Prof. Nooruddin KhanMolecular Immunobiology and Sciences (Animal Biology)
337Prof. P. JyothiOrganizational behavior, Human Resource Management, Organizational Development, and Entrepreneurshippjbsp02@gmail.comManagement Studies
338Prof. P. K. SureshGravitation and, pkssp@uohyd.ernet.inPhysics
339Prof. P. ManimaranComputational Physics, Complex Systems, Network, pa.manimaran@gmail.comPhysics
340Prof. P. Pavan KumarTelugu Classical Literature and Grammars, Applied Linguistics, Computational Linguistics, Development of E-courseware and Mass media.pavankpammi@gmail.comHumanities/Telugu
341Prof. P. Prem KiranLaser induced plasmas and shock waves, Femtosecond Filamentation, Ultrafast nonlinear Optics (T &amp; E), premsp@uohyd.ernet.inPhysics
342Prof. P. RamuluClassical and Modern Literatures, Literary Criticism, and Comparative
343Prof. P. Venkata RaoSocial-Cultural Anthropology, Development Studies, Tribal studies, Research methodology, Economic Anthropology, Sciences (Anthropology)
344Prof. P.S. Kanaka DurgaCultural History; Ethnohistory; Epigraphy; Medieval Bhakti Literature; Folklife Studies; Folklore and Gender Studiessrikanakadurga@gmail.comSocial Sciences (Folk Culture Studies)
345Prof. P.S.V.S Sai PrasadDistributed Machine Learning, Data Science, Big Data Engineering, Soft Computing, Rough And Information Sciences
346Prof. Pallu ReddannaEicosanoids, Inflammation and Sciences (Animal Biology)
347Prof. Pammi Pavan KumarTelugu Classical Literature and Grammars, Applied Linguistics, Computational Linguistics, Development of E-courseware and Mass /CELMTS
348Prof. Perali Ramu SridharTotal synthesis of natural products. (2) Carbohydrate Chemistry. (3) Chemical biology (4) Carbohydrate based drug design and
349Prof. Phanindra GoyariEconometrics, Microeconomic Theory, Mathematical Economics, Optimization Theory in Economics, Statistical Methods, Agricultural Economics, Growth and Development Economics, Model Building and Simulation in Economics, Development Issues of Indian Economy and Tourism,
350Prof. Pingali SailajaPhonetics, Phonology, Morphology, Sociolinguistics, World Englishes, Indian English, English Language Education, Testing and Assessment, English in India: Historical, Educational and Linguistic, sailajapingali@yahoo.comHumanities/English Language Studies
351Prof. Pongubala Jagan Mohan RaoMolecular Genetics of Hematopoietic Lineage Differentiationjpsl@uohyd.ernet.inLife Sciences (Animal Biology)
352Prof. Pradeepta K Panda<p>Chemistry of Porphyrinoids (as anion sensors, NIR dyes, photosensitisers)</p>
353Prof. Prakash BabuNeuroscience: Cerebral ischemia (stroke), Cerebral Malaria, Glioblastoma multiforme, Meningioma,, prakashbabuphanithi@gmail.comLife Sciences (Biotechnology And Bioinformatics)
354Prof. Pramod K NayarClimate Crisis and the
355Prof. Purendra PrasadCritical Agrarian Studies, Health Inequalities, Urban Studies, Development and Disasters, Wealth InequalitiesPurendra.prasad@g,,,inSocial Sciences (Sociology)
356Prof. Pushpesh KumarGender and Sexuality, Shifts in Marriage, Family and Kinship, Globalization and Social/Cultural Changes, Theory and Pedagogy, Body and Culture,, Sciences (Sociology)
357Prof. R. BalamuruganSynthetic Organic
358Prof. R. ChandrasekarMaterial Science, Nanoscience and Technology, Organic
359Prof. R. NagarajanHeterocyclic Chemistry - Total Synthesis of
360Prof. R. RadhaShock waves, Fluid, repakar@yahoo.comMathematics And Statistics
361Prof. R. Vijaystudy process of agrarian change in the rural economy and to analyze the impact of nature of institutions on economic performance.rvijay.uoh@gmail.comEconomics
362Prof. R.S. SarrajuFunctional Hindi and Translation studies, Comparative Indian Literature, Sociology of,
363Prof. R.V. Ramana MurthyPolitical Economy of Development, Macroeconomics, Indian Economyrvramana66@gmail.comEconomics
364Prof. Ragiba MakandarPlant Molecular Genetics; Plant Microbe Interactions; Disease signaling; Genetic Engineering and Functional, mragiba@gmail.comLife Sciences (Plant Sciences)
365Prof. Rahul KumarPlant Biotechnology, Mineral nutrition, Functional Genomics,,rahulpmb@gmail.comLife Sciences (Plant Sciences)
366Prof. Raja Sethu DuraiMacroeconomics, Applied Econometrics and Financial,
367Prof. Rajagopal S.Plant Biochemistry, Chloroplast Bioenergetics, Protein-Ligand Interaction, Computational, rajagopal98@gmail.comLife Sciences (Plant Sciences)
368Prof. Rajeev WankerGrid Computing, Parallel Computing and Cloud Computingwankarcs@uohyd.ernet.inComputer And Information Sciences
369Prof. Ramdas RupavathIndian Political Process, Tribal Development, Comparative, Sciences (Political Science)
370Prof. Rameshwar P. SharmaPlant Development, rpssl@uohyd.ernet.inLife Sciences (Plant Sciences)
371Prof. Ravi RanjanBhakti Poetry, Modern Literature, Sociology of Literature &amp; Literary
372Prof. Rila MukherjeeIndian Ocean studies and global/world, Sciences (History)
373Prof. Rukmani MohantaFlavour Physics and CP Violation, Neutrino Physics, Physics beyond the Standard Model, Dark matter, rukmani98@gmail.comPhysics
374Prof. S V S Nageswara Rao<p>Electronic Materials, Nano Materials and Devices: Fabrication, Ion beam studies, Radiation damage and Reliability studies.</p>, nageshphysics@gmail.comElectronics (CASEST)
375Prof. S. ArulmoziCorpus Studies, Language Endangerment Studies, Language and Cognition, /CALTS
376Prof. S. ChaturvediSanskrit literature, Indian Poetics, General Linguistics, Modern Hindi Literaturesachidanandachaturvedi@gmail.comHumanities/Hindi
377Prof. S. Durga BhavaniSocial and Biological Network Analysis, Graph Algorithms, Network And Information Sciences
378Prof. S. MahapatraPhysical
379Prof. S. SrinathCondensed matter physics, Magnetic nanostructures, Multilayers/thin films, Magnetic oxides, Multiferroics,, srinaths10@gmail.comPhysics
380Prof. S. Venugopal RaoUltrafast Spectroscopy, Nonlinear Optics, Photonics, Explosives Detection, LIBS, SERS, Femtosecond Laser Direct,
381Prof. Sachin kumar Balasaheb BhalekarAnalysis, Dynamical Systems and Fractional Differential, And Statistics
382Prof. Salman Abdul MoizSoftware Engineering, Mobile Databases, E- And Information Sciences
383Prof. Samar Kumar DasChemical sciences, inorganic chemistry, functional inorganic
384Prof. Samrat L. SabatDigital VLSI Design, VLSI Signal Processing, Digital Signal Processing; Cognitive Radio; Intelligent Sensor Signal Processing; FPGA based System on Chip, (CASEST)
385Prof. Samudranil PalCoordination and Organometallic
386Prof. Sanjay PalshikarPolitical Theory, Indian Political,, spss4@rediffmail.comSocial Sciences (Political Science)
387Prof. Sanjay SubodhMedieval Indian Historysan_sahay@yahoo.comSocial Sciences (History)
388Prof. Santosh R. KanadeEnvironmental, grksantosh@gmail.comLife Sciences (Plant Sciences)
389Prof. Sarada D. Tetaliinvestigating and identifying bioactive principles of those medicinal plants have been traditionally used for cardiovascular system disorders and, saradakanakagiri@gmail.comLife Sciences (Plant Sciences)
390Prof. Saroj PanigrahiDifferential,, spsm@uohyd.ernet.inMathematics And Statistics
391Prof. Sasheej HegdePhilosophy of Social Science, Social Theory, Law and Aspects of Indian Sociology/, Sciences (Sociology)
392Prof. Satish Narayana Sriramacloud computing, mobile computing and Internet of Things (IoT) And Information Sciences
393Prof. Satyabrata RoutScenography and Direction: Theory and Naidu Arts & Communication (Theatre Arts)
394Prof. Satyapriya RoutSociology of Environment, Natural Resource Management and, Sciences (Sociology)
395Prof. Sharath Anantha Murthyoptical tweezers ; optics for soft matter,
396Prof. Sharmistha BanerjeeMolecular pathogenesis and immunology of Mycobacterium tuberculosis (M.tb), Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and M.tb-HIV Sciences (Biochemistry)
397Prof. Sheela Prasadinterdisciplinary in nature and include urban and regional geography, health, environment and gender, Sciences (Regional Studies)
398Prof. Shivarama PadikkalTranslation Studies,Cultural Studies,Comparative /CALTS
399Prof. Siba Kumar UdgataInternet of Things, Sensor Network, Mobile Computing, Wireless Communications, and Intelligent And Information Sciences
400Prof. Sowmya Dechamma CCGender and Ecological Studies; Indian Literary Studies; Kodava Language and Cultural, dechammacc@gmail.comHumanities/Comparative Literature
401Prof. Srinivasarao YaragorlaSynthesis of biologically important Natural Products and Privileged Molecules Synthetic Methods: Cycloisomerization Rearrangements; Annulations; Allene-Cyclizations Medicinal Chemistry Asymmetric Total
402Prof. Suchandra GhoshPolitico-Cultural History of North-West India, Early India’s linkages with Early Southeast Asia, Indian Ocean Buddhist and Trade Network and history of the Everyday, suchandra64@gmail.comSocial Sciences (History)
403Prof. Sujith Kumar ParayilPhotography and History, Sensory Histories, Shoreline Culture of Kerala, Visuality and Sciences (History)
404Prof. Suneel SinghMultidisciplinary, suneelsp.singh@gmail.comPhysics
405Prof. Surajit DharaOptical Control and Manipulation of Topological Defects of Liquid Crystals, Rheology of Complex Fluids, Soft Matter Photonics, Structures and Properties of Unconventional Liquid, dharasurajit@gmail.comPhysics
406Prof. Swati Ghosh AcharyyaSurface engineering for improving the corrosion and wear resistance of implant, swati364@gmail.comEngineering Sciences And Technology
407Prof. T. Suman KumarPopulation Dynamics, Hyperbolic PDEsuman.hcu@gmail.comMathematics And Statistics
408Prof. T.P. RadhakrishnanMaterials
409Prof. Tanweer FazalSociology of Nationalism & Minority Studies, Historical Sociology, Peace and Conflict Studies, Sociology of Wars, Violence and, Sciences (Sociology)
410Prof. Tushar JanaPolymer Chemistry ; Polymer Membrane for Hydrogen Energy ; Sustainable Polymer ; Polymer, tjscuoh@gmail.comChemistry
411Prof. Usha RamanJournalism pedagogy, feminist media studies, social and cultural determinants of health, children's media, digital literacies, digital cultures, science Naidu Arts & Communication
412Prof. V. ChakravarthiExploration Geophysics; Modelling and inversion of geophysical, vcvarthi@rediffmail.comPhysics (CEAOS)
413Prof. V. China VenkaiahCryptograph, Machine Learning, Algorithms and Discrete And Information Sciences
414Prof. V. KrishnaModern literature, Philosophy of literature, Comparative studies, Functional Hindi, Translation, Dalit Literature, and Identity Studiesvooshamalla@gmail.comHumanities/Hindi
415Prof. V. SitaPublic Policy, Human Resource Management, Performance Management, Entrepreneurship andWomen’s Studies
416Prof. V. SubrahmanyamTheoretical Condensed Matter Physics, Quantum Information &amp;,
417Prof. V. V. RamanaMarketing Management, General Management, Corporate Strategy and Studies
418Prof. V. V. S. S. SrikanthNano Science and Technology, Surface and Interface Engineering, Synthesis, Characterization and Applications of Thin Films and Nano Materials, Non-Destructive Testing, Modeling and Simulation, Synthesis of Diamond, Si-C-B-N, and Nanocarbon Material, vvsssse@gmail.comEngineering Sciences And Technology
419Prof. Vasanthi SrinivasanPolitical Philosophy, Comparative, vasanthisrinivasan410@gmail.comSocial Sciences (Political Science)
420Prof. Vasuki BelavadiRadio, Video Production, Community Naidu Arts & Communication
421Prof. Vineet Padmanabhan NairKnowledge Representation and Reasoning, Multi-Agent Systems, Logics in Artificial And Information Sciences
422Prof. Vishnu R. SarwadeAdhunik Hindi sahitya ke vividh vimarsh (Dalit, Adivasi, Stri, Alpsankhyak )., Tulanatmak adhyayandrvishnusarwade@gmail.comHumanities/Hindi
423Prof. Viswanathan BaskarClusters: Main Group, Transition and
424Prof. Y. A. Sudhakar ReddySocio‑cultural and Economic History; Peasant Studies; Oral History; Performance Studies and Folk Cultureysreddy99@gmail.comSocial Sciences (Folk Culture Studies)
425Prof. Y. SreelakshmiTomato functional genomics, proteomics, plant, Sciences (Plant Sciences)
426Prof. Y. Sudhakar RaoTelugu Modern Poetry, Classical Literature, Comparative Literaturesudhakaryendluri@gmail.comHumanities/Telugu
427Prof. Y. SureshReproductive biologysureshsl@uohyd.ernet.inLife Sciences (Animal Biology)
428Prof. Yelam SreenivasuluPlant Reproductive Developmental, sree_yelam@yahool.comLife Sciences (Plant Sciences)
429Sr. Sapna SinghMarketing, Human Resource Management & Hospital Functions & Support Servicesssingh9191@gmail.comManagement Studies
430Sri Kanhaiya LalKaithwasDesign and Theatre, kanhaiyansd2000@gmail.comSarojini Naidu Arts & Communication (Theatre Arts)
431Sri M., noushadtheatrearts@gmail.comSarojini Naidu Arts & Communication (Theatre Arts)
432Sri Rajiv VelichetiTheatre History, Acting and, rajivvelicheti@gmail.comSarojini Naidu Arts & Communication (Theatre Arts)
433Sri Riken NgomleAdvance Course in Acting, Grotowski Institute, Wroclaw, Poland- Naidu Arts & Communication (Theatre Arts)
434Sri Suneel Mamadapurpainter, printmaker Naidu Arts & Communication (Fine Arts)
435Sri Tanmay Naidu Arts & Communication (Fine Arts)