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Welcome to the Research & Development (R&D) Cell at University of Hyderabad, the nucleus of innovation and transformative ideas. As a premier institution, we understand the pivotal role that research plays in shaping the future. The dedicated R&D Cell serves as the driving force behind the pursuit of knowledge, advancing knowledge, fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration.

Research Highlights and News

Indian Patent granted for Diaminodicyanoquinodimethane Based Dyes for Bioimaging

 Indian Patent "Diaminodicyanoquinodimethane Based Dyes for Bioimaging" granted to Dr. N. Senthilnathan and Prof. T. P. Radhakrishnan.

Gender, State and Education: Mapping the Inclusive Exclusion in South India

Prof. Nagaraju Gundemeda, Department of Sociology, School of Social Sciences, University of Hyderabad (UoH) released a book titled Gender, State and Education: Mapping the Inclusive Exclusion in South India published by Rawat Publications (2024).

Cationic-palladium catalyzed regio- and stereoselective syn-1,2-dicarbofunctionalization of unsymmetrical internal alkynes

π-Extended tetrasubstituted olefins are widely found motifs in natural products, leading drugs, and agrochemicals. Thus, development of modular strategies for the synthesis of complex all-carbon-substituted olefins always draws attention.

UoH in collaboration with TIFR -Hyderabad develop electrode materials which have the potential in fast charge-discharge energy storage

The battery industry is currently experiencing a significant amount of innovation. The pursuit of enhanced efficiency and performance in technologies that can provide additional value to the market is a continuous area of research.

Lipid associated mitochondria promotes fatty acid oxidation through distinct bioenergetics pattern in the liver

The liver plays a central role in lipid metabolism. Fatty liver Disease (FLD) in particular Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) is a serious health concern that affects 25% of the world’s population. It is characterized by increased abdominal fat accumulation and metabolic abnormalities inc...

Cells increase their mitochondrial membrane fluidity when made to respire more - Path-Breaking research by UoH and inStem scientists

Our body is made up of cells, and all cells require energy. For the cells in our body, a big part of the energy needed is provided by tiny (approximately one millionth of a meter) little cellular compartments (organelles) called mitochondria that are present in most of our body cells. Mitochondri...

Beyond Loss-of-Function: Unravelling Protein Mysteries with Dominant Mutations in Ubiquitin

By shedding light on the prevalence and implications of dominant mutations in a multifunctional protein ubiquitin, this research serves as a vital milestone in the ongoing quest to unravel the complexities of cellular regulatory mechanisms.

Indian Patent granted for Developing a process to make complex 3D shaped Ceramics for Microwave applications

A patent is granted to Sr.Professors K.C.James Raju and V Seshubai involving their students T.Anil and Swarupraj for an invention “A method for preparing dielectric resonators of arbitrary shapes”. 

Indian Patent granted for Laser based method to crystallize Ferroelectric thin films for tunable microwave devices

A patent is granted to Sr.Professor K.C.James Raju and his research team for the invention of a Laser based method to crystallize Ferroelectric thin films at sub 300 c temperature for tunable microwave devices.

Recent Articles


Keeping promises in cause-related marketing campaigns: development and validation of promised impact evidence scale

  • Shanbhag, Parthesh R. a Send mail to Shanbhag P.R.; Pai P, Yogesh b Send mail to Pai P Y.; Pattusamy, Murugan c Send mail to Pattusamy M.; Kidiyoor, Gururaj d Send mail to Kidiyoor G.; Prabhu, Nandan d Send mail to Prabhu N.

Tertiary-Amine Controlled (3+3) or (4+2) Annulations of β′-Acetoxy Allenoates with N-Sulfonyl Ketimines: An Entry to m-Teraryl and Fused Dihydropyridines

  • Qureshi, Asif Ali ; Kumar, A. Sanjeeva ; Kumara Swamy K.C. Send mail to Kumara Swamy K.C.

Ionic Pairing and Selective Solvation of Butylmethylimidazolium Chloride Ion Pairs in DMSO-Water Mixtures: A Comprehensive Examination via Molecular Dynamics Simulations and Potentials of Mean Force Analysis

  • Dixit, Mayank a Send mail to Dixit M.; Hajari, Timir b Send mail to Hajari T.; Meti, Manjunath D. c; Srivastava, Srishti d; Srivastava, Amar e; Daniel, Joseph f

Enhanced Dissolution and Diffusion of Ribociclib by Salt Formation with Fluorobenzoic Acid Coformers

  • Sangwan, Shruti ; Swapna, Battini ; Nangia, Ashwini K. Send mail to Nangia A.K.

Solvent-directed Rhenium(I) Metallocyclic Tubes, Dimeric Capsule, and Intercalated Dimers

  • Reema L. Borkar, Mamina Bhol, Bhaskaran Shankar, Johannes Karges*, and Malaichamy Sathiyendiran

Author Correction: River interlinking alters land-atmosphere feedback and changes the Indian summer monsoon (Nature Communications, (2023), 14, 1, (5928), 10.1038/s41467-023-41668-x)

  • Chauhan T.; Devanand A.; Roxy M.K.; Ashok K.; Ghosh S.

eSIM and blockchain integrated secure zero-touch provisioning for autonomous cellular-IoTs in 5G networks

  • Krishnan P.; Jain K.; Poojara S.R.; Srirama S.N.; Pandey T.; Buyya R.

Self-assembly of tetrarhenium Z-shaped metallosupramolecule

  • Borkar R.L.; Sathiyendiran M.

Structure property correlation study of energetic solid XeO3

  • Mukherjee S.; Jharapla P.K.; Vaitheeswaran G.

Exploring Proton Conductivity Studies of a Copper-based Hydroxylated Polyoxometalate

  • Ravi A.; Biswas R.; Das S.; Das S.K.

Using formative research to inform a mental health intervention for adolescents living in Indian slums: the ARTEMIS study

  • Mukherjee A.; Yatirajula S.K.; Kallakuri S.; Paslawar S.; Lempp H.; Raman U.; Essue B.M.; Sagar R.; Singh R., Peiris D., Norton R., Thornicroft G., Maulik P.K.

COVID-19 detection from chest X-ray images using CLAHE-YCrCb, LBP, and machine learning algorithms

  • Prince R., Niu Z., Khan Z.Y., Emmanuel M., Patrick N.

N-Unsubstituted 1,2-benzothiazine 1,1-dioxides: Pd-catalyzed one-pot sonochemical access and in silico / in vitro evaluation against MtbCM

  • Addu N., Miriyala H., Kapavarapu R., Kolli S.K., Pal M.

Grain size effect on the phase growth in CoNi/Sn sandwich diffusion couples

  • Yadav B., Burla A., Joardar J., Guruvidyathri K., Sadhasivam M.; Pradeep K.G.; Vaidya M.

The food and pharmaceutical additive benzoic acid induces amyloid fibrillation of an intrinsically disordered protein

  • Ramesh H., Bhuyan A.K.

Assessment of structure-property relationships at the micrometer length scale in dual phase steels by electron microscopy and nanoindentation

  • Naik C.A.,Kumar B.K.S.,Harita S.,Roshan S.,Janakiram S.,Phani P.S.,Gautam J.P.

Sustainable solutions for clean water: Green synthesized Cu-Ag-Bimetallic nanoparticles based nano catalyst

  • Kalakonda P., Bashitangu A., Mandal P., Jowhar Khanam S., Banovath M., Hasan I., Bhaskar Podila B.

Microstructure stability and self-diffusion in the equiatomic HfScTiZr HCP multi-principal element alloy

  • Muralikrishna G.M., Sen S., Ayyappan S.K., Sankaran S., Guruvidyathri K., Schell J., Rogal L., Zhang X., Mayer J., Grabowski B., Wilde G., Divinski S.V.

Dielectric and electrocaloric properties of BCTZ composite with cobalt zinc ferrite nanoparticles

  • Gaur A., Dulgaj S., Parida S.R., Srinath S.

Excited state dynamics of a double ESIPT unit comprising fluorophore

  • Das Kanungo A., Ila, Panda S., Phukon U., Sathiyendran M., Krishnamoorthy G

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