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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Sponsored Project and Consultancy Project

Ans: RDC is acronym for Research & Development Cell. UOh has established the cell which has mission to work that will enhance the research ecosystem in UoH. Its main work is to facilitate UoH researchers to generate and disseminate new knowledge, generate grant, and take the knowledge from lab to field through product, by protecting IPR. For more details about the roles and responsibility, please visit About section in the webpage

Thank you for noticing the R&D Cell (RDC). R&D Cell coordinates/facilitates faculty members to apply for grants to different funding agencies, be it extra-mural project grant or consultancy grant. It also deals with matters related to Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), Memorandum of Agreements, signing Non Disclosure Agreements, issuing of endorsement letters for applying projects, Patents, Approvals for conducting events, GIAN proposals, Issuing of Institution letter for applying fellowship offered by different funding agencies etc.

Ans: Don’t worry. Please visit R&D Cell and meet the Director. He will help you.

MoU Related

If it is approved and clear in all respect, please coordinate with R&D Cell to fix the date for signing ceremony (if required)

Sponsored Project and Consultancy Project

Ans: Many funding agencies advertise the call for proposal with a due date. You need to be vigilant about it by regularly visiting their website or please regularly visit

Ans: You need not worry. Writing grant proposal is a skill. Please don’t wait for call for proposal and then start writing for it. Instead, please start writing the proposal as soon as you find a research problem . When Call for proposal comes, refine the proposal and submit. Please attend the events RDC is organizing. You can also visit RDC and meet the Director, he will help you.

Ans: Now a days funding is very competitive. To get positive outcome, you need to consider three points, first. You need to go through the call for proposal document released by funding agency and check what is the objective of funding agency? Whether you can give any solution/ propose a solution to solve a problem that is of interest to funding agency? The second point is what is the innovative method you are proposing to solve a problem? Third point is your budget should be realistic to execute the project. Fourth point, you need to ask yourself is why me? Why the funding agency will award the proposal to you?. Fina

Ans: Make a realistic estimate of fund you need to execute the project. Divide the budget into different heads as per the funding agency guideline. Suppose after adding all the budget head, you get Rs.1000000/- Then add 15% overhead on this to get the final project cost. In this case the final project cost is (Rs10,00,000 + Rs.1,50,000 =) Rs.11,50,000.

Ans: Overhead is the amount UoH charges for each project to partially meet the expanses towards, electricity, water and common facilities required to execute the project.

Ans: We respect the govt funding agency guidelines, but in the proposal, please put 15% overhead and calculate the total budget of the project.

Ans: Yes you will get the Principal Investigator share form the Overhead as per the UoH overhead guideline and it will be credited to your Professional Development Fund.

Ans: Generally, funding agency defines the designation and salary of project manpower, in the absence of any such guideline from funding agency you can follow UoH guideline to recruit research man power which is aligned with DST guidelines. For non research man power you can recruit them as per your approved project proposal.

Ans: Yes, you need to budget for HRA. If the project staff will not stay in UoH hostel, he/she can claim the HRA. There is no guarantee that project staff will get hostel accommodation due to the paucity of hostel rooms.

Ans: You need to fill a project transmittal form (online) by log in into . Generate the pdf and take print of the form. Take signature from your academic unit head and Dean on the transmittal form then again upload in the rims portal along with a one page summary of your project. Then click send for approval (for details please see the manual of rims). RDC will send the soft copy within 2 days that will reflect in your rims portal, you can download and submit to funding agency. Please do not submit the soft copy of the complete project proposal in the rims portal to RDC. Only the project transmittal f

Ans: Please don’t keep things for last day. RDC needs two working days to give you endorsement letter. However, in such cases, submit your project transmittal form along with executive summary document to RDC as mail mentioning advance copy. After taking Academic unit signature submit through rims.

Ans: RDC will take minimum two working days to maximum five working days to issue the endorsement letter depending on the case. If it is national project and does not require Vice Chancellor approval: two working days, if it is International project and requires VC approval then five working days.

Ans: Please don’t worry. Funding agency work with several constraints. You will hear soon.

Ans: Please don’t worry. May be your proposal is of not interest to this funding agency. There could be many reasons for this.


Ans: Congratulation. Now you may need to submit some more documents required by the funding agency to transfer the fund.

Ans: You can approach RDC, the office staff will give you the bank mandate form. You can login to famous account you will find also.

Ans: Please generate a project creation form from your famous account and submit that to RDC. RDC will send to finance section for BHEN creation.

Ans: UoH finance section is using the software famous for all financial transaction. Your project money details will be reflected in this portal. You need to financially operate the project through this software only. What is BHEN number? It is a unique number of your project assigned by the finance section to track all financial transactions.

Ans: Yes, any purchases you are making for the project, you need to strictly follow University of Hyderabad Purchase Procedure.

Ans: Please see the sponsored project guideline.

Ans: You need to submit the set of documents along with the filled project staff creation form to RDC. RDC will forward that to finance section for inclusion of project staff in FAMOUS. Once it is added, you can raise their salary bill.

Ans: You can generate the UC from finance section, check the expenditure and balance, If its correct, submit to RDC for Registrar’s signature. After two days please collect from RDC. Upload a copy of signed UC in rims portal and other copy send to funding agency.

Ans: Please fill the project closure form ,and submit a copy along with UC to RDC through rims.

Director, R&D Cell

No, R&D Cell does not handle applications/matters related to non-project related post doctoral fellows, Ramalingaswamy fellowship, Ramanujan Fellowship

Ans: There is no limit on your consultant fees, that you can charge to Industry. However the received consultant project money is deivded in the ratio of 80:20 between the consultant and University. For more details please see Revenue generation model guidelines.

Ans: Yes, as per your income tax slab you need to pay IT.

Ans: Yes: You can do it after paying income tax on the amount.

Ans: Yes

Ans: Yes, in some category and on some budget head. For more details please see Revenue generation model guidelines.

Ans: The consultant will sign the NDA/CDA document and send it to RDC through Head/Dean. RDC will certify that the faculty is the regular employee of University.

Ans: Yes. As and when it is ready. RIMS is also evolving.

Ans: Yes, please see the consultancy guidelines carefully.

Ans: UoH will get that money in the subsequent Financial Year. This amount will be transferred to consultant at that stage.


Ans: RDC will generate the GST invoice for industry. Once industry agreed/sanctioned the consultancy project, please submit an application with all details of the industry to RDC to generate GST invoice. The consultant responsibility is to ensure GST invoice has reached the industry and money is credited to the UoH account. To avoid penalty, consultant can explore, whether the industry can transfer the money through proforma invoice . Once money is transferred, RDC can generate the GST invoice.

Ans: Please see the consultancy project guideline for details.

Ans: Please follow the funding agency guideline. Obtain a NoC from your previous organization, RDC will issue a willingness certificate. You need to send all these documents to the funding agency to get the approval of project transfer.

Ans: Yes, you can apply as P.I. However, on the next day of your superannuation, the project Co-PI becomes P.I of the project. The co-PI will have the responsibility for executing the project till UC submission.

Ans: Please send the certificate with your academic unit Head’s signature. RDC will issue it within one working day.

Ans: Director R&D Cell

Ans: Please send the hardcopy request to R&D cell dully forwarded by the faculty and Head/Dean of the academic unit. Director, R&D will sign.

Please don't do this mistakes again. As soon as you realize, send a formal application for postfacto-approval from the competent authority, through R&D cell.

Material Transfer Agreement

Ans: Please download and fill the MTA application form, sign by your academic head/dean and submit to the RDC by email. Within one working day it will be completed. Ensure that you take necessary ethics committee approval wherever necessary.

Conducting Events Related

Ans: Please login to Go to event, create and fill event form take printout , sign from your academic Head/Dean Aand upload that back in rims portal , click submit. RDC will take VC approval for the same and send you the approval letter . You will find it in your portal.

Ans: Yes. Please read the Internal revenue generation model document.

Ans: Please see the research network section -> MoU of research webpage.

MoU Related

Ans: Download the MoU template form research webpage, just send an office note to RDC along with filled MoU through your Academic Unit Head/Dean citing the importance of such MoU. How UoH will get benefit from the proposed MoU. Update the MoU template and send to RDC office. If its international MoU, please submit to Office of International office (OIA). OIA will forward it to RDC. Then after, RDC will take care and comeback to you if any corrections are required.